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Best Tips for Using Zoom

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

During this covid pandemic, every one of us is working at home through digital tools and technologies. There are many tools or applications where you can enable virtual face-to-face meeting sessions when it comes to video conferencing applications. This application allows you to view anyone else screen and pass the control seamlessly by using Zoom tips and tricks.

Zoom is another web conferencing service tool that offers thousands of options and facilities to its user. There is a huge spike in the number of downloads and users of Zoom over the last years. This application becomes one of the most popular choices of every business. Here, we will discuss how you can efficiently access Zoom and communicate with your colleagues virtually by following tips for using Zoom.

Tips for Using Zoom application Efficiently

1. Automatically schedule meetings

When we work from our home then a lot of meetings we have to deal with our team and colleagues and our boss. So, for this, you should have an application like Zoom where you can convey your messages and ideas to your team members virtually. If you miss a lot of meetings with your clients, then Zoom tips and tricks can help you.

schedule meeting in zoom

With this, you can schedule your meetings by connecting with your calendar. So at the time a person opt for booking an appointment, this will end up creating a new Zoom meeting automatically and will also add it to the calendar. There are also some applications like slack that help you in sharing various details of the meetings with the team. In this way, when a Zoom meeting starts, the meeting link is also notified in the slack automatically.

2. Change your background and name

The Zoom call setting also offers a virtual background feature that allows you to display an image and video in the background. With this feature, you can upload any formal videos and images like yours and apply a green screen background even if you aren't sitting. For this, you have to click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your display and click on the background & filters from the setting menu. There are some built-in backgrounds that you can check and apply.

change name in zoom

To choose any background, you can opt for clicking the “+” icon and check how it looks by clicking on the preview section. In case if it looks weird, then you can adjust the brightness by changing the settings. There are also some fun effects or filters that will appear when your webcam is on. Similarly, to change your name while joining a conference, you have to click on the “participants” and then click on the more buttons. You will get an option to rename. Click on that and change your name by using tips for using Zoom!

3. Share your screen

When you are working remotely, then you can share your screen with your team through Zoom. To start sharing your screen, you can hit the shortcut keyboard button Alt+S. After that, the tool will cut you from the webcam and allow you to display your screen to all meeting participants. If it doesn't work on your system, you can do this from the setting menu of Zoom. You can visit the Zoom setting and navigate your screen.

share screen in zoom

Now enable full-screen mode. For showing your video feeds, choose the side-by-side option. Make sure to silent the system notification while sharing your screen. In this way, you can smoothly run a session without interrupting the alerts. Simultaneously you can enable the Focus assist feature in windows ten that will hide all your notifications and pop-ups from your system.

4. Handy keyboard shortcuts

Sometimes, we want to how to use Zoom tips shortcuts to save our time and comfort. So there are multiple shortcuts for performing a different task over Zoom. Invite someone while you are in a meeting? Then you can click on Cmd+I or Alt+I to open the Invite window. Now copy the URL of the meeting from the email tab and send it to someone you want to invite.

zoom shortcuts

Similarly, to record a meeting, click on Alt+R and pause/resume recording; click on Alt+P. Want to share your screen with your team? Then press Alt+Shift+S, and click on Alt+T to stop the screen share option; click on Alt+T. Similarly, to mute or unmute the audio in an ongoing meeting, you can press Alt+A. For turning off the video, you have to hit on the Alt+V from your desktop/laptop. Zoom also allows the host to mute all the participants by clicking Alt+M. By using these handy keyboard shortcuts, you can save time.

5. Record the meeting to your computer

Zoom also allows you to record the web conferencing videos and also allows you to share them with someone else in your team. While recording, you have to choose an option from the local and cloud option. When you click on local, your video will be saved locally in your computer or another storage space as per your choice. But when you click on the cloud option, you allow Zoom to save your video in the Zoom cloud storage.

record zoom video and audio

When you create a video at the time of the ongoing session, the video quality may be disbalance, but you can optimize by adjusting in the advance setting option. Few calls are called broadcast-style where the host only appears on your screen, so in this case, allow Zoom to record the video and audio of the host only. Before recording any video, check the setting option of Zoom properly. You can share those videos with your team later once the recording is finished.

6. Record a meeting to the cloud

If you have a Zoom premium version that allows cloud recording, then it is good. Anyone can easily record the audio in the Zoom cloud. After that, Zoom can transcribe your meetings and then save them into a.VTT file. In this way, you can review your meetings and also share them with your teammates who were not available at the meeting.

zoom cloud recording

For this, you have to do some settings in your Zoom. First, go to Zoom and choose the setting tab. Now hit the recording button to allow the option of cloud recording. But for this, you should have a premium Zoom. If your company has a premium feature, you can enable the audio transcript by visiting Extra Settings and saving your changes. After that, whenever you start your meeting, click to record the audio and video both. After the recording is done, you will get a notification that the cloud recording is done.

7. Mute Audio

When you join an ongoing session, make sure that your audio and video are both in a mute position. In this way, you can ensure that the entire meeting will run smoothly without any interruption. Sometimes in an ongoing meeting, a sudden noise from the background of any participant can interrupt the flow of the host or irritate your teammates. So, to stop these issues, make sure that the audio is muted.

mute audio zoom

For this, you have to visit audio settings directly by clicking the arrow placed next to the microphone. Allow the “Mute microphone when joining a meeting. “ No matter whether you are joining a session from desktop, laptop, or mobile, you can mute the audio and video easily. Otherwise, you can use shortcuts to mute or unmute the audio in an ongoing meeting by pressing Alt+A.

8. Collect information from attendees

Want to Make a list of attendees who join the meeting? Then gather the information of attendees. You can gather the information of attendees before joining them in a session. In this way, you can gain information about the people who are going to join you. The information includes name, company affiliation, or industry.

collect attendees info zoom

To collect this information, you have to register yourself first in the My Meetings tab of the Zoom web app. After that, you can make a form that asks for certain information regarding the attendees. You can ask your attendees to fill the form before joining the meeting. In this form, Zoom offers some standard fields where you can add checkboxes. In case if you are using Zoom for conducting a webinar, then you should use these options. In this way, you can successfully conduct and end a webinar with the great support of users.

9. Waiting room

Zoom also provides a waiting room where the attendees can join the meeting in the presence or absence of a host. Most of the small groups use this option to gossip for some time when the meeting ends officially. Sometimes you can gather the attendees to a virtual room together and ask them to wait.

zoom waiting room

So, in this way, Zoom allows you to make your attendees wait until you allow them to join. The creation of the room depends upon the type of Zoom account you have. While setting the waiting room, you can implement any videos or images that a team can see when waiting for the host. This is another great feature of Zoom that a business can use.

Best Zoom Screen Recorder

Sometime people want to record the Zoom meetings for review, and the best way to do that is using a screen recorder. Wondershare DemoCreator?, an all-in-one video recorder and editor, helps capture Zoom meetings in both Windows and Mac. This tool is able to record screen, webcam, computer system audio and microphone sound at the same time. Morevoer, it also comes with an byuilt-in video editor, you can add annotations, apply transitions, green screen effects and other editing as you want.

record presentation democreator

If you are also using Zoom to conduct most of your business meetings, you should be aware of these things. You should know how to use Zoom tips for performing different tasks. By learning these methods, you can get in touch with your team. This is becoming the most used application now, which is using for remote workstations. You can also purchase the pro version of Zoom applications and conduct meetings with your professional team from different locations.