Why Use Video to Promote Your Business

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:10 • Filed to: Marketing Strategy

The popularity of commercial video has increased over the last couple of years. This is the reason as to why is video marketing so effective. Adding video marketing into your marketing campaign and strategy will place you in the vanguard position. It provides important benefit you do not get from written content.

The benefits of video marketing go beyond imagination and help you make a human, memorable, connection with your users. You can use it to show audience you are more than just one more online faceless operation and communicative on an emotional level with them. This pays off in the form of more credibility, reach, and business as compared to sticking to written content only.

Let us have a detailed look on why use video to promote your business. Read below to know more.

Part 1
Types of Marketing Videos

Learning how to make a marketing video for my business can be as simple as using your smartphone camera. But in order to begin with the creation, you must know the types of marketing below. There are basically 4 types of marketing below.

1. Product videos

Product videos help you show off your products and get users interested. How you show your products is totally dependent on you, but you can also follow in the tracks of the firms in these examples.

  • Product-launch videos: When rolling out a new product, video marketing can assist generate a lot of hype. Whether you make a decision to showcase new features in marketing campaign or tell the tale of how your new product came into existence, you must aim at getting users as excited about your new service as you are.
  • Product demo videos: Product demo videos assist users understand how your service or product operates. Whether the video comprises you speaking about your product, or just aims on the features of your product, you need to ensure you display what your product can do.

2. Educational videos

Educational videos teach your viewers something new. These kinds of video marketing assist to develop trust between your viewers and you since you are proving yourself as an expert in your sector. Let us dive into different kinds of educational videos you can make for your video marketing campaigns.

  • Tutorial videos: Using a tutorial video, you have the chance to showcase your products and your brand while teaching users how to use them.
  • Explainer videos: Explainer clips are meant to ease the explanation of a process, service, product, or any other complicated subject.
  • Industry-update videos: Displaying that you understand and follow trends in your sector will provide you credibility and include an extra layer of trust between your users and you.

3. Company culture videos

Company culture videos assist showcase your brand’s personality. With this kind of video marketing, you will wish to record videos with your values and mission in mind. These videos develop trust between the public and your business, particularly if you aim on a commitment to your values and mission. Culture videos are also a good option for recruiting new employees. If your firm appears like a good option to work, users will wish to work here. Let’s take a peek at some examples of such videos.

  • Brand videos: Brand video offers your employees and you an opportunity to sit down and discuss about your firm’s values and mission.
  • Event videos: Event videos can offer people a lot of information about your business without having to state anything.

4. Testimonial videos

Integrating testimonials in your marketing strategies show that users love your brand. Together with other content you have created, these clips assist develop trust. If people are praising you, your company must be good, right? Let’s see at two different kinds of testimonials.

  • Employee testimonials: Your employees are well aware what it is like to work for you, so they are the ideal people to speak about working for your firm.
  • Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials are ideal for pushing users from the consideration phase to the buyout phase of the purchasing procedure.

Part 2
Why You Should Use a Video for Marketing

Now that you are aware of different types of marketing video, let us have a look at why use video to promote your business. Here’s why:

Great ROI

As per a study, 83% of companies say that video offers better ROI (return on investment). Although video making is not yet the cheapest nor easiest task, it pays off big time. Apart from this, different video editing solutions such as Wondershare DemoCreator are becoming more affordable and constantly improving. The software is very easy to use and simple to understand. And even your handset can make pretty decent videos already.

One more good news is that your videos do not have to be perfect. It is the content that matters! As per a new study, users are mostly put off by videos that do not clarify the service or product clearly.

Search Engines Likes Videos

Video marketing allows you to escalate the time invested by users on your website. Hence, longer exposure develops trust and tells search engines that your website has better content. As per s study, you are 53 times more expected to show up higher on Google if you have a video added on your site. Since Google now controls YouTube, there has been a noteworthy increase in how much a video impacts your rank in search results.

Video Develops Trust

Trust is the basis of sales and conversions. But developing trust must be an objective on its own. The entire idea of content marketing is based on trust and generating long-term relationships. End selling and let the users come to you by offering them useful and interesting data. The new era needs an emphasis on trust, not just traffic, on ignition, not just content, and on the elite individuals in your audience who are advocating and spreading your content.

Video does it all. Video marketing is likely to ignite emotions and engage us. And when we talk about elite individuals in the users, YouTubers have turned out to be the most powerful social media people to market your brand. Hence, if you are serious about marketing, you must focus about video, as well.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Are you rolling out a new service or a product? Create a video to display how it operates. Almost 98% of people claim that they are watched an explainer clip to learn more about a service or product. That is why 45% of companies who employ video marketing claimed that they have an explainer clip on their home page. Of those companies, 83% claimed that their homepage explainer clip was fruitful.

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile and video go hand in hand. More than 90% of people see videos on their smartphones. In the last few years, mobile video views have increased over 233%. YouTube reports mobile video usages increased 100% annually. Since people love to see videos on the go, and the amount of mobile users is increasing, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Video Encourages Social Shares

A latest study claimed that 60% of the marketers employ video content and 73% of the total respondents aimed to use it. Social networks also motivate video content with their new functions. Facebook has rolled out Live Video, 3600 Video, and Lifestage. Instagram added Instagram Stories and 60-Second Videos, and Twitter has Periscope. In addition to this, YouTube is the second most popular social network all over the globe.

Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Video is a great option for learning, but it is also very easy to understand. Today’s life is too hectic to have time to dig deep into services or go through long product descriptions. The modern users need to see the product in action. Video fondness is one of the most essential driving factors of opting for video content marketing.


Video marketing is turning out to be more widespread and affordable. The adoption of Video increases partially due to development in technology but also due to the fact that it’s simple to spread all over the world. Creating marketing videos for your business with DemoCreator is not a difficult task. But is also requires knowledge of human psychology and creativity. The cocktail of these elements along with DemoCreator makes it possible to make real miracles of marketing at lowest cost possible. To sum it up, you are now well aware as to why is video marketing so effective, the benefits of video marketing, and how to make a marketing video for my business. In addition to this, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best tool to create your marketing videos.

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