How to Record Webinar for Free

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If reality didn't strike us before, it indeed has, following the Covid-19 pandemic, compelled several industries to use virtual technology to continue with the execution of regular operations. Unexpectedly, Webcams have become more crucial for businesses to flourish in such an unprecedented time. Everything starting from the office meetings to school lessons is presently taking place in this virtual space. Screen recorder software helps everyone to record webinars free of cost.

Screen recording g helps in recording the online courses, office meetings, and conversations that are later utilized as memorandums, tutorials, and fundamental demonstrations to expand the productivity of office staff or students. You might also wish to add subtitles, amplify the captured video quality, remove unnecessary background noise, trim the video, and adjust audio. Here is how to possibly do that:

Best Way to Record Webinar on Windows/Mac

Wondershare DemoCreator is a complete package for recording the webinar for free. It is exceptionally familiar and helpful for twitch streamers, gamers, and YouTubers who love to share their tutorial and gameplay content with fans. This software is also beneficial to free record webinars, presentations, and office meetings for future reference. It comes packed with interesting functions such as the mouse's real-time recording and spotlight features.

The unique features are combined to capture the sound of the microphone, webcam, and system, which makes it more personalized and straightforward. It stands out from the competition by providing the screen recording and the best audio and video editing options. This editor can help you to transform the blandest video into a professional video. This software is known as the best free webinar recording software. Further, this software provides a great experience of handling the screen recording and editing together.

Given are steps to record the webinar by using the Wondershare DemoCreator:-

Step 1: Install the Software

For recording the webinar for free of cost, you will have to download and install the software from the official website. The DemoCreator is full of detailed features, such as recording the screen, webcam screen, audio simultaneously. You can also add the effects, annotations and edit your webinars according to your choice.

Step 2: Set a Frame and Record

The recording and managing process of the webinar includes recording the screen and delivering the knowledge and theories for the viewers to understand the topic you will be presenting.

First, access "New Recording" from the main screen and then open "Settings." The guide of recording the webinar includes managing audio, camera, and audio settings.

run democreator

For the screen setting, you will have to select the particular portion for recording and set the frame rate to control the webinar output in every manner.

For managing the audio and camera settings, you will have to tap on the "Record" button. After that, you can even handle the settings of the webinar according to your needs.

Step 3: Edit the Webinar Video

The webinar which you are recorded gets automatically imported into the editor. The editor allows you to remove the frames according to your needs and include any effects and transitions to display professionalism for your webinar.

recording webinar with democreator

The features are not limited to this software, where you will get lots of options for managing the noises of video with layering and playback speeds within the video.

Step 4: Export the Webinar video to various formats

After completing the recording and editing process of the webinars, you will need to tap on the "Export" option for saving the recorded webinar into your PC.

edit recordings in democreator

A window will open up, including selecting the option of your hard drive's location of the PC for saving the video. There are various settings by which you can easily edit your videos according to your preference.

These also included the file format of the resolution, videos, and frame rates. You also have the option of sharing the webinar directly to various platforms. This software is perfectly made for recording the webinar and sharing it on the platform.

Other Great Ways to Record Webinar

In the current pandemic, which has compelled most business activities and countries to stop, the requirements to throw online webinars are crucial since social distancing is being practiced everywhere. A webinar is one of the most efficient ways business owners can communicate with the staff or customers. You have to search for webinar recording software free download to get different screen recorders.

1. Use QuickTime Player on Mac

Step 1: Press the "Command + Shift + 5"

  • On-screen controls will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the "Record Selected Portion"
  • You will have to drag a corner of your selection box to fit the slide area.

quicktime recording screen

Step2: Check out the On-Screen controls.

Click on "options" in the controls to change settings:-

  • Timer:- Choose the timing of starting the recording according to your preference. For instance:- 10 seconds, 15 seconds, or immediately after pressing the record button.
  • Save to:- Select the place where your recordings will be saved automatically, such as documents, clipboard, or desktop. You can even save it to QuickTime if you have plans to edit or review the video.
  • Floating thumbnail:- Select whether you like to show thumbnail or not. If you are showing the thumbnail after the stoppage of the recording, it will allow quick access for trimming the video. But it does not apply if you save to the QuickTime.
  • Microphone: For recording the voice or any other audio with the recording, select the microphone.
  • Remember last selection: Select whether to remember the last edits you made or not in this tool. By allowing this option will help you while recording short clips from long presentations.
  • Show Mouse Clicks: Select whether you want to display the mouse click while recording or not.

Step 3: Press Record

Step 4: Stop the Recording

  • Press again the "Recording" button top to stop recording.

Step 5: Preview the File

  • Just click on the thumbnail, which appears in the bottom right corner immediately after stopping the recording.

Step 6: Trim the video.

  • If you want to trim the video at any part of the video, then click on the "Trim" present in the top right corner in the preview screen for displaying the timeline.
  • Click on the handle at the part you want to trim in your video clip in the timeline and drag it for shortening.

Step 7: Save the File

When your video is complete, opt to click on "Done" at the upper right of the preview screen. The screen recordings will be saved as "(Date)at(Time). mov" and save in your specified location in on-screen options.

It is recommended to save the file with a descriptive title.

2. Use Windows 10 Game Bar

Step 1: Open the application which you will record

  • Open the application which you want to record.
  • Press the "Windows key + G" for opening the Game Bar window.

windows 10 game bar recording

Step 2: Click to record.

  • Click on "Yes, this is a game" to load the Game bar. This procedure will select whether you are recording a game or any other app.

Step 3: Recording

  • For recording the screen, you will have to click the recording button to start capturing the video.

Step 4: Stop recording.

  • You can stop the recording by selecting the red bar, which will be present in the top right corner of the window. If it disappears, you can bring it back by pressing "Win + G."
  • Once you are done, you can find out the recorded videos under the Videos folder called Captures. You can even find the videos in Xbox under Game DVR, where you can edit the video.

3. Use an Online Loom Extension

Step 1: Use the Google extension

  • Create a Google extension icon.


Step 2: Start Recording

  • If you start recording, you can simply press the recording button, start a countdown, and a red button will pop up.
  • Stop recording:- The recording button works in both ways. If you press it again, then it can end recording.

Step 3: Find out your recordings.

If you want to find out the recordings, you can get into "My videos Library" on The folders and videos are saved automatically in the video library.


  • Is there an option of adding a password to recorded webinars?

No, you cannot protect your recorded webinar with a password.

  • Can I find recorded webinars in webinar insights or webinar history?

Recorded webinars don't appear in webinar insights or history. You can run the reports on insights or history in the reporting section.

  • How do you promote attendees to panelists, presenters, or co-organizers?

During a recorded webinar, it isn't necessary or possible to promote attendees, since it is a recorded webinar from the previous session.

  • Can you use surveys, polls, and handouts with the recorded webinars?

Yes, any surveys or polls organized for the original webinars can be launched as well, without even taking any extra actions.

  • How to control audio settings?

Recorded events use only the PC's sound only. You don't require changing audio settings, since the audio automatically plays back for the attendees using PCs speakers and mics for these sessions.

Discussed above is the guide for the best way to record a webinar with step by step explanation. It will help you to create a webinar easily using QuickTime and more. Apply the steps when you have to record the webinar clips. The steps are fast, simple, and easy to apply. Moreover, you will not need any external assistance if you go through this article thoroughly.