How to Make Your Screencasts Look Better and Easier to Edit

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

The curtain falls on you! You need to engage in powerful modes of video recording like screencast. This is a digital video recording from your screen with audio narration which works perfectly for instructional videos. Screencasting has a way of hooking viewers, with a higher percentage, managing to recall a video after several days of seeing it. This makes it a perfect option to share ideas or teach learners. More so, your audience gets ample time to absorb the information at their convenience. They can pause the video and rewatch it several times. This is why screencast video making needs to look better. These tips are the apple of successful screencasting.

6 Tips to Help your Screencasts Look Better

Next, you can get the top tips to help your screencast video look better!

1. Know what size you want to publish in, and stick with it

Determine whether your video should show on YouTube or Instagram to help you know the size you want to publish. Remember that your video will go on, ages to come. So, look ahead of the future and ascertain the minimum size you wish it to show at. Additionally, stick to the size to evade video pixel distortion.

2. Make your video smaller, or keep it the same size, and never make it bigger

This falls on the aspect ratio, which should be some standard. Most computer screens are a "16x9" ratio. And in most cases, many videos are recorded at that ratio. So, given that your screencast video will be watched via numerous screen sizes, you better keep it the same size or just make it smaller. This is for the sake of those who will watch it from their phones – which are on much smaller screens than computers. If you make it bigger then the quality output is likely to become poor.

3. Limit distractions to keep the user-focused

Remember that the user is learning something from your screencast. There is no point in bombarding the screen with other nonessential browsers. Keep it simple to enable the user to stay focused. Distractions may lead to confusion, making the user miss the point.

4. Start by recording your audio first, and edit your video to fit the track

Most if not all videos come out perfect when the video is recorded separately from the audio. Start with the audio first and ensure you explain all the important facts. That is when you should edit your video and sync it to audio. Likewise, you can engage numerous tips to let your video sync as desired to the audio and let them rhyme.

5. If you feel ambitious, capture extra material, but use it only for context or a screen reset, not to distract the user"s focus

Other materials like tips are also vital when on instructional videos. Just organize your work and let the extras not distract the user"s attention. It is better if you let the extras appear during the obvious steps like the login procedure. With such, the user won"t be largely affected as those are often used mechanisms.

6. Experiment and play with your screen recording software to learn how to make it work for you

This is just to make sure that you are offering the best to your viewers. Experiment first by studying a few shortcuts and basic hot-keys. It will also help you go faster when you are on your project. Let it work for you before you make it an instructional video.

The Best Screencast Video Maker for Windows or Mac

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Here are other stunning features of DemoCreator

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  • You can record the screen when your microphone is on and even make a narration for your video.
  • Also, get vivid stickers of animation effects, social media, and others.
  • Make use of caption tools that contain themes of subtitle, opener, and title, among others.
  • Use the Annotations Feature to add dialogue boxes, sketch animation, or give your video any shape of choice.
  • Also, add transitions such as evaporation, erasing, and flashing, and many more.
  • Give your video a desirable speed by increasing or decreasing it via the Video Speed Control Feature.
  • It has no boundaries when exporting your video. DemoCreator supports various formats like WMV, MOV, MP4, GIF, etc.


A few dos and don'ts are there when screencasting your videos. The above 6 tips are worthy, in the quest to compose a professional-looking screencast. More so, you still need a perfect screen editor to facilitate the necessary edits after you capture your video. Don"t look further, make Screencast in DemoCreator, and gain access to over 100 built-in editing resources – gestured to your theme.