Why Your Remote Communication Low Efficiency

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:42:54 • Filed to: Marketing Metrics

Proper remote communication is absolutely vital if you are going to collaborate on a project with your co-workers remotely. Yet, since you are often not in the same room together some mishaps in communication such as one member of the team dominating the conversation are to be expected. But there are signs that poor communication may need some work. The following are some of the signs to look out for;

You Have too Many Meetings

Remote workers are no strangers to numerous meetings in the same work day. But when you find yourself jumping from one meeting to the next with no time to take a break, this could be a sign of poor communication.

It is important to schedule meetings at a time that is appropriate for all involve and to send out reminders as the meeting date approaches. But before scheduling a meeting, it may be important to determine what the meeting will accomplish. If you can very well communicate what you need to say at the meeting via email, then scheduling a meeting may be a waste of time.

Pay Attention to your Digital Body Language

It is easy to forget about your body language during a video conference. It is important to maintain eye contact, peak clearly and make sure that your video is on at all times. This will ensure that you clearly communicate your ideas and you can feel confident that you will be taken seriously.

Are Team Members Contributing

When some of the team members speak up during the meeting and others don’t, this could be a sign of poor communication. This is because it points to the fact that those who fail to speak up don’t feel comfortable during the meeting.

You can make all members feel included by asking everyone a question so that everyone has a chance to speak.

Is the Team Collaborating?

When you notice that your team is not collaborating, it is possible that there is poor communication. If there is little or no collaboration within the team, it is usually because some team members don’t feel comfortable reaching out to one another.

On the other hand, it could also point to the fact that the team doesn’t have the necessary tools to facilitate the collaboration. In this case, you need to invest in collaboration tools that are easy to use and effective.

Do Team Members Communicate Throughout the Day?

If you go a few days without speaking to one or more of your coworkers, it is safe to assume that there is a communication problem within the team. Constant communication (at least daily) is important in that it helps foster trust among the team members, making collaboration on a project that much easier.

While it may not be a good idea to inundate your team members with messages, checking in often may help the team be more efficient.

Are Team Emails Complicated?

Emails sent to the team should be simple, clear and to the point. If you find yourself writing winding explanations on the email, it might be more effective to schedule a meeting.

In other words, it is important to determine which mode of communication is suitable for the message you are trying to send.

Do your Meetings have a Structure or Agenda?

If your meetings don’t have an agenda or a structure, this could be a sign of poor communication. A structured meeting has clearly laid out goals that help you keep the meeting on track. It may even be a good idea to schedule some time during the meeting that is dedicated to an informal chat.

You should also consider sending the agenda to the team before the meeting begins.

Does Your Team use “Working with Me” Documents?

Each member of your team should have a “Working with Me” document that provide information about their habits, expectations and even interests. This document is helpful for mangers to learn about their team and therefore better manage communication with their team members.

These documents can also be shared with other members of the team so that can get to know their team members better. When members of the team are comfortable with one another, the team is more effective.

Have You Established Norms for Communication?

It is important to make sure that everyone understands what they are supposed to be doing and when it needs to get done. For example, everyone’s work hours and breaks should be clear. Setting expectations in this way will not only improve communication with the team, but may also improve how the team collaborates.

Has Your Team Built Psychological Safety?

Everyone on your team should feel comfortable enough to speak their mind. This can only be achieved if the team has built psychological safety for all members.

One of the ways you can do that is to make sure that everyone in the meeting gets the chance to speak. You should also try to focus on the bigger picture and ask members of the team specific questions.

Does Your Team Express Gratitude to One Another?

There can be no effective communication without connections and the best way to build connections in a team is to express gratitude for one another. You can easily accomplish this by encouraging group members to congratulate one another on the group chat and celebrate individual and group achievements.

Do managers Redo the Team Member’s Work?

Whenever an assignment is sent in with errors, it means that the assignment and any underlying expectations were not properly communicated. Yet the only way to fix this is to communicate better. Make sure the team members are clear on what need to be done and allow them to ask questions when they are not.

Are Some Assignments Missing or Ignored?

If some assignments are not sent in or if you are unsure of where you left off on a certain project, it is possible that there is a break in the communication. One of the benefits of using project management tools is that you can always keep track of where you are.

Does Your Team Have a High turnover Rate?

A high turnover rate indicates that there is a problem with team communication. If this is the case, you should talk to your team to find out what is not working.

Working remotely may seem hard, proper communication is the only key to making your team a more efficient machine. It is our hope that the tips above will help you communicate with your team more easily.

How to Improve Remote Work Efficiency

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