Why Use Video for Marketing

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:44 • Filed to: Marketing Metrics

Why use video for marketing? It's a well-known fact that videos impact our minds in the way nothing else can. According to recent studies, around 63% of businesses around the world have already shifted to this form of marketing. When it comes to promotion, choosing the right format also matters a lot. For example, if you are launching a new product, it’d be better to showcase the product in the most eye-catching way with all the features/applications briefly mentioned.

use video for marketing

Now, this is why video marketing is so powerful. It catches the attention in a span of 3-5 seconds if made good enough. If you are wondering how to do video marketing and if it can make a difference in your sales, here are 10 key reasons to increase video content on business:

10 Reasons to Use Video for your Business

Thanks to affordable internet, the consumption of video content has increased significantly. In today’s time, the best form of video marketing is through social media channels. Also, these channels are quite engaging and will boost the incoming traffic. So can these platforms help you better if you upload video content regularly? If yes, then how can video marketing help your business?

Well, enlisted are 10 reasons why use video for marketing has become so crucial to reach a wider audience:

1. Increased sales

If you are showcasing your product through a video, it will convert the website view into actual sales by 80%. It’s a great way to convey the information that you want to, and the viewer will also be able to understand it easily.

Also, there are some studies and research done where it is found that there are 70% chances that those who watched the explainer video will end up buying the product. In other words, it’s an easy tool to convince the prospective buyer. You must focus on enhancing the quality of the video and make it as professional as possible.

increase sales

2. Clouting the decision

There are various ways in which you will be able to influence the customer. When you promote a product through a video, it is capable of influencing the decision in multiple ways. Also, if you are capable of portraying the product's application most convincingly, it will lure the buyer into buying.

Not only it will clout their decision, but a good marketing film will also build you a reputation in the market. Moreover, it will also be quite a good tool in educating the end-user about all the technical details of the product.

prompt product

3. Information that is to-the-point

Choosing the video format to market your product comes with the most important perk, and that's it is capable of providing to-the-point info. Not only for the consumer, if you are looking for some investors, showcasing them your achievements and the product demos in the form of a video will convince them more easily.

It will work better than providing them with the written content in the form of pdf, word, or any other format. Also, the promotional content that you are creating for the consumer should be more focused on optimized for mobile viewing. Social media is used majorly on smartphones, and if the video isn’t aligning with it, it will kill the whole purpose.

clear product information

4. Higher website ranking

When it comes to marketing, it's considered a success when you get good numbers in the form of engagement. A higher ranking in Search Engine Results will help you in converting those numbers into sales. Also, the ranking will go higher in direct proportion with the amount of time a viewer is spending on your website after finding you through any SE.

Moreover, having greeted with a video will make them stay longer on your website, and it will enhance the SERP rankings. It has also proven in multiple pieces of research that users will end up spending more time on the website that has more video content.

higher website ranking

5. Building interest

To get even more engagement, you can try out different ways of video marketing. Shooting a full video series and building the hype will get the consumers more and more curious. Moreover, this way, it will end up enhancing the engagements.

You must have seen multiple brands releasing the teasers of their product before the official launch. This technique will give the future buyers some idea of the upcoming product, and they may want to wait until the official launch to make the purchase. Also, it will create the hype that you wanted, and concerned outlets may cover it as well.

6. Boosted trust level

The most important aspect of converting the engagement figures into sales figures is the consumer’s trust. When you are stepping in the market with your product, your focus should also be on building trust. Also, when a person trusts the brand, he/she/they will automatically be more inclined towards buying its products.

Showcasing the product through a video will allow you to have more flexibility, and you can also explain without a lot of hassle. You must not only focus on the product quality, but you should also try creating promotion in the most honest way possible to gain trust.

7. Higher ROI

Everyone wants higher returns. Also, it’s proven through various research and studies done in the field that having a video promotion will give you way higher return on investment than compared to readable content. Understandably, filming a video promotion will cost you a bit much.

However, when you compare this figure to the expected returns, it’s completely worth it. When you pair these video campaigns with other forms of marketing, you will get quite a package. Also, your product will reach the targeted audience for sure.

video content roi

8. Enhanced sharing

When you have successfully created a promotional video that also has a very good message, it has the potential of being a viral video. People, especially smartphone users, tend to share each and every video with their friends and family. After going through some statistics, it has been found out that almost 90% of the smartphone users share the video content.

This is in comparison to the written contents, e.g., articles, blogs, etc. Moreover, you can end up having very good promotional content just by adding a little bit of humour here and there to give your brand more of a connected feel.

video sharing

9. Proves relevance

As the market trends are constantly changing, businesses should also keep themselves updated. A consumer will see these little things, and it will hugely influence their decision. Video marketing is becoming a new norm, and you will be able to showcase your brand as still relevant by coping up with the market trends.

Also, there is a huge range of video formats that you can shoot in; it doesn’t need to be a conventional landscape video. For example, there is a new Instagram Reels feature that is turning out to be quite a good tool.

10. Live engagement

The latest trend that we are witnessing is a significant increase in live videos. When a business launches a new product, it broadcasts the launch event live through platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, the audience that is present in these live sessions is the one that is genuinely interested in the product.

video engagement

There are very high chances that these engagement numbers will soon turn into sales figures. Other than live videos, you can also create videos, especially for mobile viewing, i.e., making portrait videos and not the conventional landscape ones.

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Now we have shown you why use video for marketing. The brands are swiftly shifting towards video marketing, and hence, it is becoming more affordable to get all the equipment needed for it. If you are also trying to make a promotional film, make sure that it’s short and to-the-point. Moreover, to enhance and put more weight in your promotion, you can talk to some celebrities or influencers and set up an interview with them. You can also make a deal with them where you will send the product to them and ask them to share their experience on their channel.