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Screen Recording Tool Windows10

David Wilson
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Window's operating system is the most widely used in the world, with 76 percent of desktop computers and laptops running on the Windows operating system. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft included a native video capture windows 10 called Gamebar. However, it has extremely limited capabilities and is not something that you would want to use daily. That previous Windows versions lack this feature isn't the only reason for this. Users have been forced to go elsewhere for their screen recording requirements, which has resulted in the creation of a massive market for screen recording software. However, not all of them are excellent, practical, and reasonably priced options for Windows users who want to record their screens.

Part1. Why You Will Need Take Screenshot on Windows 10 or Windows 11

So many of our professional and personal responsibilities and interests are now available online – though not all of them are in real-time, that it is difficult to keep track of everything. Screen capture video software can very helpful in situations like these. To record a professional video presentation, video lesson, or electronic learning module, a fun clip to publish on YouTube, or even a marketing video for your website, you'll need the video capture windows 10. For PC/Mac users, there are several free software solutions available for download that will allow you to capture high-quality screenshots and videos for a variety of purposes. Make use of these simple online video and audio editing tools that don't need any technical expertise, and you may customize your production by selecting the features that are most appropriate for your needs.

Part2. Top Tools to Video Capture on Windows 10

Examine the finest free video capture software presently available to ensure that you have the greatest alternatives available when it comes to putting your video idea into reality. You may get started right away after reading these straightforward instructions and selecting the video capture application that best suits your requirements. You can download the video capture software for free and get started right away!

1. Snip & Sketch

The UI components of Snip and Sketch are basic and flat, similar to those seen in Windows 10. The toolbar at the top of the screen provides access to several various screen capture functions. Using the rectangle tool or the freeform tool, you may capture the full screen, a specific window, or a custom area of the screen on your computer. You may select a delay of three or ten seconds to allow yourself ample time to make any necessary adjustments to what shows on your screen. Unfortunately, Snip and Sketch are unable to scroll windows, which is a function that is highly handy for capturing websites and other detailed screenshots.


Step 1. The Snip & Sketch feature is available on Windows 10 PCs and laptops that are running the January release or above. In contrast to Snipping Tool, it is also available for download and installation via the Microsoft Store.

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Step 2. Snipping Tool can only be launched from the Start menu or by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop.

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Because Snipping Tool has been a part of Windows for a long time, it has the same old interface, which includes File, Edit, and other choices, among others. Among these choices are the numerous icons, such as the ones for New, Delay, Mode, and so on.

Step 3. In Snip & Sketch, pressing the New button (or the Ctrl + N shortcut) while the program is open is not only a convenient way to capture a screenshot, but it also gives a straight and rapid method of doing so. Thus, whether you use the keyboard shortcut Win Key+ Shift+ S, the PrtScn key, or the Action Center icon, the screen dims and a screen mode selection pane at the top of the screen appears to allow you to take customized screenshots. Choose the one that appeals to you.

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Step 4. The Snip & Sketch tool includes a pencil in addition to a pen and a highlighter, which is a nice feature. It also has a large number of colors for all of the highlighting modes and lastly, hit the export button as shown here:

2. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool, like Snip & Sketch, allows you to capture free-form or rectangular selections, as well as the whole window or the entire screen. The Snipping Tool is still available in Windows 10, however, it has been replaced by Snip & Sketch. You may also choose to time-delay a screenshot for a period of one to five seconds. It also allows you to make annotations on your photograph using a pen or highlighter. Snip & Sketch (as previously said) does all of this while also including cropping, a ruler, and a pencil. For those of you who are still on Windows 7, you won't be able to utilize Snip & Sketch (as described above), thus Snipping Tool will have to do.

How to Utilize Snipping Tool:

Step 1. The Snipping Tool is compatible with prior versions of Windows. In addition to the January build, it is also presently loaded on the app, however, the app explicitly states that only Snip & Sketch will be accessible in the future.

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Step 2. Snip & Sketch may be launched in a variety of ways by Microsoft. First and foremost, it may be launched from the Start menu, just like any other program. Second, it may be found under the Action center tab. To snap screenshots, just click on them.

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Step 3. Snip & Sketch is part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and as such, it has a contemporary look that is comparable to other Microsoft programs for Windows 10. The new screenshot button is located on the left side of the screen, in the center of which are many pens. The settings and sharing choices are located on the right-hand side of the screen.

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Step 4. As you can only reach the Snipping tool via one means, namely, directly within the app, you must first choose the new button from inside the app to capture a screenshot in the tool. Even though you may also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N, this will only function if the program is already open. Fortunately, when you take a screenshot, it will open straight in the app, allowing you to annotate and save it as needed.

Step 5. When it comes to marking tools, the Snipping Tool is quite limited. You'll only receive a pen and a highlighter, both of which come in a restricted range of colors.

3. Print Screen

Screenshotting in Windows 10 is done in the same way it has been done for years. In particular, it's handy for photographing programs that alter their look when you press a certain keyboard combination. A menu will often collapse as soon as you press the shift key. When you press the Print Screen or PrtScn key, the whole screen is copied to the clipboard; pressing Alt while pressing Print Screen copies just the rectangle of the current window to the clipboard. The quickest and most straightforward method of saving a copy of whatever is now shown on your computer screen is to simply hit the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. In most cases, it is called "PrtScn” and is found in the top row, among or near the Function keys.


You will need to take further steps to open and save your picture in an app that works with images, such as Paint, Paint 3D, or even Photoshop since the image will be compressed (unless you take advantage of the next tip). Simply paste the picture using the Ctrl-V keyboard shortcut while you're in a new document in one of those programs, and then you can go to town with the editing before saving the image to the folder of your choosing (or anywhere else).

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4. Windows key + Print Screen

Even though this approach was launched with Windows 8, it is still functional in Windows 10. Unlike the majority of the other techniques in this tale, it is much easier to use, and on tablets such as the Surface Pro, you can access this capability by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same moment to activate it. The full screen is saved as an image file as a result of this. It may be found in the "Pictures" folder, under a subdirectory named "Screenshots," under the "Screenshots" heading.


This key combination, or the Windows Key-Print Screen key combination, will cause the screen to briefly darken to indicate that it has been successful, and will save a PNG image file to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

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Alt-Windows Key-Print Screen saves just the currently active window, however, curiously, this makes use of the Windows Game Bar capability (see the following slide) to save your snapshot to your Videos/Captures folder instead of your Documents folder. They are both suitable options if you want to save anything immediately without having to use the Clipboard or OneDrive cloud storage services first.

5. Alt + Print Screen

This will copy the currently active window to the clipboard, which you may then paste into another application of your choice.


Press the Alt + PrtScn keys at the same time. The screenshot may be saved to your clipboard, but you will not get any sign that a screenshot has been properly captured.

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To see the full-screen snapshot, press Ctrl-V on your keyboard and paste it into an application like Paint or Microsoft Word, or even into the body of an email message.

6. Windows Game Bar

The process of taking a screenshot in Windows 10 is quite fast and straightforward; however, recording video of your screen activity is more difficult. Microsoft has made it simpler by including a built-in video capture capability, known as Game Bar, in its operating system. Games played directly on your PC or those streamed from an Xbox console where the original purpose of Game Bar, but it can also record video of screen activity from your web browser, Windows apps, and any other software.

If you wish to utilize Game Bar, you'll need to make sure your system meets specific criteria, which include having the appropriate graphics card. A message may appear if you attempt to utilize Game Bar and your computer isn't up to the task. This message may state that your computer does not fulfill the hardware requirements for recording clips. But don't worry, there is a technique to get past this restriction. When you record screen activity, the video recording is immediately stored as an MP4 video file.


Step 1: Launch the Xbox application and wait for it to load on your screen. If you haven't already, you may need to sign in with your Microsoft account.

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Step 2: After launching the Xbox software, you may launch Game Bar by using the Windows key + G keyboard shortcut combination. You may also look for it by typing "Game Bar" into the search bar in Windows' search window. A little bar will appear at the bottom of the screen after a few seconds, and you may confirm its execution by clicking on "Yes, that it is a game." This is true even if you are not attempting to record a video game.

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Step 3: In step three, just click on the red record button to begin the video recording. As soon as the recording begins, the bar is reduced on one side of the screen, and you can simply click on it again to terminate the recording. You may also stop recording by pressing the Windows key + Alt + R shortcut, which eliminates the need to utilize the mouse pointer.

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There are many options for customizing keyboard shortcuts and changing several application parameters, including those linked to the recording's quality and audio capture, among other things.

Step 4: To see the recorded video, go through the Xbox app and choose the Captures icon from the left-hand menu. All of the recorded movies and screenshots will be shown in this section of the app. You may see any of them, do a quick modification on them, remove, rename, or share anyone, and you can even access the system folder in which they are stored if you choose. By default, all recordings are stored in the "Capture" folder in the operating system's video directory, which may be found at the root of the video directory.

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7. Windows Logo + Volume Down

Using this approach on your Surface Book is possible regardless of whether the keyboard is connected or detachable. The quickest approach to snap a screenshot on your Surface 3 tablet is to hold down the Windows logo on the device's front panel while simultaneously pressing the volume-down button on the device. During the process of recording and saving the screen, the screen will darken temporarily. The screen will be saved to the Screenshots folder of your Pictures collection under "This PC."


Press the Windows logo button and the volume down button at the same time - you must properly time the button pushes for the hotkey combination to function.

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Because the Windows logo does not show on the display of these devices, you must hold the power button down while simultaneously pressing the volume-down button to capture a screenshot of the screen. The screenshot will be stored in the Screenshots folder under the "This PC" folder of the user's computer.


If you've ever desired that you could somehow capture a virtual meeting, training session, or video conference, this is the ideal answer for your needs. It is possible to record the audio and video from your computer desktop, browser, or even camera using one of the software choices listed above. Once you've finished shooting your video, you may edit and annotate it. The visual and sound quality are both of the highest caliber and high definition. Create your training regimens or make unique YouTube videos to share with your friends and family!