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Best Practice to Use Screencasting at Work

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:10 • Filed to: Remote Work

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the people all across the globe to shut themselves down and confine them to their respective homes. Offices, schools, and other workplaces had been closed for a considerable amount of time. However, it was putting a strain on the economic status of the countries.

Therefore, various institutions have opted for online modes to resume their respective activities. Does the idea of sharing instructions and ideas, and communicating online sound unrealistic? If there is something that has gained immense popularity amidst all, this is the concept of screencasting at work.

The term screen casting refers to the recording of the computer screen along with audio narration. With the help of screencasting, one can easily share instructional videos. While the screen recording facility offers the provision to send visual instructions that are recorded on the screen, the audio narration helps to narrate those instructions step by step.

Moreover, Screencasting is a great way to share ideas or teach online. Even conferences and seminars can be conducted using this technology. In a nutshell, screencasting helps to enhance your productivity. This article discusses five of the major uses of screencasting technology and gives you an idea about how screencasting improve work efficiency.

Part 1
When You Need to Screencast

Record your live-streaming with Screencasting

Screencasting is an evolving technology that has rapidly secured its place in the major workplaces. Here are some of the most important ways in which you can use screencasting at work. Imagine having a company meeting on live streaming and screencasting the whole conference.

This procedure has several advantages over traditional meetings. In the case of the conventional meetings, once the meeting is over, it cannot be recreated. The facts and data cannot be retrieved, and one has to count solely on hand-jotted data.

On the contrary, if meetings conducted over a live stream and screencasted, they can be watched again if any perusal is required. Not only has this, but live streaming a conference slashed down the cost and hassle of having to arrange the infrastructure. It makes the conference accessible to more number of people.

In case anyone is unable to attend the meeting, the screen recording can be shared with them. Thus, it can be said that screencasting has made professional life easier.

Recording video calls has never been easier

In many cases, interviews need to be saved so that they can later be used for survey or as reference. Evolving technologies such as Google Hangouts and Skype have made it easier for people to connect with one another easily.

Companies can hire employees from across the sea by interviewing them online. Many companies prefer to record the interview video and save it for further examination. The same can be forwarded to higher authorities for the assessment of the ability and performance of the candidate.

This is something that was not possible in the conventional form of interviews. Professionals find this to be an excellent landmark in the procedure of recruiting as it will be beneficial to the future aspiring candidates.

This process is also helpful for manufacturers as they can conduct interview surveys and ask their customers about their experience regarding a certain product. They can also interview experts of subject matter as it helps to make great video content.

More interactive training with Screencasting

Visual has its own benefits, and it helps to leave a deeper impact on the minds of the viewers. Words are not enough to create a long-lasting impact. For online training and tutorials, it is of the utmost importance to couple your visuals with appropriate narratives.

Screencasting and recording your screen to share video and applying effective narrative instructions to it is a great way of teaching things online.

This technology has been found the most beneficial for those who are looking forward to sharing instructions on how to log into a new system, how to use the software, and so on. The best thing about recording a computer screen is that it helps to save the effort of lengthy emails.

The trainer also does not have to repeat himself over and over again. If a trainee misses any step, he can rewind the video and catch a quick glimpse.

The video can also be stored for future reference. These days, tutors are also using this technology to teach students, living in faraway places, online.

Add a personal touch to your sales videos

Imagine sending out long, interactive, persuasive sales emails only to have them ignored by the recipient. How disappointing! This wastes a great deal of energy and time. It is also demoralizing if your effort is unable to fetch effective results. Studies and surveys have shown that people are more interested in videos than phone calls or emails.

When you are sending out videos, it gives you a chance to showcase your personality to the customers. This, in turn, helps to strengthen the bond between the seller and the customer as interactive videos build credibility.

Videos are also more advantageous as compared to phone calls as phone calls may be difficult to coordinate, whereas, customers can play a video according to their convenience.

If a company is trying to sell a product, it can incorporate a demo video of the product in the video, which will enhance the understanding of the customers. Therefore, if you wish to close more and more sales, it is ideal for conveying your message over videos.

New employees can learn from the experienced ones

People are always looking for newer and better opportunities. As individuals switch from one company to another, there is a knowledge void that the employee looks forward to filling. This happens especially when an expert in one field shifts to another department and is entrusted with a whole new set of responsibilities.

In this case, the new employees can seek the assistance of experts. These experts often tend to record their workflow. This recording is done to make sure that all the important steps and information are retained. These videos can then be passed on to the new employees onboarding.

If you scroll through the various channels on YouTube, you will come across several gaming channels. These channels too harness the use of the screencasting technology to live-stream their game and earn more and more viewers. Therefore, it can be said that the uses of screencasting are diverse.

People are using this technology for various purposes. The technology has also given vent to a plethora of new opportunities through which individuals can enhance their skills or take a step forward in their career right from their homes.

Part 2
How to Screencast at Office

Are you wondering how to make a screencasting video? The procedure is pretty simple. All you need is a screen recording software to do the job. Here we recommend you to try Wondershare DemoCreator, an easy screencasting tool to record both your computer and webcam. You can easily make a tutorial, presentation or product demo videos to express yourself better at work. Download the software and follow the steps below to see how it works.

Step 1. Run DemoCreator and then click “Capture” to start screen recording. Choose the area you need and best frame rates.

democreator windows

Step 2: You can now start your onscreen activities while the software is running. Tap F10 to end the process once you done.

recording computer screen

You can also use Webcam recording if necessary. Just open the settings, choose the Camera option, set the resolution and frame rate, then you'll be good to go.

camera settings

Now your video is ready to be published and made available to the people. Last but not least, always remain open to criticism. Ask for feedback from your viewers. They will point you out the minor flaws. Moreover, there is always enough room for improvement; strive to achieve the best!