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How to Record YouTube Live Stream?

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:41 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

YouTube is the best platform to stream online video games and make content out of live streams. Content creators on YouTube find live streaming a delightful and interactive way of connecting with their audience and thus, have a more dedicated viewership in the process. As a result, YouTube is amongst the fastest-growing live-streaming platforms, and content creators from all across the world indulge in such streams. However, to make things easier, you can create funny montages from live streams and edit them into a completely new video. In addition, you can record YouTube live streams and later choose the best parts that are supposed to fit inside a video for your channel.

A YouTube live stream recorder will effectively record the complete live stream and store it in your computer's memory. You can choose to revisit the recording anytime you want and even clip out well-fitting segments inside the video. Thus, you can be sure not to miss out upon any opportunity to make quality content for your viewers.

Part 1 Record YouTube Live on PC/Mac

There are plenty of reasons to download and save YouTube live streams. However, even if you are not a content creator but a regular viewer of YouTube, you can still record YouTube live stream windows 10 for various purposes. You can download and save a YouTube live stream on your computer for academic purposes.

This will allow you to access the video file without having an internet connection. Moreover, you can edit the live streams and create new videos by editing the streamed sessions. So, recording a YouTube live session can be as beneficial for the viewer as it is to the content creator, and thus, you must know the proper steps to save the stream on your computer.

If you use an Apple computer that MAC OS runs, you are highly recommended to try out the Wondershare DemoCreator software. This software has become excessively popular in the current day and age, and most of the people who require stable recording software for their computers choose this one.

Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to record YouTube live sessions at the highest possible quality, and it has one of the best audio outputs for any recording software. Moreover, you can save the complete file in your computer's memory and create new videos with the help of this software.

With the below steps, you can use Wondershare DemoCreator as a YouTube screen video recorder:

  1. To begin with recording, you will have to download the Wondershare DemoCreator software on the PC or Mac. 
  2. Once the installation is finished, you will have to launch the software. The main interface will pop up and then click on 'Get Started' to configure the setting for recording the YouTube live as per your need. 
  3. Click the "Screen" amongst all the given options to set up the Screen recording. Then set the customized size and Frame rate at 30 FPS. 
  4. Click on the "Audio" section to set your audio recording of the YouTube live video recording. You will have to disable the microphone by selecting "Don't Capture" and enable the PC or Mac audio option by selecting "Capture." 
  5. Once you are done with the settings, click on the "Capture," available at the bottom right corner of your screen. Open up the browser and visit YouTube and select the live videos you wish to record. You can also adjust the size of the recording area by adjustable frame. 
  6. Tap on the "Record" or click F10. If you wish to pause the recording, you can click F9 and again F9 to resume the recording. 
  7. After your recording is finished, you can click the F10 key or "Stop" to end the recording. The recording will stop, and a window will pop up on the screen. Click on "GO," and the recorded file will get opened in the Video Editor. If you want to do any editing, then you can do it there. 
  8. After finishing the editing, you will have to export the recording to your PC or Mac storage. Tap on "Export," which is at the right bottom corner of the screen. Now you are done with recording the YouTube live videos. You can now share the recorded video to Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Part 2 Other Ways to Record YouTube Live

Here are some other ways to record your live streams using a legitimate YouTube live stream screen recorder. The mentioned tools are pretty prevalent in the live streaming community, and thus, you can be sure of their approval amongst your peers.

Way 1. Use VLC

The VLC media player is one of the best YouTube live stream recording software on the internet, and it has the capability of playing video files and audio files. However, this tool can also play a convenient role in recording live sessions on YouTube. The VLC media player is easy to use, and it comes along with a lot of commendable features.

Thus, you can use the VLC media player to screen record your computer while playing any YouTube live stream that you prefer so that you can revisit the contents of the video later and without the aid of an internet connection.

Here are the steps in which you can use the VLC media player to download a YouTube live stream:

1. Open the VLC application and go to the Media Tab.

2. Now, select the Open Network Stream option provided in the menu.

Open Network Stream

3. Select the Device Tab shown in the options and choose the Desktop mode in the Capture mode list.

Select the Device Tab

4. Choose the frame rate of your liking and begin the YouTube stream you want to record.

5. Hit the record option present on the floating toolbox.

Hit the record option

6. After you have finished the screen recording procedure, choose the Convert/Save option.

7. Choose a folder of your choice and save the screen recording in that destination.

Way 2. Use OBS

The OBS Studio software is one of the most user-friendly recording software out there to create YouTube videos. If you are confused with the usage and functioning of any other YouTube live stream recorder, you are highly recommended to stick with this one. It is one of the most popular and free-to-use recorders which streamers have used for a long time. Not only does it provide a great ambiance to record high-quality games for PCs, but it is equally beneficial for those who commit to live sessions and gameplays. 

Here are the steps in which you can record YouTube live streams using the OBS software:

1. Download the application file for the OBS software from the internet and install it on your PC.

2. Now, open the software and click on the + sign in the middle of the screen to start a live stream recording. Choose 'Screen capture' in this case.

open the software

3. The various segments related to 'Screen Capture' will appear on the screen, and you are required to choose the options you need in your video.

Screen Capture

4. Choose the option 'Capture any full-screen application' in the end.

Capture any full-screen

5. Now begin the stream that you want to record on full screen, and OBS will automatically start recording the screen's contents.

Part 3 FAQs about YouTube Live Stream

1. How can I record YouTube live streams for free?

There are numerous tools and software that allow users to record YouTube live streams for free. Software such as OBS Studio and VLC media player are some of the most prevalent software content creators use to record their live sessions on YouTube.

They edit the recorded video into shorter and crispier clips and stream highlights for their channel. You can use either of these software, depending upon your requirements, to save your live streams on your computer and resume your work whenever you feel like it.

2. Can you save a YouTube stream?

Yes, you can save a YouTube stream with the help of live stream recording software. These tools are very efficient in recording high-quality videos of your stream and keeping the tape in your computer's memory. In addition, you can use the VLC media player or the OBS Studio software to save your live sessions from YouTube.

You can make content out of the recorded videos. The best part about this software is the fact that they are free of cost. Thus, you can work with a high-quality video and audio output and, therefore, export high-quality videos for your channel.


Here in this segment, you are brought to light with some of the best YouTube live stream recording tools, which you can use to record your live gameplays and streams. These recordings will automatically be stored in your computer's memory so that you can access them at any point in time. Moreover, suppose you are looking forward to clipping out desirable segments from the stream and combining them to make funny montages or stream highlights. In that case, you can effortlessly carry out this process without hassle. All the live stream recorders are extraordinarily potent and do not risk the overall streaming experience.