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How to Make a Successful Remote Video Recording

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:25 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

How to record remote video? How does remote video production work?

The aforesaid questions are common to pop up when you are a new entrant in the field of remote video recording and editing. As a reliable answer, this one is a relatively newer creative domain of graphic artwork, which allows you to entertain video recording concerns without having to get stuck with the conventional crunch of doing it all by yourself.

Avoiding the hustle of message creation, crew selection, cost concerns, location, and equipment arrangements, followed by a tiring shoot schedule; all you need to do is consider a suitable remote video production service. It all starts with installing an audio visual gear at the organization premises, which is further succeeded by a remote operation of the recording equipment, while you just need to make an on camera message delivery.

All said and done, the process is in line with your pocket, a convenient and safe alternative for recording, streaming, and broadcasting videos on different platforms.

Part 1: Remote Video Types that we Usually Record

Talking of the preferred types of remote video recording, stepping into the domain, you will be greeted with a diversity of appealing choices. However, there are a few categories that have taken the priority lead. The following section presents a discussion of the commonly addressed varieties in the realm of remote video recording:

  • Organizational Messages

If you are a company head and have the concern of making a mass message delivery to your employees and teammates about any particular and newly arisen operational issues, work challenges and setbacks, or announce some achievements, discuss organizational growth mechanisms, etc., you can take the help of remote video recording.

This one is an interactive means of transparent organizational engagement, where you being the boss are in front of the camera to supplement team projects with your inputs, while also motivating employees with a short brand video.

  • Testimonials of Employees

Giving your employees and workforce, the liberty to present their opinions and views on a public platform is beneficial in providing your stakeholders, an insight into your company details and work ethics, thereby ensuring strong market credibility of your business and making the latter an appealing workplace for the emerging talent in your field.

You can consider entertaining a remote video recording session at stellar occasions of company anniversaries and felicitation events to commemorate significant organizational achievements.

  • Customer Testimonials

It is an evident fact that the business market is ruled by the ‘word of mouth phenomenon. Opinions of your business clientele and product customers at present as well as in the past are most influential towards the market stability of your brand.

Interacting with the loyal and satisfied customers of your company services and products is thus, an intelligent means of gaining the trust of future patrons. Consider relying on the alternative of remote video recording to virtually address a heap of happy customers, which may be difficult to achieve in person, owing to the concerns of time, availability, and reach.

  • Human Resource Accounting

You can affordably depend on remote video production for giving a professional hike to possibly any of the requirements concerning the development of the human resources, like those of recruiting, onboarding, and training employees, workforce retention, and compliance, including their motivation and retention.

These remotely recorded videos, apart from being an effective medium of company code conveyance, give Your human resource team the flexibility to simultaneously address a large number of employees with mass video creation, which poses a minimum hindrance to the former’s regular office responsibilities.

  • Panel Discussions

You can further rely on the remote video recording techniques to initiate comprehensive panel discussions for diving into the emergent perspectives of business growth and stability. Using the facility to create gripping edits out of pre recorded live events, public forum discussions, company retreats, meetings, and conferences, along with diverse discourses on upcoming and existent market trends and business challenges or any particular internal concern of the organization.

Part 2: What Equipment is Needed to Make Remote Video Recording?

Having known about the common realms of remote video recording, you might feel motivated to implement the same within your organization to cater to the specific needs of mass media sharing. However, before you actually step into the domain, it is necessary to learn about the related working equipments and their usage constraints to ensure a seamless recording process.

The following section outlines some of the vital types of equipment that are required to undertake the remote video recording process:

  • Video Camera

This is an obvious essential for remotely recording videos. Talking of the diversity of choices, you can visibly count on anything, starting from your regular smartphone camera to the high-end professional capture utilities, available in the gadget market in a plethora of sizes and shapes. Apart from ensuring the most perfect delivery to your cause, these have a price range suitable to your pocket.

An undoubted credit to technology, you can shoot your professional videos using a variety of camera arrangements, such as the mirror less DSLR, Webcam, Camcorder, Smartphone, including Digital Cinema and Action Cameras.


  • Tripod

This one is a necessary utility to provide stability to your shots and clips, thus giving them the perfect professional edge. Using fluid head tripods can be a smart choice to enhance your video production output to the next level, with a seamless execution of tilting and panning shots.

If however, you are yet to select the best tripod but are too excited to wait for a start of creating your own remote video recordings, you can substitute the tripod utility with a stack of books in the beginning, but the former is a must for making professional video recordings at later stages.


  • Microphone

A catchy sound effect is an undeniable necessity to provide the essential captivating edge to your recordings. The audio element becomes additionally important when the visual content receives a considerably lesser amount of attention from the target audience.

An obvious reason to this is that your recorded content is mostly viewed in small screen smartphones and other portable devices, where the video gets into a minimization tab and the viewer chooses to focus on listening to your content, with simultaneously adhering to some other significant tasks.

While most of the latest camera units come with an inbuilt microphone, using an external microphone is recommended to ascertain high quality audio results.


  • Video Lights

While it is a common custom of video creators to omit the utility of video lights in their recording projects, you should ideally pay attention towards using a lighting kit to add the perfect glow to your shots, thereby differentiating them from amateur videos.

Depending on daylight can be an escape, but the concern of taking the perfect indoor shots can only be addressed with the use of premium quality video lights. These are further, significant to expose and uplift the subject of your creation while complementing the latter with the appropriate feel and style.

  • High Speed Computer

It is important to look upon the post creation and editing process with an equal significance as that of video production. Catering to the aforesaid concern puts forward the need to include a high speed computer within the major essentials of remote video recording.

The revolution in imaging technology has familiarized the access to 4K recordings to most audiences. This in turn requires you to select a fast processing computer that is capable enough to work on 4k footage. You can additionally focus on using a system with a large random access memory, preferably above 16 GB.

  • Suitable Editing Software

When you are done with the scratch creation, you will require high-end video editing software to customize your artwork to give the latter a perfect look. When browsing through the aforesaid software solutions, you can choose from a diversity of choices available across the web.

You can affordably also work with the default editing software that comes preloaded in your computer that you have chosen to edit the remote video recordings.

Part 3: Tools Needed to Make Remote Video Recording

Browsing through the earlier sections of this article, you are now accustomed to the utilities and prerequisites of remote video recording. Moving ahead, let us continue the discussion with learning about the most affordable and preferred remote video recorder software available in the software market.

As is evident, looking through the concern of the best remote video recorder solutions, you will land across a number of possibilities. One among the most chosen ones is the DemoCreator remote video recording tool. Talking of the software utility, in particular, this one is a recently launched video recorder program by the Wondershare software utility team; promising to most efficiently and explicitly address your remote video recording concern.

Remote Video Recorder

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface: DemoCreator makes it easy to create videos by letting you simply drag and drop video clips, images, text boxes, and other elements onto the timeline.
  • Variety of built-in templates: DemoCreator comes with a variety of built-in templates that you can use to get started quickly.
  • Library of royalty-free music and sound effects: DemoCreator comes with a library of royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use in your videos.
  • Wide range of export options: DemoCreator lets you export your videos in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, and more.
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Free Download
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Let us have a go through of the usefulness of the DemoCreator in adhering to some specific domains of remote video recording in the following section:

1. Schedule Screen Recording

When working with the DemoCreator tool to remotely record videos, you have the liberty to set the beginning and end of your recording in auto mode, thus escaping the annoyance of recursively performing the start/stop operation on a manual basis.

Let us now see through the stepwise tutorial for scheduling the screen recording of remote video captures using the DemoCreator software:

Step1:Launch DemoCreator and Select Schedule

After a successful launch, the software opens up to its main interface, where you will need to select the ‘Schedule’ feature from among the available ones.


Step 2: Schedule Recording Settings

The completion of Step 2 directs you to the ‘scheduling’ interface, where you will have to work on the actual task by setting the start/end timings of your recordings, along with making additional adjustments in recording settings. Tap ‘Save Settings’ when you are satisfied with the arrangements.


Step3:Save Settings and Start Recording

Once you've finished the schedule recording settings, click save settings. Then your schedule recording task will automatically start according to your settled time.

2. Record Online Meetings

The DemoCreator tool is an excellent video recorder utility, which you can use to record your online meetings on apps like Zoom and Google Meet, and many more in high end

To start recording, select ‘New Recording’ and change the recording type to record your Zoom meeting. Once you are comfortable, click the red ‘Record’ button to initiate the recording task.


note Pro-tip

Learn more about recording online meetings(zoom meeting, GoToMeeting, Lynch meeting, Microsoft meetings), and get the latest tips and user guide. 

3. Make a Remote Demo Video

While there is no end to the diversity of remote video recorder software in the IT market, the one feature that makes DemoCreator stand out from the crowd is its most recent ‘Virtual Human’ functionality, which facilitates the creation of a highly enhanced and descriptive remote video recording.


4. Developing Online Courses

You can further extend the usage credibility of DemoCreator by experimenting on the development of online educational courses and tutorials. The software is known to create high-resolution screen recordings in HD quality, giving a better display and vision access to academic content on your system screen.


Part 4: Remote Video Recording Platforms

When the talk is about choosing the most convenient remote video recording platform, the DemoCreator is, without a doubt, one of the best remote video recording software you can pick. However, if you are keen on looking through allied choices, see through the following section to know about some reliable counterparts of the aforesaid video recorder program:

1. Video Peel

This one is a quick and free use remote video capture software platform, which collects and transports videos from its users and professes them a link, which can be shared with far-end participants to allow the recording of videos at the remote location. Working with this platform, you get the flexibility to record videos on a variety of devices, including desktops, PCs as well as iOS and Android laptops and smartphones.

Apart from the recording functionality, the platform further assists you in editing the creation with a diversity of modification tools, like adding star ratings and text overlays. You are, however, not allowed to make audio modifications in the recording with this platform.


2. Boast

This one is more of a testimonial platform than that an exclusive tool to record video remotely. The platform, however, doe have the remote recording functionality, which can be utilized to conveniently take up the task in most cases.

When working with this platform, you need to remember that the latter facilities you only with the recording feature, which affordably means that you are fetched raw footage of the actual event, without any editing liberties. Hence, you have to choose between either using the recording as it is or taking up the editing task through separate software. It is recommended to go with the second option if you attempt a professional use of the recording.


3. Snagit

This one is an excellent screen recorder platform that allows users to attempt a high-quality remote video recording of selected screen areas while restricting the non-required ones out of focus. As far as the screen recording feature is concerned, the platform needs you to share a video conference link of the event you wish to record.

As an obvious consequence, the audio and video quality of the recorded output will be dependent on the audio visual characteristics and constraints of the source platform. The platform, however, furnishes you with a limited number of editing features to modify the remotely recorded video.


Part 5: Tips to make High-Quality Remote Video

Now that you have learned enough about the credibility and means of creating remote video recordings, let us see through some high-end tips and tricks to make top-quality remote videos for adhering to a variety of purposes suited to your specific needs and concerns. Read through the following section to know about the most distinguished remote video creation tips:

  • Select Proper Equipments

The most important prerequisite of a successful and professional quality remote video recording is the section of correct equipments. Be precisely clear on your recording purpose to enable a concise selection, else you would end up choosing either over or under efficient recording gear, both of which would not cater to your exact purpose. Paying attention to the quality of the equipment being used has an equal significance.

  • Light, Background, and Audio Optimization

When beginning to create a remote video recording, the setting plays an important role. Pay close attention to the lighting and background of the recording area, including the external sound effects. You can experiment with different grades and shades of artificial lighting and also prefer natural window light in cohesion with your requirement. Prefer using a non-messy and clean background with a quiet interior and muting your device microphone when you are not speaking.

  • Establish Proper Connections

Poor connectivity can degrade the output quality of the recorded video output to considerable extents. To avoid the fuss, rely on using Ethernet connectivity instead of Wi-Fi and recommend the same to your fellow participants. You can further ask other members in your physical proximity to avoid recording or streaming allied content while your meeting and remote video recording is under process.

  • Prefer a Local Recording to Edit Videos

If you are working with a pre-recorded video, consider recording it locally on your device. As far as the editing requirements are concerned, you can take the help of any suitable video editing software that promises to enhance the recorded content to the next level by adding cohesive modifications. As an example, you can try hands-on experimenting with color, animated graphics, frames, and audio to give a professional look to the originally recorded raw footage.

  • Work With Animated Videos

With the growing advancements in IT and graphic design, animated videos have become the talk of the trend. Consider using animated graphic add-ons to upgrade your otherwise normal remote video records. You can work with storyboards, graphic modulations, voiceover captures, and even add actual animation content to sweeten your remote records with that extra bit of beautification. There are a number of pocket-friendly editing choices, ranging from clean and simple animations to overly complex transitions, whichever suits your budget.

  • Prefer Taking a Test Run

All said and done, the ultimate goal is to record a perfect remote video. As an essential precaution to avoid any glitches, prefer taking a mock run with all the external settings intact. During the process, examine the cumulative effect that the entire arrangement would produce on your recording, right from the lighting and audio, to camera angles and microphone responses, lest by the end of the recording, you would face the annoyance of all your efforts going in vain.

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