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Treehouse Vs Lynda

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:44:07 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

About Treehouse:

Treehouse offers wide range of classes for coding and it is commonly accessed by advanced coders as well as beginners. It possesses so many built in tools that assists in easy code development. The subscription starts with payment of $25/month for the basic plan and in case of pro plan you need to pay $49/month to access special features. Once you get registered then you can easily find courses and track your progress. The student forums are very interactive where you can access so many code challenges for skill improvement.


About Lynda:

If you are searching for an online learning platform that offers easy access to well designed courses with reasonable monthly fee then Lynda will be the good choice. It assists learners in topics like video, audio production, photography, business and web development. You can also access Lynda for free trial whereas subscription can be obtained in two forms: as a regular member and premium member.


Comparison of Treehouse and Lynda:

About the Course:

a. Course Topic&Quality:

Treehouse mainly focuses on code development and some of the most common projects of this platform are related to mobile and web development. The course library is limited with 222 plus courses that are much less as compared to Lynda platform. Lynda offers wide variety of topics that are related to business, photography, creative writing, graphic design and many more. The range of courses goes up to 5467 and the library is frequently updated with latest course material. Both these platforms provide easy access to high quality learning material but with specific course work.

b.Course Style:

The mostly preferred media for training on mode platforms is video lectures. Learners can update their knowledge by accessing time to time assignments and quizzes related to their course content. In case of treehouse, learners can access coding challenges from student forums.

c. Difficulty/ Learning Plan:

There is no doubt to say that Treehouse can serve like one of the most essential learning platform those who are just beginning with code generation. They assist users with specially developed tools so that coding process can have minimal trouble. Every new concept is taught in step by step manner with easy to understand instructions. The learning process is further boosted with coding challenges. So many active members stay connected to forums so that students can avail immediate answers to their queries. Lynda follows little different learn plan where courses are more and they deal with in depth content. Students can make easy selection for courses that range from beginner to professional level. Once you have finished the course then a active learn path can assist you to become specialist in that field.

d. Certification:

You will not be able to access any certification for your skills that are developed with the help of Treehouse platform but in case of Lynda.com most of courses are certified ones. Once student completes his/her training then a valid certificate is provided by Lynda professionals.

About the Instructors:

If you want to become an online instructor and earn money by utilizing your skills then both these platforms welcome professionals like you. Treehouse is always ready to accept designers and developers, especially those who have some experience in teaching industry. If you have gained experience in conferences or have published few books then your chances of getting enrolled as a trainer at Treehouse are more. Lynda does not have much demand of instructors and your application is processed only if they find any vacancy in their circle. In the application form you have to add detailed information about your blogs, publications, books, training courses or about the websites over which you have certain contribution.

About the Price:

Treehouse offers two types of plans: If you want to switch to the basic plan then monthly fee is $25 whereas for pro plan you need to subscribe with $49/month. In case of Lynda.com, basic plan starts at $19.99 per month whereas for Premium plan you need to pay $29.99. The best thing to know is that Lynda also offers group plans at reasonable price range. 7 days free trial is commonly offered by Treehouse professionals whereas Lynda offers free trail for 10 days.


In case, if you are a beginner in the coding world and want to develop basic skills as a coder then Treehouse is best option for you. But those who need to expertise their skills in courses other then coding can prefer to go ahead with Lynda.com. Both of these online learning platforms are popular throughout the world and the video lectures are widely accessed by students for their skill set development. Those who want to learn variety of skills from online sources can adapt any of these as per interest. Support team on both platforms is really impressive and they provide active assistance to learners.