Top 5 Best Screen Recorders for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:47 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

A screen recorder is nothing but a sort of a modern-day compulsion for all the netizens involved in any sort of content creation. Even the users who are not into content creation may need a screen recorder to share what they see with those they connect with. This article caters to all of you. Everyone who needs to know what the best screen recorder app is for you and your device, this article is meant for you.

We live in a world where social media and the World Wide Web are a ubiquitous reality which no one can escape. However, everyone who uses the web uses it through different devices, and the needs, therefore, differ from person to person and device. Some of the users may be looking for the best screen recorder for Windows devices or Android devices while others may be looking for other iOS-based devices. Different screen recorders fulfill various functions that may cater to different users.

The key features of a good screen recorder include its ease of use, the editing ability which it offers, and the choices it offers in terms of editing which includes trimming the size of the screen-captured and other editing features and the different saving options it provides and screen resolutions. There are other features too which might include the number of languages it offers and whether the screen recorder is free and if free then how much recording does it offer for free. All of these factors become critical in choosing the best screen recorder. Here we have a list of best screen recorders for different devices.

OBS Studio: Best Free Screen Recorder

Users generally prefer free screen recorders over those which are paid even if the paid ones offer more features. These usually cater to the users who are looking for creating content that is shareable and very basic. There are a few options for the users here with the most prominent of them being OBS Studios. This offers the best possible features among all the recorders and many premium tools to go with it. This particular screen recorder is the best free screen recorder for PC because apart from capturing the happenings of the desktop, it also captures the footage that might play on a webcam.

obs studios

Besides, it offers features like recording audio from microphone and other features such as picture-in-picture videos. It is great particularly for gaming videos as well as presentations because it offers a good professional video in the size that the user prefers. The other good screen recorders are like Flashback Express which is extremely easy to use and also offers an interface that is user friendly. Another great feature of Flashback Express is that it provides good editing possibilities and the final result can also be exported into multiple formats which can then be used for the platform of the user‘s choice whether it is YouTube or any other format. Another great thing about this is that the videos are not watermarked.

Apart from this, Debut Video Capture offers great services too. Where this screen recorder scores are its ability to record for unlimited time and to go with the feature of recording the footage from different devices. It also does recording on schedules which is a great addition for a screen recorder when provided free. It is a good choice for those who need secure recordings.

Wondershare DemoCreator: Best Recorder for Windows PC

The best screen recorder for PC has to be Wondershare DemoCreator. Wondershare DemoCreator is a leading screen recording software that is among the most popular ones particularly because of the value-added services it provides. This is a screen recorder that provides higher resolution videos. It is a software that is particularly the favorite of gamers because it allows recording of gaming videos with its frame rates which range from 15 to 120 fps (frames per second). Another feature of Wondershare DemoCreator is that it allows the overlapping of clips. It further lets its users add annotations.

windows recorder

The Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best-reviewed screen recording software because it offers the kind of features which support any modern-day content creator. The outlay supports the working of the user and makes it easy for the user to record and render the videos. The software allows the use of multiple media formats; in fact, it allows the users to import as many as 50 different formats for images, audios, videos, and then allows it to be edited. Its amazing features are its zooming systems, its transitions, and picture in picture systems.

All these have made it best to use on all platforms but specifically the best free screen recorder Windows 10. Another edge that it has over its peers is the complete video editing suite which comes along with it to give the user the best experience when it comes to trimming and exporting the videos. It also provides a changeable cursor that has also been appreciated over time.

QuickTime: Best Recorder for Mac

The best screen recorder for Mac is QuickTime. QuickTime is the most popular screen recorder when it comes to Mac and the reason for that is the ease of use it provides to its users. This does not involve any kind of difficult editing procedures, difficult filters, or complex annotations. This is a screen recorder that is perfectly meant for the Apple macOS.

Another key feature of QuickTime is that it is extremely reliable and very quick too. QuickTime also features a few tools for editing such as splitting, rotating, and trim tools. The clips may also be added at the end of every sequence if the user would want to combine the captured screen with the references. QuickTime also offers an advantage when it comes to cost as it offers a lot of services that do not need to be paid for.

quick time

It is perfect software for the people who want to record the screen easily without filters or complex effects or any annotations. It also uses the microphone and exports the video into the MOV format at the click of a button. The major scoring factor for QuickTime is how easy it is to use.

AZ Screen Recorder:Best Screen Recorder for Android

The best screen recorder for android is the AZ screen recorder. The AZ screen recorder is one app that records each and everything that takes place on the device; however, it does not require the device to be rooted. The screen recorder is available for the users who use the Android 5.0 or the other higher versions of this app since it is not compatible with the lower versions.

The big scoring point for the AZ screen recorder is its interface. The interface is simple to use yet very aesthetically pleasing. There are four simple icons on the interface which provide for the functions of the screen recorder. These are the functions of beginning the recording, adjusting of the settings in the app, the access to recorded videos, and the exit button.

az screen recorder

The tool also provides for different video sizes and allows the user to pause the video too. A recorder is a fine tool for the android device as it offers good video quality in addition to offering no loss of frame, no limit to time, or no watermarks. It also acts as a great tool for those who want to record gaming videos.

Recordit: Best Screen Recorder for iPhone

The best screen recorder for an iPhone is Recordit. The screen recorder enables the users to record their content such as tutorials and gaming videos in addition to the training videos on the iPhone devices. The app also allows the addition of video reactions as well as commentary through a microphone to add on the tutorials and another kind of videos thus giving a wholesome experience.

The screen recorder provides one-tap recording and also offers the features for face cam reactions. They further allow reactions to be added to the videos and these reactions may be personalized with the reactions being set for different shapes and sizes and positions. It allows video editing too and offers tools such as trimming of video, adjustable speed of playback, filters, and background color changes. The rotation option is also available on the screen recorder.

recordit in iPhone

The app also scores on the way it organizes the recordings in one solitary application. The user can share their recordings directly to platforms such as YouTube or also save it on their device or export it to the computer. With a complete package, this is among the most popular screen recorders for iPhone and it offers a wholesome experience.


Gamers and content creators, in general, can use the above recommendations of screen recorders as per their device for their screen recording needs and create effective content to share with the world or their contacts. The best screen recorder for the iPhone and other devices are mostly easy to use and provide various options for video editing. They also offer various services that can add to the video in terms of audio commentary or text or annotations. The videos can also be saved in different sizes according to the needs of the content creator. The above screen recorders are our recommendations for you. Do let us know in case you have any other suggestions for screen recorders.