Video Marketing Tools Free

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:15 • Filed to: Marketing Strategy

According to a latest study, internet video traffic of users will add up for 80% of all Internet traffic worldwide. That is a huge 64% elevation from the last few years. For marketers, if you are not already taking benefit of the affect that videos have in your marketing strategy, then you should start thinking about it.

Today we will have a look at some of the video marketing tools free. This will help you get the best video marketing software in the market that you will be able to use for marketing. Let us have a look.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a feature-packed and powerful video marketing app. In addition to this, the app allows you record screen as well as sound from your microphone and from your computer's sound-card. This makes the tool one of the best personalized video marketing software solutions for product demo video, PowerPoint presention video, customer service video and more. You can edit the recorded videos as per your marketing strategies. The tool also allows you to compress videos as Flash movies in order to upload them to various video sharing platforms, such as Vimeo and YouTube, for marketing your brand. Users can also export your videos to other popular formats.

democreator recording screen

The tool allows you to make marketing videos in just a few simple steps. The tool comes with a plethora of flexible and versatile settings, thereby letting you make different personalized marketing video. The marketing video can be previewed anytime. Wondershare DemoCreator allows you to enhance your marketing strategies with different annotations and animation objects. The tool also allows you record the audio separately.

Content Idea Generator

To get flowing the creative ideas in you, sometimes it assists to assess a set of random ones. Add a phrase or keyword into Title Maker and Content Idea Generator will assemble a title for you. Some results are indeed very good. Others are useful, and set you down an exciting journey that you had not thought of. Content Idea Generator is one of the best video marketing software free available for you right now.

content idea generator


Save yourself a load of time and some paper with the free video marketing tools for realtors, Storyboarder. It allows all of us non-artist people create what we are thinking as quickly as we can think it, reorganize the cells, and share them with coworkers and colleagues. Users can also record audio, if your team cannot tell that that box you created is a car. To use this tool, you will have to download it. And the best part is that it works for both PC and Mac.



Celtx is something one of the best video marketing software solutions where you can write your script for every scene and shot, and then see it as a series or a shot list of index cards. You can share work with your team, save notes and media files on the go, and add comments in real-time. If you have not already started writing your script elsewhere, Celtx is the right choice for you. The upgraded versions of this free video marketing tool comes with more features, such as scheduling, budgeting, and interactive story maps with a price tag of $7–10 per month. By default, very page of script in the tool will be almost a minute of screen time once processed.


Words to Time

Words to Time shows you how long it would take to read aloud your script. This is helpful, since without it, you really have to read your script aloud and time yourself every time you make an edit. In addition to this, the app will give offer you the bad news: You’ll have to cut the script down if it is too long. The good news is that it will save you a lot of time wasted on fixing things in post-production.

words to time


Biteable allows you create content quickly such as explainer videos and infographics in an easy drag-and-drop interface. This free video app is for when you do not have time to create a film, but still require video content. You can select from tons of video templates and while the palettes for color might appear restrictive, they are actually a boon. Biteable is free to try, but if you need to use or download what you create, you will have to go for a paid plan for a monthly $20.


Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premier Rush is an affordable, versatile, free, all-in-one video editor and post-production app. It is good for all types of experience, and the features are almost endless. Upload your video to crop and rearrange scenes, add transitions, add audio, adjust lighting and colors, and export for marketing. If you have employed Adobe video editing apps earlier, you will find that Rush is a huge development. The company has bundled a set of earlier disparate features into one app that manages all kinds of video—mobile and desktop—and is sufficiently powerful for even professional video teams. If you pay for Photoshop you might already have access to the paid version of Premiere Rush, which has limitless exports and online storage.

adobe premiere rush


If your clips require music, you can find a bunch of free royalty-free music only by searching it online. One of our favorite websites is PremiumBeat since you can filter by mood, and the filtering makes getting what you need easy. There are also limitless options such as Artlist, Epidemic Sound, Soundstripe, and Music Vine. You can use royalty-free music because in the E.U., Canada, the U.S., and other nations, music is copyrighted. Huge music companies use lawful firms to detect people employing their music without consent. If you create marketing video for all to see and you just ripped the soundtrack from a film, you are putting yourself in trouble. To employ royalty-free music in a clip for marketing, you will probably have to credit the author wherever you market your video. Or else, you can shell out $50 for a license.

premium beat

Headline Analyzer

You can use Headline Analyzer to create compelling video titles. It is not foolproof, but it is also very transparent about how it makes videos: It scores on the basis of whether the words are emotional, uncommon, or powerful, and offers suggestions. The tool is ideal for a first-round review, but it is best to run your title selection by your team. The tool doesn’t grasp irony, humor, or vertical-specific phrases.

headline analyzer


You can use Canva to swiftly design attention-grabbing video thumbnails. You will have to log in for a free account to employ it, but you can choose from a plethora of templates (or set personalized dimensions), drag and drop graphics, text, backgrounds, and charts, and then download your video. If you log in for a paid version (monthly $13), you can add animations, export PNG files with transparent backgrounds, and save your own templates and branding.



Vidyard is a free personalized video marketing software developed keeping marketers in mind. With the tool, you can begin adding videos to your site with few clicks. The free edition allows you upload a limitless number of clips and they will be optimized automatically for sharing. Embed up to 5 videos at a time. Switch on and off which clips you would like to be embeddable at any specific time. Unlike most free video making platforms, Vidyard has no ads. Hence, there is nothing to distract audience from your content.



Established earlier in 2012, Wideo is an online video tool that lets you to simply make, edit, and share marketing videos. It offers you the choice to customize your presentation, advertisement, product demo, or tutorial by allowing you to add your images, logo, or even background music. And, if you are not comfortable with making a video from scratch, you can use one of the in-built templates and create video in minutes. You can even hire their professionals if you actually need something unique. The tool has a free plan for videos that are less than 45 seconds. If you require longer videos, pricing starts from $9 and ends till $39 for each month.



Viewbix is a marketing tool where users can make an interactive video in only 3 steps. This is achieved by just adding a link to your clip, branding your clip by adding call-to-action buttons and your logo, and finally selecting apps to assist you attain goals such as lead generation. You can then place your clip on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. There is also actionable insight so you can see what is effective and what is not. And, if you are not comfortable with handling your videos, you can hire their professionals to handle all aspects of your marketing campaign.