Why is Video Important in Marketing

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:10 • Filed to: Marketing Metrics

For a business, marketing plays a very important role to reach an audience and make them understand the value of services they provide. Earlier, digital marketers used to work around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or PPC based advertising to promote their work. But by the time, video content became more popular.

From the Algorithm's point of view, video content can provide more organic reach. So it's time to understand why video is important in marketing and how to take advantage of it. 

video is important for marketing

When we talk about video marketing, business and solo entrepreneur are the two things that come to our minds. Right? When your niche is clear about the sector you want to work in, marketing is the other thing you would be worried about.

Companies must consider the needs of the audience, and based on this, can create fun and resourceful marketing videos. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing can prove beneficial for both consumers and marketers. Consumers find videos entertaining and fun. They get to know about the brands and their services through videos in the best possible and easy way. Trust is built among the consumers, and they find it easy to buy the products online without any hesitation.

For marketers, videos prove to be a good investment as they get a good return through various platforms. There are following reasons that answer the question “why is video important for business” correctly:

1. Information Retention

Video content can increase information retention. You are more likely to retain data through videos as compared to image or text format. Strategically, this power of information retention through videos can be more helpful from the marketing point of view. The audience of every age will retain the information you shared in the video and get to know your brand. 

2. Encourages Engagement

From 2016 to the present time, the ratio says videos are 80% more engaging than the normal posts. People can co-relate and understand easily through videos. Due to the low rates of the internet, the rates of video consumption have increased simultaneously.

So from the marketing point of view, video content is the best possible way to gain more reach. The watch-time increases, and people get to know about your business or the value of your products. 

3. Building Trust in People

Trust is a pillar for sales and long-term relationships between the buyers and the brand. People may like your products in images, but they often tend to ignore buying because of the fear of scam and cheating. But effective videos provide a realistic approach to consumers in the market.

People get to know about the description of the products or services more clearly, and thus, they tend to trust the brand. Once there is trust between the buyers and the brand, it will lead to building a long term relationship between them.

4. Increases Search Engine Rank

Content and videos are different terms but correlated with each other. If we combine both, it can prove to be very beneficial in the digital marketing industry. Talking about digital marketing, SEO is also a part of it. If you link videos to your website, it will surely help in search engine optimization.

Your business is more likely to show up on Google's first page if you link a video on your website. It will affect your search engine rank and hence will lead to an increase in traffic and ranking on your website. 

5. Boosting Sales

The right video marketing strategies drive more traffic, generate leads, and close more sales. The videos must be designed to drive your targeted audience on your landing page. These marketing videos will give your audience reasons why they should buy from your service.

Once they are satisfied with the reasons, they are surely going to make a purchase. Videos directly influence sales and build your name in the sales market. Video marketing can speed up sales. 

6. Brand Awareness

Video marketing increases brand awareness. If you are an independent entrepreneur or just a beginner, you must start with video content marketing. It will boost the engagement of the audience and increase your following.

People will come to know about your business and services and will share your videos further if interested. 

7. Great Return on Investment

Videos can provide a great return on investment in a business. It is not necessary to have expensive tools to make marketing videos. Quality content is what matters! Though making videos is not an easy task, but it will pay you back. You have to invest less in video production as compared to its output.

Content creators can use affordable tools for making marketing videos. There are many free or affordable video editing software in the market. You can even use your smartphones to make videos. 

8. Videos Reach the Audience of Every Age

Video marketing will be the best in case you are launching a new product or service. Effective demo videos are more helpful for people to understand the value of the product. For instance, Apple Company launches its new mobile version, and you want to buy this mobile. Although it's a big brand, you will need to see explainer videos first to make sure you are buying what you desire.

You can make animated videos to reach the audience of any age. Animation makes marketing videos more interesting, entertaining, and creative. Even a minor can understand the concept and value of your products or services through video content.  

9. Video Increases Social Shares

As it is an era of video creation, many social networking platforms encourage video content. For instance, Instagram allows you to share a 1-minute video on the feed. Twitter has a Periscope feature, Facebook has features like Live Video, and YouTube is the second largest search engine and allows you to upload videos up to 15 minutes by default.

If your audience finds your video entertaining, they may share it with their friends and family. So make creative and entertaining marketing videos to increase social shares. It will boost traffic on your page or website simultaneously. 

10. Video Marketing Engages the Laziest Buyers

Videos are easy to get information from. People find video content much more helpful and easy to understand than text content. People are very busy with their routines; they hardly read other people's content. So to reach those buyers, videos are very necessary.

Even to those lazy readers, videos will prove a good way to get to know you and your business. Videos are a source of information that not only reaches the eyes of the client but also their ears. 

11. Getting Personal

Nowadays, people are so busy with their routines that they do not have time to scroll down their homepage to see others' feeds. So, in this case, Facebook Live and Instagram stories come with a lot of benefits. You can keep your audience updated about the new products and services by posting the stories on Instagram or Facebook.

You can post short videos for a glimpse of the new product. This will create a huge hype among your audience. Also, you can straight away interact with them and get to know their reviews on your products. This will build trust within the people for your brand. 

12. Staying Competitive

Video marketing is the best way to stay competitive in the market. If you create unique and creative videos, people will consider buying your services or at least will be interested in knowing about your services.

Thus, it ends up leading to increasing the traffic on your business page or website. You can use different platforms or different marketing videos to engage the audience and catch their attention. 

Types of Videos

There are a variety of types of videos you can create for marketing purposes. First, you need to sit down and think about the purpose of the video before creating one. You need to make a list for what purpose and for what type of audience you want to reach. Once you are clear about the purpose in your head, start creating the video.

Explainer Video: Explainer videos help consumers to educate about your products or services. What does your business do, why do consumers need to buy your services, and what value do they (services) provide. 

Product Review: Demo videos are created to make people understand the value of a product or service. Brand ambassadors and influencers are approached by the brands for their product reviews on a paid or basis collaboration basis. It is the best way to reach a large audience. 

Live Video: You can also make the audience aware of your business through the live video option. Major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook provide Live Video features to interact with your audience. You can be your own ambassador. You can directly interact with your clients and answer their questions in your own way. 

Interviews: You can host interviews for social media platforms and showcase a celebrity guest or social media influencer. You can feature guests on your videos to get to their fan following. 

Tips for Creating Good Marketing Videos

Now that you understand the importance of video in marketing, you must know the ideal length of the video to be uploaded on various platforms. Also, the interest of the people should be considered. Videos should be short and crispy but, at the same time, should be creative and resourceful. We recommend the following ideal length for a video:

  • For Instagram- 30 seconds
  • For Facebook- 60 seconds
  • For Twitter- 45 seconds
  • For YouTube- 2 minutes

Create a video which is mobile friendly and can be accessed on the go. Also, make sure the video you post on the landing page is effective because their first impression may be the last. To make a marketing videos, I would recommned you to try Wondershare DemoCreator. This software is an easy screen and webcam recording tool to help you create report videos, turn marketing presentations into clips and also helps make product demo videos for better online marketing. This software also comes with many advanced features, such as screen drawing tools, spotlight, green screen effects, transitions and more. download the software and start creating your first video now.

democreator editing


So it's clear that video marketing is an easy-to-get method that helps our eyes from the strain from reading the content through text or image format. Video is one of the biggest marketing tools and can encourage a large amount of reach in a small period of time.

You must understand the power of videos to remain in competition in the digital marketing industry. You can become a big and popular entrepreneur or influencer in a couple of days; you never know. Take your business to new heights because it's video time.