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How to Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint

David Wilson
2023-09-11 11:15:13 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

An expected 35 million PowerPoint introductions are given every day. From corporate meeting rooms to secondary school homerooms, a PowerPoint show is among the most famous vehicles for sharing substance that can draw in your watchers and assist them with improving comprehension of different ideas. You can dazzle your schoolmates or associates by figuring out how to video record yourself introducing a PowerPoint show. However, certain individuals know all about it; making, introducing, and recording a quality PowerPoint show takes work. We'll disclose how to create a critical PowerPoint show, how to transform your PowerPoint slides into a video, and how to record a PowerPoint show in HD.

Because of accommodation, an ever-increasing number of individuals are currently inclined toward online courses over the customary, disconnected method of learning. Online course suppliers may have to stream or record their talks to recordings with the goal that their understudies can watch them individually. Without a trace of a board, a web-based PowerPoint show is a vastly improved option for making on the web courses and illustrations. A PowerPoint show is a progression of slides used to arrange and share data. Microsoft's PowerPoint program for Windows accompanies an assortment of customization choices for making a show. Notwithstanding the message, you can put pictures, tables, diagrams, recordings, joins, and different sorts of content in your PowerPoint show to truly make it pop.

Part1. Why You Will Need to Record Presentation Video

In some cases, it's badly arranged to have an up-close and personal show, particularly in a time of Covid pandemic. However, you can do that undertaking through a Zoom meeting or record yourself giving a PowerPoint video and sound. It is valuable to offer a lot more noteworthy adaptability for crowds since they can watch the video and pay attention to the substance in their free time. You'll need to buy Microsoft's set-up of items or prefer Microsoft 365, assuming you need admittance to the full form of PowerPoint. Yet, assuming you just need to make a fundamental show, there's a free web form accessible. On the off chance that you need to introduce a strategic plan, report on your business spending plan, or complete a book report, make a PowerPoint show. Probably the most well-known utilizations for PowerPoint show include:

  • Making a computerized portfolio
  • Developing aides and instructional exercises
  • Coordinating a talk
  • Sharing get-away photographs
  • Deals introductions
  • Making recordings

You can record a show continuously as you present, or do it ahead of time to use the flipped model or make your show accessible on request. Assuming you're hoping to record yourself going through a slide deck without exhausting your crowd or neglecting to impart successfully, you should realize how to introduce yourself from a distance. How to record a PowerPoint show with sound and video Mac and Windows? Assuming that you are stressed over those issues, continue to peruse this post, and you can find every one of the solutions in the accompanying parts. Regardless of whether you're making a show to report information to your group or you need to know how to video record yourself introducing a PowerPoint, recording your show offers various advantages.

Part2. How to Record Slide with Audio and Webcam by PowerPoint

Video addresses are a connecting method for sharing your insight. Furthermore, interestingly, you can make them all alone with only a couple of bits of gear and programming devices. Look at this bit-by-bit manual to figure out how to make a decent video address outside the study hall, liberating quick and bother. After you've got the nuts and bolts of PowerPoint sorted out and you've made your slides, you'll need to figure out how to record your show. We'll show you how to record a show on PowerPoint.

Step 1: Open Slideshow Tab for Recording

Select the Slideshow tab and snap Record Slide Show. Pick from what slide you need to begin recording your slideshow.

video record yourself powerpoint

Step 2: Start Recording

A slideshow recording window will open. Click on the red Record button (or press R on your console) after the three-second commencement recording starts. While recording your slideshow, you can feature specific focuses with different tones from the lower board.

video record yourself powerpoint

Step 3: Stop Recording

Quit recording by squeezing S on the console or tapping on the square Stop button.

video record yourself powerpoint

At the point when your audience realizes that you're recording the meeting, they'll probably turn out to be more engaged. Assuming you're hoping to sidestep an extended gathering, you could likewise utilize apparatuses like DemoCreator, especially our screen recorder includes, to record your gathering. Moreover, instruments like this permit you to plan shockingly better for your show. You could play it back and see regions where you can make changes and make your show seriously interesting and lock-in.

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Part3. How to Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation Slides into a Video

With numerous features and plenty of available customizations for your PowerPoint presentation and webcam and screen recordings, Wondershare DemoCreator surely has the monopoly while mentioning the top-notch video editor and screen recorder in this modern era as it has all the features summed up within one software package. DemoCreator is our top decision for video recording programming. It's not difficult to utilize, and it'll take you no time by any means to sort out some way to record a PowerPoint show. What separates this stage from others is the wide scope of highlights accessible and the nature of the sound and video you can record. DemoCreator records locally and at the same time transfers your sound and video.

So, it's precisely an all-in-one package deal with beginner to pro-level performance measures. DemoCreator Editor instrument has robotized altering elements to work on the nature of your recording. Alter out diverting foundation clamors and change volume levels with two or three ticks - no specialized information or experience required. Quality and moderateness go inseparable when you pick DemoCreator for your recording needs. You don't need to pay a great deal to get HD video recording abilities. You can record 4k studio-quality video utilizing DemoCreator with only a couple of snaps. Additionally, this across-the-board programming likewise furnishes you with various altering choices like comments, green-screen impacts, changes, text impacts, cursor impacts, and more to make your clasps stick out. This produces better-quality documents and permits you to record easily without depending on the strength of your web association. You additionally will not need to stress over losing any piece of your recording, assuming you get separated or experience specialized hardships.

1. Import Your PowerPoint Slides to DemoCreator

As soon as you stop the voiceover recording, you'll be directed into the Wondershare DemoCreator editor interface as follows. Now add the Video file for which you have recorded the voiceover with DemoCreator recorder by hitting the Import button as shown below:

After the final selection, hit the Import button to include them in your media files section of Wondershare DemoCreator.


2. Edit Your Presentation Video

From the video catching to the video altering, this product from Wondershare is the hub of vital and significant editing features you would require in your video project as per your expectations. Wondershare DemoCreator is viable with modest frameworks. Its video editor has a lot of implicit items to be utilized in video projects. Plan explicitly for the recordings. This product thinks of a streamlined interface to take your recordings to the next level through its professional editing features.

With DemoCreator, you can perform the basic video altering more effectively than ever. You can now perform scaling, rotation, positioning, and various compositions on your media files just by clicking on the file within the timeline and customizing them accordingly.

You can select from the business pack or select from the popular pack.

video record yourself powerpoint

Add Animated Text:

With its initial interface into the editor, you can have a perfect idea of its editing capabilities as it has all the functionalities visible for a new user in this industry. Right after your screen recording has been done, you have the project file ready to edit in this intuitive editor. Hence to begin with that, you can add titles by selecting the Annotations from the menu.

You can add titles to your video clips by clicking on that icon as shown below and selecting the favorite item from the list of templates. You can add the text to your video clip to appear in your video intro and outro by selecting the text section and picking your favorite template as follows:

video record yourself powerpoint

Add Transitions: For Transitions, just head into the Transitions menu situated on the left side of your software interface. There you will find various shaped transition effects which are already stored within the DemoCreator transitions for you. Pick the one you find rocking as you have Ripper, Flash, Morph, and plenty of more within the list, and add it to the timeline between the desired clips.

Add Effects: After the addition of the effects to your video clips, you can now preview the final video and remove any anomalies within the synchronization of the clips and the variety of effects. The list includes background removal, green screen, Blur Background, Masking effects, Mirroring, Mosaic, and many more. 

video record yourself powerpoint

Add Stickers: You can also add stickers and sticky notes to your recordings just to highlight the main points, hence to do that, you need to select the stickers menu from the menu bar of this software:

video record yourself powerpoint

Add Pro-Level Business Templates (Built-in): Since you may have numerous things to discuss or introduce, it'd be ideal in case you had a blueprint that directs your line of reasoning.

video record yourself powerpoint

Export the Video:

With a layout, you'll realize what to say at the right without hopping, starting with one theme then onto the next. The best part with the Wondershare DemoCreator is that you can export as well as share your output video file directly to YouTube as well with the only requirement as the Sign in to your YouTube channel within the software as follow:

video record yourself powerpoint


Expecting things were "typical," and you were in an office setting, you could rapidly call attention to what various pieces of the slide or show mean. However, that is scarcely the case today, where you're probably making the show from another area. Furthermore, with numerous organizations hoping to move to a completely far-off workforce, there has never been a superior chance to figure out how to convey introductions successfully over a video to stay away from to and fro messages, unending Slack messages, and more befuddled appearances. So how would you record on PowerPoint? Pick a stage that permits you sensible command over your show. There are magnificent stages like DemoCreator that will empower you to direct live streams, message colleagues, record the show, and offer it with individuals from one side of the planet to the other.