Video Screen Capture Solutions

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A screen capture video is a recording of a person's computer screen for a set period of time. Traditional screen capture videos are meant to emulate the step by step process to locate a particular item or achieve a goal on your computer, but technically could include any video that records your screen for a set period of time.

Where to Use It?

  • It can be used whenever you have something that is done on the computer that needs to be explained. Screen capture videos are great for walking an audience through how to do something, for explaining complicated technology and for navigating websites at different skill levels of web-proficiency.
  • Create a visual plan. Whether you are looking to create a manual or a simple storyboard for a project, by having screen capture software, you can turn a series of screen captures into a visual plan. By annotating images and creating shareable links, you can easily turn your screen captures into a presentation or even a manual or reference guide.
  • Relay clear feedback. Instead of typing out lengthy descriptions of bugs in your QA process, use screen captures. You can give clear examples of problems found, annotate and share them in a way that’s easily stored and accessed for reference. It's also a great way to give clear feedback on mockups and design projects.
  • Save time. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Instead of explaining it, show it. A screen capture provides the perfect canvas to illustrate your point visually and with concise text.
  • Communicate more and By taking screen captures and creating shareable links, you avoid sending too many emails.
  • Create a visual database. Your screen capture history should be easily accessible to access your visual database. You can easily find old iterations and feedback by browsing through your history. You won’t have to re-capture things you need to reuse.

How to Screen Capture Video on Windows 10 PC

PCs running on Windows 10 have a built-in screen capture tool called the Game Bar that is designed to record your screen while playing video games. However, you can use this tool to record any on-screen activity for your screen capture videos as long as you have it enabled.

To enable the Game Bar, go to your Settings, then Gaming, and then Game Bar, where you can toggle the button on under the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game Bar option (if it isn’t already).

Once it's on, prepare to record your video by opening any websites or applications that you are going to use in your screen capture demonstration. According to PCMag, you have to have an application open to start recording, and you can't actually start it from your desktop or File Explorer, so it's probably easiest to use Google Chrome or whatever web browser you prefer as your starting point.

Now that you're ready, hold the Windows key, the Alt key, and the R key at the same time to begin your recording. You can also press the Windows and the G key to open the Game Bar, and click Start Recording from there. To stop your recording, either hit the Windows + Alt + R shortcut or the Stop Recording button from the Game Bar to end it. You'll be able to access your video by clicking the notification that pops up informing you that a new video has been recorded.

To record audio over the screen capture video, it's easiest to open your new video file in your editing program, and record the audio with a mic as a separate audio track. You can talk over your video as you watch it so you get the timing perfect. To give yourself more time to talk over what you are doing, you can read your script as you record your video the first time so the timing matches as closely as possible.

How Do I Record My Screen on Windows 7

Wondershare DemoCreator isn't any ordinary screen recording or editing tool. It is an excellent software that will help you to use your creativity in turning your ideas into reality. Also, it is user-friendly, and you don’t have to be an expert in the computer world to be able to use this software.

It will help you in recording the screen of your PC or presentation or even a class for the student learning online. You can shorten the length of the video and add the essential details even after the completion of the recording.

democreator screen recorder

Step by Step Screen Recording Process using Demo-Creator

  • After launching the software, you will see a small window. You can start the process by simply clicking on the "Capture"button.
  • Again, a small window will appear. Here, you can adjust the size of the screen that you want to capture. You will get three options here, and you can select anyone according to your preference. Or, you can manually select the size of the Recording area by entering the values for the length and breadth of the screen. Here, you can also select the recording devices that you want to use.
  • You can toggle the microphone, webcam and system mic on or off. The webcam will allow you to shoot the video from your in-built camera or webcam that you might have.
  • For voice, you can either use the microphone or the system's mic. You can disable or enable all three of them simultaneously.
  • After selecting the recording area, you can now start capturing the screen. You can use F10 to stop recording. If you want to pause, press F9, and with the same key, you can resume the recording.
  • After the recording is stopped, it will automatically take you to the editor window where you can make improvements, crop, add pictures, text, annotations, title or subtitle, etc. to make your video more interacting.

How to Record a Screen Video on a Mac

Macs running on MacOS Mojave can use an internal Mac shortcut to record their screens. To see all your options available just on the MacOS, hold down the  Shift and Command and number 5 key. This will bring up a short menu where you can choose to record your entire screen or just a section of it.

To record the entire screen, click the Record Entire Screen option so your pointer will change into a camera. Click the screen you want to record and click it again to stop recording.

If you only want to record a small section of your screen, choose the Record Selected Portion option, and then drag a box around the part of your screen you want to record, and then click Record. To stop recording, click Stop Recording.

There are all sorts of other settings and features you can use to edit your video or where you save it once it's recorded.

If you're running an older version of MacOS (older than Mojave), you can always use the QuickTime Player for basic screen recording (as well as audio recording). QuickTime recordings aren’t easy to edit, but if you want a quick and easy recording method, it's one of the simplest.

Open the app, and go to File, where you can choose New Screen Recording. A screen recording menu will open, where you can choose 'start recording' by clicking Record. You can also choose to record audio with your video, but you’ll need to have a quality microphone attached. To stop your video, press the Stop button.


With the right free screen capture software, you can streamline much of your project management and team collaboration. It provides you a way to give clear feedback, share succinctly and store your history. Choosing the right free screen capture software can make completing a variety of tasks easier and more concise.