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TechSmith Camtasia

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:43:45 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Techsmith Camtasia 2021 is a video editing and screen recording software that helps you create professional-grade gameplay videos. The Camtasia 2021 upgrade is featured with impressive capabilities, packed with customizable elements such as audio and video effects to let you make consistent and simplified videos without much put-in.

In today's date, it can also be considered as the potent choice for content generation and video tutorials due to quick video recording, editing and publishing. However, you must not confuse this tool with an editor that allows you to create vlogs and travel videos as for the same, you will need a video editor or a universal software that can do it all!

Part 1. New Features in Camtasia 2021

Features in Camtasia

When it comes to Camtasia 2021 features, the list is endless. The Camtasia 2021 upgrade is equipped with 8 new main features which include as following:

  • Audio effects with auto music volume reduction when you play any voiceover on top of it.
  • More than 75 new transitions.
  • Three video effects such as media matte, motion blur and corner rounding.
  • Proxy videos to edit large files without lagging.

After knowing what all you get in Camtasia 2021 edition, it's time to dig deeper into these features. The below column will guide you on the same.

1. Video effects

Video effects

  • Motion blur effect

The new addition to TechSmith Camtasia visual effects include motion blur effect to provide a professional touch to animations, effects and other movements in your video to make them look smooth yet enhanced. When you use this effect on your video content, it makes the object move at a faster rate.

  • Customizable media clips

Camtasia consists of many media elements and clips that help you customize your video content the way you want. This sought-after feature of Camtasia video effects has undergone a transition and is now capable of creating your choice of elements using simplified customizable properties, which makes sense when you are working for branding or in a large team.

  • Toggle effect

What can be better than having a quick review of the effects applied to your video? Well, with this new toggle effect feature you can do so. When you use this visual feature, it lets you see the way media or sounds appear with or without using any effect. When you apply any effect on any media on the timeline, it can now be toggled on and off from the properties using this incredible enhancement.

  • Media matte effect

Yet another vital feature added to Camtasia’s 2021 upgrade is the media matte effect. This feature possesses a mix of power and visual beauty of the track mattes under a single roof. With this effect, you can transform any media into a mask, just by dragging and dropping the media matte effect.

2. Audio effects

Audio effects

  • Emphasize audio effect

Create a balance between all your sounds using the Emphasize audio effect. With the new effect, you can select any main audio track while it automatically mellows down the other sound in the background. This new feature offers a quick and easy way to add a professional and quality touch to your video content by simply dragging and dropping the selected music into your video clip, for which the volume is then automatically adjusted.

  • Share Narration to Audiate

If you usually struggle for improved sound quality and detailed editing, then do not worry! This Share Narration to Audiate feature of Camtasia 2021 is designed to speedily forward audio narration to and fro to leave you with enhanced sound quality for all your recordings.

Another great audio effect offered by Camtasia is VU Audio Meter in Editor. Using this effect, you can constantly check audio volume levels using the VU meter throughout your video. Its visual readout makes it easy for you to have a look at music, narration and other sound effects which might be heard too high or low.

3. Video Assets

Video Assets

The TechSmith Camtasia 2021 download for pc is flooded with limitless new elements and properties to leave you with the best experience. With its video assets features, you can freely make your reusable custom assets using Quick Property Editor and Auto Quick Properties. Besides, you can go on by collaborating texts, callouts and other elements to curate fully customizable assets while saving and sharing them with your teammates and peers.

  • Quick Property Editor

Nothing can be better than Quick Property Editor when it comes to seamlessly create shareable and reusable assets. With this feature, you can customize text, additional properties and color settings.

  • Auto Quick Properties

Did you know when you group text, callouts and other elements together, an automatic property asset is created? This asset lets you adjust the properties of many assets and effects lying within the same group.

  • Group Tabs

Another great addition to Video Assets is the Windows Group Tab. This feature is a blend of power and simplicity that lets easy updation of properties while automatically creating group assets.

Part 2. Camtasia 2021 Alternative

Screen recording has never been so easy and refined until Wondershare DemoCreator.

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 v5.0 came in! This recorder offers an enhanced recording experience to its users due to its smart video editing and smooth recording capabilities.

This biggest-ever update of DemoCreator has transforming qualities to provide a comprehensive solution to all your recording using the new integrated features and customizable designing resources. This recording software comes with AI matting that lets you record videos with extra engagements and effects while making the recording process faster than ever before.

Some of the new features that you get with DemoCreator are as below:

  • AI Face Recognition

The AI Face Recognition feature of DemoCreator v5.0 is an advanced screen recording feature that is embedded with artificial intelligence technology. When you record any video, this feature recognizes your face and melts it into the backdrop with highlighting to allow you to record more actively. It also consists of some image and mirror masking features that let you customize your look when recording.

  • 3 Recording Modes

Wondershare’s Demo Creator features three recording modes which are shown on launching the software. These modes are explained below.

  1. New Recording: with this mode, you can easily record your system’s screen, webcam and audio simultaneously.
  2. Record Screen: This go-to feature helps in recording your screen and audio without using webcam input.
  3. Record Game: This advanced mode allows you to capture your gameplay using camera and audio input. It also lets users choose the game from the list of existing games or download any other game of their choice.
  • Improved Game Recording

The latest upgrade of DemoCreator has it all that you would require for capturing gameplay easily. This app comes with a dedicated game recording mode that automatically checks for playing the game on your screen while providing advanced options and tools for editing. Using this feature you can save the highlight from the game that is running on the screen.

  • Media Resources and Templates

Now you can add more to your gameplay video using the new media resources and templates offered by DemoCreator v5.0. This option comes packed with a range of new annotation, text, stickers and other such resources. Besides, this feature lets you search from the resources from the cloud and use them in your recordings to create something better every time.

  • 50+ Inbuilt Transition Effects

If you have experience with gameplay recording before, you might know how essential it is to use transition effects to add life to your videos and make them appear visually attractive. Well, this tool has many transition effects which can be chosen from the tool and added to your timeline, where you wish transitions to take place. Some of the new transition effects in DemoCreator are dissolve, motion effects, flash, erase, box turn etc.

  • Face Recognition Editing Effects

There is no shortage of options with DemoCreator. You can make use of its face recognition editing effects in your videos for the purpose of mirroring and masking. With this tool, you can also wipe off the background automatically in the portrait, add mosaic and cinematic effects etc.


Camtasia from Techsmith is a potent video editing software that can be availed for both macOS and Windows. It provides support to numerous media formats which allow you to have control over all your videos while being easy to use. We hope that this Camtasia 2021 review is helpful enough for you to know about its features and function. Plus, if you are also looking for Camtasia alternatives then don't forget to check out Wondershare’s DemoCreator video recording tool.