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Screenflow 6 Review and Alternative you Should Know

Alma Elliott
2024-03-01 20:20:41 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

ScreenFlow came into market just recently on 1st June 2016 with so many easy to use professional level tricks. It is compatible with Mac platform and can work to record, share and edit the high quality screen casts.

Screenflow 6-Things to Know:

Some of the incredible features of this software tool include:

  • One of the killer feature of ScreenFlow 6 is its “record first and configure later” facility. It makes this software more flexible and convenient to use for screen cast recordings.
  • This software tool can capture screen, record videos from attached camera units and work for perfect audio recording with in-system compatibility as well as from external devices.
  • It is most reliable and convenient tool for fast recording.
  • Simple to use video editor with smooth file processing facility.

What are the Main Improvements in ScreenFlow 6?

There are so many advancements in ScreenFlow 6 as compared to its earlier version; some of these improvements are discussed as below:

1. Partial Screen Capture:

This is one of the most surprising features of Screen Flow 6. It allows users to work with two pass type workflow where it is possible to edit files after capturing them. It helps users to develop customized video files where transitions can be also added.

2. Animated GIF Support:

In all earlier versions of screen recording softwares this GIF ability was missing but now you can create amazing animations with GIF file format as it is compatible with ScreenFlow 6. It can help you to create few special ultra short type demonstrations of few specific product features.

3. Video Animation Effects:

Although the earlier versions of ScreenFlow also allowed users to manipulate the timeline as per need but the version 6 is much more advanced as it provides a dedicated panel for such needs along with a wide range of configurations available.

4. Replace Clip:

This feature provides users ability to select few specific portions from timelines and replace them easily with any other useful clip. You will definitely love to use this feature to create surprising videos to impress your friends.


Part 2: What is Still Missing in ScreenFlow 6?

Although this software unit provides lots of amazing features but still professionals find few things missing in it.

1. Templates:

Company has created 6 advanced versions of this screen recording software tool but still those experts are not able to introduce template creation feature into ScreenFlow 6. It will make you sad but you have to accept this fact.

2. Asset Library:

If it could have a specific asset library then it would have been much easier for users to find attractive tools. The Camtasia in its windows version offers amazing library features but to get this facility in ScreenFlow series you need to wait for some time. Having access to such a huge library from a single terminal can lead to more time saving as users can add all controls from single location.

3. Freeze Region:

One more feature that is found missing in Screen Flow 6 is the ability to fix errors just by freezing certain portion of screen. Although this facility is available in Camtasia and is compatible with Mac platform but ScreenFlow 6 does not support it. With this feature you can easily repair some faulty portions of your video file.

Part 3: Pros and Cons of Screenflow 6:

There are so many incredible features associated with ScreenFlow 6 that can fulfil your video recording needs so easily. Professionals prefer to use this software tool for most of recordings due to its high quality outputs. Below are few major pros and cons of ScreenFlow 6:


    • This software tool is much easier to use.
    • It can satisfy almost all recording needs of users.
    • This software possesses so many powerful editing features.
    • ScreenFlow 6 is well known for its higher stability.


  • You have to pay high amount to get complete access to this software tool.
  • There is no free upgrade service available for this application.
  • There are no built in templates.
  • It does not have asset library system.

Where to Buy?

If you are going to buy this software from official website of Telestream then it can be accessed with payment of $99 only whereas software can be upgraded with $34 payment/ on the other side if you prefer to visit Mac App store to get this software tool then it can be obtained with payment of $99.99 or £79.9 but the upgrade option is not available.

Part 4: Available Alternatives for ScreenFlow 6


Camtasia makes video editing fun with surprisingly easy features. Its fast drag and drop facility help users to complete their videos instantly even if they are fresher to video recording world.

You need to follow just three basic steps to get your videos recorded:

1. Select your footage.

2. Edit your file as per need.

3. Generate your new video.

This software tool is designed to offer so many video effects that can be utilized for animation of icons, images and texts. Its drag and drop feature is loved by all professionals as well as beginners because it leads to simple operations. You will always be able to avail highly stable recording along with better rendering time using this software tool even over complex projects.

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora allows users to create fast video files with a wide range of advanced editing tools. Professionals as well as beginners use to rate this software one of the best tools for advanced video recording.

Below are a few common features of Filmora:

  • It provides enhanced editing support that can go up to 4K.
  • You will be able to enjoy perfect GIF support for imported, edited and exported files.
  • The unwanted background noise can be easily removed.
  • With filmora, users can flip their videos just to enjoy frames in reverse order.
  • The speed control feature is also added to Filmora platform.
  • You can also enjoy advanced colour tuning with this software.

3. Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator Screen Recorder Software is available for both Mac and Windows Users. It allows you to capture the whole screen or a specific area of the screen and add Markers during recording. You can record your webcam and your gameplay at the same time.

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