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Best Screen Recorder for Reddit

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

As regular internet users, you must have come across Reddit by now. Reddit is a renowned social media platform that allows individuals to create and manage their own community referred to as a subreddit. Unlike in other social media platforms where people try to catch up on family and friends, Reddit users come together to read, learn, and discuss all the significant issues in life. Individuals post information on their subreddits inform of different media files including videos allowing other Reddit users to discuss on the comment section as well as voting for that content.

Why Will you Need to Record Reddit?

If you are conversant with this platform, you will realize how difficult it is to share an interesting video with your friends outside the forum. The only way to do this is to share the link to that particular post. Nevertheless, nothing beats sharing the video itself and not the link to the whole post. For this reason, you may consider downloading this video to your device so you can share it anytime you want. In the quest to prevent the unlawful use of the content, Reddit does not have a download feature for its videos, nor does it support screen recording. However, it is possible to get your favorite video from this platform into your device. You only require a good screen recorder Reddit or video downloader tool. Today, many screen recorders and video downloader tools provide an easy way to get video content from social media platforms like Reddit. They can be in the form of PC apps, mobile apps, or web applications.

Other reasons that may trigger the need to record or download content from Reddit include:

  • You might have contemplated several times to share the content you find on Reddit to other social media platforms yet this can only happen when you have saved that particular content on your device. It can be a video or a post. Thus, the need to screen record.
  • Also, you may come across a very interesting topic yet you don’t have all the time to follow up on every detail at that particular moment. Screen recording will help you save that content and go through it at your preferred time.
  • Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation whereby you don’t have enough internet credit, or you have not recharged your Wi-Fi. Screen recorder will do you good for offline reading.
  • Some contents are just worth rereading. Therefore, a screen recorder gives you a chance to capture your favorite content. Instead of scrolling time and again anytime you want to view, you will just have to go through your device files.

In addition, Reddit has introduced Reddit Talk empowering moderators to host live audio conversations in their communities and this has led to a 250% growth in daily active listeners of Reddit talk. For this reason, Reddit rolled out several new features and one of those features is a recording function that enables community members to listen to Reddit talks even after they have happened. Therefore, if you are a Reddit user and you can’t make it to a live Reddit talk, you will now be able to listen to past talks at your own time. When you visit a Reddit talk post you will be able to listen to a recording of the conversation. The new feature includes a playback bar that enables Reddit users to skip to any timestamp, pause, and rewind or fast forward 10 seconds at a time.

Note that, the recording feature is only meant for Reddit Talk and does not allow you to download Reddit talks to your device. Therefore, you still need the screen recorder Reddit and video downloader tools to be able to download the Reddit Talks for offline viewing and future references. Other features include; launching the Reddit Talk experience to web users, the ability to interact with texts and emojis during talks, and a live bar experiment on top of the feed that shows when live Reddit Talks are happening.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the top best screen recorder and video downloader tools that allow you to download and share Reddit videos as you wish.

Top 7 Screen Recorder for Reddit

Saving Reddit videos can be done through various methods one of them being screen recording. Below are some of the best screen recorder tools:



DemoCreator is a proficient screen recorder that can be used to screen record Reddit videos and audio efficiently. It enables you to capture the PC screen through your webcam. This program has a voiceover that you can freely add. Apart from providing features that allow you to moderate the process of screen recording completely, it is also a powerful software for video editing allowing you to edit your videos preferably.

Its fast and smart performance is complimented quite spectacularly by a clean and comprehensive interface that provides everything one might need to go on an editing endeavor. Its real-time screen drawing feature makes it an essential tool in offering tutorials and instructional videos.

You can get DemoCreator for free now, but for you to enjoy a watermark-free version you will be required to pay a fairly affordable monthly fee of $6.99 only. It is one of the best screen recording tools available for recording quality content, and as such, a better option to record any Reddit content you want.


  • Makes the process of recording your computer screen easy
  • Enables to record high frame rate video
  • Editing features are super-rich and powerful
  • Offers cursor highlight, annotation tools, stickers, and captions
  • The audio, webcam, and video tracks will be filtered out after recording.


  • The free version has a watermark

OBS Studio

OBS is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s an advanced tool that offers a wide range of customizing options. Also, OBS automatically saves the recorded files in a folder of your choice.


  • Easy to use overlays and on-screen elements.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Attractive layout with simple and intuitive navigation.
  • Old-school broadcast media options and functions for a trendy and modern medium.


  • OBS doesn’t provide Internet access to the builds. Open-source software is only allowed in its repositories.

Windows 10 Game Bar

You can capture your screen using the in-built tool Game bar on Windows 10. It was modified essentially to record Xbox gaming sessions and PC, though it can also be used to record other screen activities and apps. The free version of the Windows screen recorder has modern technologies features, allowing you to capture any type of game with just a click.


  • It is very easy to handle and does not require any professional skills to use it.
  • Available for free with Windows 10 so you need not to install any additional application to use this facility.


  • It can record only for 2 hours at max.
  • Not possible to record the entire screen.
  • This facility can be used to record only a selected window at a time.
  • Once you exit or minimize this application the recording will itself finish.
  • It cannot capture cursor movements so you cannot create interactive tutorials.
  • Professionals never suggest this application for the creation of tutorials.
  • Several users have reported crashes with this application.


ShareX screen recorder offers a string of screen recording options such as window, scrolling capture, full screen, region, among others. You can choose either to add cursor on screenshots or not, perform OCR on the text, or even set up a timer to delay capture. Additionally, you can as well capture on-screen activity as a video or an animated GIF. ShareX is the best screen recorder for PC especially if you want to share screen records on other platforms. The most amazing thing about this screen recorder tool is that it’s much more efficient than you would ever think, it’s easy to customize, giving you the ability to automate regular tasks. If you are a beginner, the process of setting up all this may seem a bit complicated.

It is such a time-saving process when you are using a single keyboard shortcut to start up a delayed screen capture, saving the image automatically, specifying a location, uploading it to cloud storage, and being able to share it on your preferred online platform. ShareX is a perfect screen recorder Reddit tool since it's free and therefore no downloading and installing charges.


  • It’s a free open-source program
  • It enables you to upload different services too
  • Easy to record a video
  • Has great editing tools
  • Can be customized
  • It allows you to screen record with automation and annotation
  • It makes it simple to create animated GIFs
  • When you capture it freezes the screen


  • It is a bit complicated, especially for beginners
  • The editor is shallow


Screencast-O-Matic is a suitable recorder that provides affordable and instinctive video creation elements. It has a simple-to-use screen recorder and video editor making it easy for anyone to create appealing videos. You can import your videos within a short time, capture your webcam or screen, and mix clips without any negotiation. Additionally, you can improve your video through the Scree-O-Matic official website. This screen recorder program enables you to capture any part of your screen and there is an option to add video from your webcam and narration from your microphone.


  • Straightforward mechanics
  • Direct publishing option
  • Able to record screen and Webcam simultaneously
  • The paid version is equipped with more features


  • Requires an Internet connection to work
  • The free version does not support the use of a computer audio system for recording
  • The free version does not support the use of the Full-Screen recording feature
  • Also, the free version does not allow capturing video for more than 15 minutes
  • Limited editing tools

QuickTime Player

If you have a Mac device then QuickTime player is the best screen recorder for you. It’s the best option for all your recording needs as it can generate videos with high resolution. It supports key media formats such as AAC, 3GPP, MP3, MPEG, MOV, among others. It offers playback controls such as pause, play, among others. It plays online stream contents via URL. You have editing options for your video files such as trim.


  • This software program is easy to use and fast to operate.
  • Perfectly compatible with the iPad as well as iPhone so you can initiate the recording process at anytime from anywhere.
  • It allows users to do easy editing of videos.
  • It supports the popular, video, audio, and picture formats without codecs.
  • It has integrated the hardware acceleration for fluid playback, even for 8k videos.


  • You have to perform a few settings before recording as well as after finishing the recording process; it appears time-consuming.
  • Users are not able to hear sound from speakers when audio is connected to Sound Flower so one cannot recognize whether the right tracks or audio are being recorded or not.
  • You cannot get advanced features in the free version.


Downloading and saving Reddit videos from the platform is not as easy as it seems to be. Apart from recording your desktop screen, there is another method that explains how to save Reddit videos with audio. With the help of the RedV video downloader, you can save any Reddit video off the platform.


  • Does not involve downloading software instead you copy the URL of the Reddit page, paste it into RedV, and the downloader creates a copy on your computer.
  • It’s free of charge
  • It’s easy to use


  • It downloads one video at a time
  • It only downloads videos hosted on Reddit and doesn’t work on embedded videos

Top Video Downloader for You to Directly Download Video from Reddit

It’s not easy to download videos from Reddit. However, some platforms provide effective features allowing you to download even Reddit videos. This section gives you exposure to the top video downloader you can use to download high-quality Reddit videos and audio tracks.


4K Download software is the most effective tool for downloading content from any famous site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, among others and Reddit is not exempt also. The functioning of this program is so cool with the free version providing so many features and is enough to download videos without compromising speed and quality. Downloading videos using this tool is quite easy. You only have to copy-paste the URL and it’s done. This is one of the most powerful and efficient tools to download videos and supports any video and audio formats you could ever think of, any resolution, and in addition, it works perfectly on Linux, Windows, and Mac,


  • The entire process of downloading, installing, and getting started is easy and takes a very short time.
  • It supports other famous video platforms like TikTok, Likee, YouTube, Dailymotion, and many others.
  • There are a lot of hints and illustrative steps displayed on the UI screen that will help you to use the product.
  • The great UX makes it an intelligent tool that offers suggestions based on your downloading patterns.
  • Once you are signed in on Reddit from 4K Video Downloader Preferences, it allows you to download age-restricted videos and other private content.
  • It allows you to download audio or videos with subtitles. You can either choose to embed the subtitle in the video or save it separately as a .srt file.
  • 4K Video Downloader is superfast. It parses the videos in a few seconds regardless of their format, and it allows you to control the connection speed for downloads.
  • It allows you to download videos rich in quality, you can go up to 8K resolution, and you can view the downloaded videos on your iPad, HD TV, and other devices.
  • Plenty of customization is available
  • This software is available in any popular language you can think of, from English to German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and any language you can imagine.
  • This software receives updates more often. Existing bugs are removed and new features are introduced. The premium plan is even much better since it allows you to keep the software up to date without any extra fee.
  • They also respond quickly to customer queries and issues.


  • The free version limits the number of playlists and channel downloads.
  • This software is currently not available on mobile platforms.
  • Advertisement in the free version


SnapDownloader is among the top video downloaders used today. Its interface is simple to use and responds very fast. Its capability to download audio and video content from over 900 online platforms should be enough reason as to why you should install this tool on your Mac or Windows devices. In addition, there is so much more on offer here with regards to its features. You can download subtitles, convert videos to audio, download an entire playlist, trim the length of your videos, and record content from geo-restricted locations making it a perfect video downloader tool for Reddit.

This is a tool of the future as it can easily help you download videos in both 4k and 8k resolutions. With no ads, this is a very safe software to install and use on your device.


  • It can download up to 15 videos simultaneously
  • Video processing is very fast and without speed caps
  • Download in 1080p, 4K, and 8k resolutions
  • Clean and User-Friendly UI
  • There are no distractive advertisements
  • Their customer care services are 24/7 and they give a timely response.
  • Proxy Set up
  • Cross-Platform Support


  • It only offers a 48hrs free trial after which you will have to subscribe for the premium version.


ClipGrab is an essential video downloader and converter software used across various platforms including Mac, Linux, and Windows. Using this tool enables you to have a good time when downloading videos from famous websites such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, and even Reddit, among others. In addition, it’s easy to use this video downloader and converter making it suitable for anyone using it since it doesn’t require any professional skills. It offers you video suggestions letting you locate certain clips a bit fast. You will also enjoy the fact that this tool has been made available for you free of charge and with no restrictions whatsoever. It has all the ideal features you would wish for and we highly recommend it for Reddit users. Below are the Pros and Cons when using ClipGrab:


  • In support of popular platforms, ClipGrab allows you to convert and download videos from popular sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, and many more thus making it ideal for Reddit users.
  • It is easy to use due to the clean and simple interface.
  • It consists of an in-built search engine thus helping you in searching for a specific video without having to scroll endlessly.
  • ClipGrab monitors your clipboard by checking any links you copy whether they are from the supported sites and if they are, it captures them and gets ready to download.
  • It is free of charge and therefore you will not incur any costs for you to access this downloader.


  • You will have advertisements popping on your screen during installation and you might end up installing unnecessary software.


Picking the best screen recorder Reddit or video downloader tool may not be a simple task. However, there are factors you need to consider that may help you in choosing the appropriate program that will guide you in managing your needs easily. These factors help you to narrow down to a particular screen recorder or video downloader thus guiding you in an unbiased direction. Before settling for any platform, consider whether it's free or not, the installation setup on any device, the interface should be simple, websites supported by that program, and the output options that it offers. The outlined factors will enable you to scrutinize your choices significantly and short-list the specific video downloader or screen recorder with ease.