Recordmydesktop Alternatives

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:18 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

There has been increase in popularity for screen recordings in the recent past. Everyone is looking for a way to showcase their prowess in video recording and editing. This has called for increased demand for tools that capture screen recording and combine with the webcam and microphone audio to make one video. One such app that is used in the screen recording is recordmydesktop alternative. This is a software that allow you to record what you are doing on the screen and combine with webcam video and microphone audio.

Recordmydesktop app has numerous editing features that allow you to cut, merge and rotate images and videos. The files are then saved for editing later or sent without editing. The only setback that comes with this app is that it is not available for Mac users. This compels the users to look for alternatives to suffice Recordmydesktop. Some of the alternatives that are recommended for Mac users are discussed below.

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Captura is one of the finest recording app that allow you to record the on-screen activities of your computer. The software records pictures, sound and videos on the screen. The saved videos can be exported in MP4, GIF and AVI formats. Captura records your favorite games, screen video displays, software on the desktop, webcam sessions and audio records from the system speaker.

captura screen recorder

You can take control of the recordings and screenshots using the keyboard’s hotkeys. Use the F10 to start or resume a video recording session, F8 for a screenshot and F9 for pausing or for ending a video recording. The tool is suitable for creating presentations, screencasts, training videos and any other activity that might require capturing of your screen activities. Captured recordings can be saved into ICO, GIF, WMF, TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PNG formats. Captura allow mixing of system output and microphone input audio. The tool runs uninterrupted even when minimized to tray.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia studio records the full screen of your computer allowing for extensive content creation. This alternative to recordmydesktop can be used for recording gaming sessions, tutorials and YouTube videos. It is important to remember that the free mode has a watermark on the saved file until you make an upgrade. The free version has all the functions found in the original Camtasia. This means that you can do a trial of the program and test the features like overlapping media which allow combination of multiple clips to create one seamless video.


The Camtasia controls are easy and intuitive, which means you can use it without prior knowledge in journalism. It comes with tutorials that help the user to explore all its features ease. It is important to learn the technical terms before using since the buttons are not quite clear. The library helps in organizing your files and easy access, saving on time.


ActivePresenter software allows you to record screencasts and screenshots from the screen of your desktop. The tool has the ability to take a full screen record or a selected area within the screen. ActivePresenter takes intelligent and quick screenshots on your screen and with the cutting-edge editing technology enables you to edit and create professional videos. The videos are then converted to HTML, AVI, MPEG-4, WMV and AVI video formats, Flash and AJAX interactive simulations and in document formats like XLS, PPT, DOC and PDF.

active presenter

The ActivePresenter program shows the screen activities like texts, images, sound and video and records them in minutes. This is made possible by the powerful features that capture the information on the screen display. The screenshots taken can be saved alongside the system sound and microphone audio without time limit or watermarks. The simple commands like merge, delete, crop, cut, volume adjustment will help you in editing your audio and video files.


Ezvid has an exceptional for its powerful cutting-edge features and effects. It has the voice synthesis, speed controls, screen drawing, facecam and voice recording which make it rank among the best video making solution for informing, entertaining and enchanting viewers. With a single click, Ezvid is able to record what is on the screen display from maps, paint programs, applications, games and web pages. The videos can then be edited before downloading or downloaded directly before editing. The program can record both the system audio and the microphone audio and combine them into one audio output.


Ezvid harnesses your ability to create high quality videos from the screen of your computer using the editing features. You can cut, join, re-arrange, add image slides, and add text annotations and more enabling you to make speedy changes in your videos in minutes.


XSplit is a video production and streaming application which enable users to combine videos originating from varying sources. The videos can then be shared on YouTube and live streams on Twitch. The application is compatible with other apps adding other features like the Twitch alerts in broadcasts. It is strong, free to use and easy to use making it a favorite for streaming video games.


The XSplit application combines footage from different sources called scenes. One can create a video from different sources with one scene showing the players in the pitch, in the case of football, the other showing their training session, another on the players list and the fourth of the teams’ logo and stadia. This can then be combined and viewed as on stream with a click of the button of the corresponding scenes. The videos can be customized by adding animations, graphic overlays and sound effects among other features.


PlayClaw is an application that allows you to record your screen when playing a game. The application remains running in your system even when it is minimized to tray of your system. Press the hotkeys to resume recording of your game. It has a simple to use interface that assist in configuring to you specifications. You have the option of converting the sound into stereo or mix sound sources to a single track. The JPG and the PNG are the only available formats for your images.


You can create webcam overlays by setting your application. It is also possible to set automatic screenshots at intervals. You can figure out visual appearance of the texts displaying the status of the program. Moreover, PlayClaw does not affect performance of your system making it possible to play without disturbance.


HyperCam is a program that allows users to capture the screen play in an AVI video while showing the movement of the cursor and any other task being performed on the desktop. The interface of HyperCam is more advanced for learners and is highly recommended for advanced gamers. The downside of this application is that the sound syncing is low when connected to YouTube and Windows.


HyperCam allow for preparation of tutorials, presentations and demonstrations. The latest versions of the program allow for re-recording of videos and preparation of video overlays. It has built-in editors that allow editing through merging and cutting already saved ASF, WMV and AVI files that can be easily saved and shared. The unregistered HyperCam comes for free with digital watermarks, while one can purchase the registered version without watermark at $39.95.


The D3DGear is a tool that record games to create a movie with game audios and save them in WMV and AVI formats. The 3-D technology reduces on a game, while MPEG compression help in production of high-quality videos. The shareware comes with an easy to use interface that helps the user to create quality videos.

d3d gear

D3DGear allows you to take the frame rates of the games you are recording that is usually displayed on your screen. The application has an option of customizing the color and font of the frame rate of your game as well as the position and rate intervals. The software records the games in PNG, HDR, BMP, TGA and JPG formats. The gaming shareware offers support for DirectX8/9/10/10.1/11 and OpenGL API.


SmartPixel is a free and easy to use recorder and video editing tool for Android and Windows. The tool is integrated with D3D technology which makes it compatible with mobile games and personal computers. The state-of-art editing feature allows you to create 1080P HD professional videos that have low disk usage and less CPU processing. The program is also ideal for recording webcam videos, tutorial videos, screen videos and music videos.


The SmartPixel application has full screen capture, area capture and PIP capture mode. The full screen captures the entire screen recording, area mode records a specified area on the screen and the PIP capture records the microphone, webcam and system audio during recording. The recorded videos can be saved in the AVI, WMV, MP4 and FLV formats for easy sharing. The games can be uploaded on GoPlay or shared on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Loilo Game Recorder

Loilo Game Recorder is a program designed to meet the demands of gamers. The program is easy to use. The recorder allow recording of the game on screen and allow comments made through the microphone simultaneously. The gaming tool is important as one can detect a hitch while playing and it will capture the scene and easily sent to developers for corrective measure. When you make a review on a game, the Loilo recorder can be used to take a portion of the inspiring part of the game.


Loilo Game Recorder has intuitive user interface with start, pause and stop controls. When using the recorder you can customize the quality, video resolution and frame rate to match with your system performance and desired video output. When making videos with high resolution, ensure that your system can handle it since they require powerful CPU as they occupy large space and use much of the computer processing system.

Recordmydesktop is a great tool for recording screen capture and videos. It can be used for various activities like preparing tutorials, presentation or previews. The only problem is that it is not compatible with Mac. This calls for recordmydesktop similar software when using a Mac computer. The above discussed alternatives are readily available online and the choice will highly be determined by the nature of the tasks you are handling and the quality of the output expected. It is highly advisable to go through their reviews and learn their specifications and features for an informed decision.