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Screen recording with a Webcam can be a challenge for whoever uses it. It seems like a tough job for anyone like you to create comprehensive content with the best recorder.

Since to grasp viewers' attention, screen recording captures our visual and auditory senses, and it must be of high quality.

It could be a difficult task for you, but the latest technology has provided software that can help you to create high-quality videos quickly.

Let’s get started.

Part1 Why will you need to record Webcam?

A Webcam is a flexible tool in the video creation toolbox that you can use to make YouTube videos, instructional videos, etc.

With the beginning of some of the popular video streaming websites like Youtube and Dailymotion, the need for webcam recording software has increased.

Sometimes, we need to record video call, meeting, and conference with a colleague or a friend and upload it to the web.

In business, you can record videos to promote your brand and increase your marketing strategy. Why doesn't it create good content? It is a fantastic way to share information with the audience.

People are using videos to compel the prospects and convert them into customers. Through videos, you can convey a lot of information in some minutes.

Video has increased 82% of internet traffic. An ordinary Webcam can work for you if you want to make just Webcam videos.

But if you want to record anything that happens on your screen along with Webcam, you'll need high-quality screen capture software.

There could be different reasons to record with Webcam, such as

1. For Marketing purpose

2. Teaching

3. Presentations

4. For productivity

Part2 Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows pc – DemoCreator

There are many Webcam recording software out there for windows pc, but DemoCreator is the best of them. Its reliable and free software provides multiple features.

Before we discuss the detailed features of DemoCreator, know that it's easy to video recording software and serves as a strong tool for professional visual content creators.

It's an all-in-one software that makes it an ideal option for Windows users. Wondershare DemoCreator lets you capture live visual content and an already recorded visual clip.

Also, the software comes with eye-catching recording features with audio editing options, such as audio fade in and fade out, audio denoise, and more. 



It is a screen capture tool that allows you to record with Webcam, edit and export it in any format that suits your device. It is web-based software and provides free updates.

Features of DemoCreator webcam recorder:

Record with microphone:

It enables you to record your video with audio by using the microphone.

Record with virtual Webcam:

You can present virtually by using this software.

Record with the camera:

It allows you to record video with Webcam.

High-Quality Videos

It provides you with high-quality videos to attract and engage the audience.

Voice changer 

It allows you to sound like someone else by changing your voice

Change Background

You can change your background using green screen technology, as it’s required to produce a good video.


You can also denoise the videos; remove the irrelevant sound. It can make your content worse. So, it's better to remove the unwanted sound.


You can split, cut, and trim the video and keep the desired portion of the created content.

Add Voiceover

You can voiceover to add instructions according to the content so that your viewers can understand what you’re up to.

Add Closed Captions

Closed captions can be added for a better understanding of the audience. Adding captions is an effective way to message the viewers.

Add Annotation

It also allows you to add dialogue boxes, arrows, sketch animation, and shapes to your recorded video.

Add Stickers

DemoCreator has prepared a variety of stickers such as animation effects, gestures, background, social media, etc.

Add transitions

It allows you to add transitions such as erase, evaporating, fading, etc., to attract the audience and add a natural effect to the content.

Control speed

It allows you to control the video's speed, increase or decrease.

Multiple formats

It allows you to export your created content in many formats that suit your device, such as MP4, WEBM, AVI, etc.

Record multiple screens

It allows you to capture multiple screens simultaneously. 

Draw on screen

It lets you draw on the screen to make your viewers understand specific points.

Zoom and pan

You can also use zoom and pan effects in this software.

Animation templates

You can use different animation templates to make your videos interactive.

How to set webcam recording

1. First of all, visit

2. Download DemoCreator.

3. After downloading, install it.

4. Open DemoCreator.

5. Click on "Start a new project."


1. You’ll see a pop-up window.

2. Enable Webcam to start recording.

3. Make sure it is well connected to your pc.

4. Click on the big red circle icon to start recording.


Frame Rate and Resolution:

To set the Frame Rate and resolution of recording,

● Click on "Settings."

● Select Camera.

● Adjust the frame rate and resolution the way you want.

webcam recording software

It allows you to adjust the Frame Rate and Resolution of the captured content.

For this,

● Open DemoCreator.

● Click on "Edit video."

● Import files in the media library.

webcam recording software

● Drag the video and drop it to the

● After viewing the video in the preview window, click on “File” above the media library.

webcam recording software

● Click on "Project settings."

● A pop-up window will appear where you can adjust settings.

webcam recording software

How to apply a virtual avatar in DemoCreator:

You can also create a virtual presentation by applying a virtual avatar in DemoCreator.

For this

● Open DemoCreator.

● Click on “Virtual Human”

● A pop-up window will appear.

● Enable Webcam.

● Click on “Character”

webcam recording software

● Choose the avatar you want to add to your recording.

Add background:

DemoCreator allows you to change the background.

● Click on “Background” next to the avatar.

● Choose the background of your choice relevant to your content.

webcam recording software

How to make a PIP effect:

You can find the webcam recording and screen recording are in different tracks. Drag the webcam recording into the different position as a PIP (Picture-in-picture) effect.

This function is widely used in in-game videos and tutorial videos to make it vivid.

After finishing the screen recording, the file will be automatically open in the editor interface.

● Drag the video to the

● Resize the Webcam recorded video by dragging it.

webcam recording software

● You can also adjust it from the properties window.

webcam recording software

How to apply zoom and Pan effect

Zoom and Pan Effect are widely used in PIP videos.

1. After adding the video to the timeline

2. Click on "Effects."

webcam recording software

3. Select Zoom and Pan effect.

4. You’ll see many options such as

● Zoom to bottom right

● Zoom in

● Zoom out

● Pan right

● Pan left

● Original zoom

5. Drag and drop it to timeline.

webcam recording software

Audio effect:

To add audio effects,

1. Click on “Sound” from the top bar.

2. You’ll see many audio effects such as

● Recommended

● Music

● Nature

● Animal

● Life

● Game

webcam recording software

3. Add the effect of your choice.

Audio changer in DemoCreator:

You can also sound like someone else with the help of the DemoCreator.

By using the feature of changing voice, you can make your videos fantastic.

For this,

1. Open DemoCreator.

2. Import Files.

3. Drag and drop it to timeline.

4. View the properties window.

5. Select “Audio”

6. Scroll down to see the voice changer.

7. Youll see many options such as

● Man

● Women

● Robot

● Child

● Transformer

webcam recording software

Audio fade in and fade out:

Fade-in and fade-out options are essential while editing an audio clip. Adjusting fade-out makes the sound softer while fading away until you don’t hear it.


1. Set the fade-in or fade-out

2. Drag your mouse over the audio

3. Push the slider bar to the right or left

4. Decide the start time and duration you want it to go.

webcam recording software


You can also remove the unwanted sound from the video.

● Click on “Audio” from the properties window.

● From the denoise option, adjust the setting.

webcam recording software

Uses of DemoCreator:

You can use DemoCreator to

● Make Presentation

● Record whatever happens on your screen

● Record with Webcam

● Capture game

● Make tutorials

● Record meetings

● Webinars

● Live stream

● Recording any bug

● Video calls




Web-based Software

It provides free updates.

No need to learn any skill to sue this.

Multiple features.

Export in multiple formats

Record with Webcam and microphone


To use more features, you’ll need to buy its subscription

After the recording is over, the mic stays on, which could be a problem for the user.


Recording a screen with a Webcam may sound like a time-consuming and challenging process. But You can ace it with the help of intuitive software like DemoCreator by Wondershare.

Creating videos for business is trending because it increases internet traffic. Content has increased the marketing strategy. This could be a problem for a businessman to promote his brand and products/services.

But this software allows you to use its astonishing features. With this software, you can record, edit and export your created content in any format; compatible with your device.

There may be much software out there, but DemoCreator is the best. Whether you're a teacher or a marketer, you can record any type of video with this software, such as explainer, product demo, animation, etc.

Videos should be funny, interactive, and creative so that viewers can find them interesting. To show your audience what you’re offering, DemoCreator helps you with different options that are easy to use. Go and use DemoCreator to create your content.