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Udemy Vs Udacity

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:08 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Udemy offers a unique set of course materials that cover so many interactive topics such as technology, art, health and language etc. The video lectures are developed by highly professional instructors so learners usually have access to high-quality information. Udemy is being used by so many organizations, individuals, business owners and students for their routine learning needs. Udemy is a cost-effective solution to learners that is why most the beginners love to access this tool.


About Udacity:

Udacity can assist learners in skill development on professional grounds so that they can soon grab a great job opportunity. There is a wide range of course material available online and the content is mostly accessible in form of video files. It is advised to choose udacity learning platform only if you are serious enough about your studies and can spare time to update knowledge on regular basis. Udacity is a costly selection but at the same time you are able to obtain certificate for your skills.


Comparison of Udemy and Udacity:

1.Course Topic&Quality:

Udemy: Some of the most popular course topics under this online learning platform are related to art, academics, entrepreneurship, business, fitness, health, technology, music and language etc. The course material is developed in form of high quality videos that can be easily accessed from its online library. Prefer to check reviews of courses before you pay and get enrolled into them because some courses are having very bad content quality.

Udacity: Udacity platform specifically focuses on technology and the course material is designed with high quality videos. Although the courses are limited as compared to Udemy but quality of course content is impressive.

2.Course Time:

Udemy: There is no specific or standard time limit for video lectures as few videos can be of only few seconds where as others can grow up to hours. The course can be finished easily by students as per their time availability.

Udacity: In case of Udacity, users need to spare at least few hundred hours so that course can be finished with all guidelines. Each course has unique time allotment and it may go as long as for one or two years or can even finish within few months.

3.Difficulty&Learn Plan:

Udemy: Udemy courses are interactive and simple enough so even beginners can learn them easily. Most of the course content is uploaded in from of video lectures whereas instructors may provide assignments and quizzes time to time for boosting knowledge of learners. You have to follow instructors for learning skill set and once your videos are finished the course is ended.

Udacity: The course material at Udacity is also available in form of Video lectures whereas trainers also provide easy access to assignments and quizzes. Course selection can be project based and the content appears like a big challenge to most of learners. You need to acquire deep knowledge to follow the course guidelines and study material. It offers an impressive and well managed study plan to every student so that one can understand the right way to learn.


Students at Udemy online learning platform are not able to avail any certification for their skill development. But in case of Udacity, learners are able to get nano degree for their course work. In order to avail this certificate, learners need to make payment as a subscribed course member.

About the Instructors:

Udemy: Udemy offers easy assistance to instructors so here anyone can earn money by selling his skills. One simply needs to develop an Udemy standard video that can be developed with assistance of Udemy online course creation guide. Once your video gets approved from professionals at Udemy then you can easily sell your course content using this platform.

Udacity: The instructors at Udacity are mostly well known and experienced people from industries of Silicon Valley. They probably belong to some of the most popular IT companies like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook or Google etc.

About the Price:

Udemy: When we talk about Udemy then we cannot forget to mention its wide range of free of cost course material. All lectures are available in video format and they are developed by well experienced instructors. The course price range varies between $20 to $200 but some special discounts are also available online.

Udacity: The course material on Udacity can be accessed for free by any learner but in case if you want to work on specific project then you have to join their subscription. The monthly payment will be $199 for project work.


There is no doubt to say that both these platforms are useful for learners and they are equally feature rich.

In case of Udemy, users will be able to access much flexible learning style as they need to pay only for their specific course material. Price range is comparatively low as well as range of free courses is available. Basic learners can easily take benefits from free of cost course material whereas professionals can improve their skills with paid access to library.

Udacity is well known as career oriented platform where learners can boost their skills effectively. It is rated as the best online learning platform of Silicon Valley that serves learners with on demand course material. But note that you have to make big investment to join these courses and have to work hard to collect maximum knowledge.