How to Add Black Bars from Video in Wondershare DemoCreator?

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2023-04-20 19:42:30 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Families always prefer staying home and forming their home cinema for watching and enjoying movies. Home theaters have been a part of society's domestic model for quite a time, where it evolved itself from DVD players to Smart TVs. However, every model comes with its assorted issues. Many people have complained about videos not operating or misfunctioning due to a difference in the video's aspect ratio and the media player. This leads to a simple and straightforward remedy of using black bars within videos. This article provides a detailed guide on adding black bars within videos with the help of an impeccable software known as Wondershare DemoCreator. You will be provided a step-by-step evaluation of all the tasks to be performed to add black bars in DemoCreator.

Why do You want to Add Video Black Bars?

Adding video black bars within the video has no variety in reasons or the benefits it brings. Most of the videos created across the world are preferably developed under high definition (HD). This high definition video is covered under the 16:9 aspect ratio along with a varied resolution of 4K, 720p, or 1080p. Long before this revolutionizing video resolution setting, the Standard Definition (SD) was readily used in the creation of videos. Similarly to the HD resolution, SD resolution had its own aspect ratio of 4:3. This does make a lot of difference in the overall video quality; however, the main problem is not related anywhere close to the video quality. People have been reporting playback issues with their videos while trying to play them across a media player. Hovering over detail, it is evident that many people fail to play their 4:3 aspect ratio SD resolution video over a media player that has been set over 16:9 aspect ratio or more, by default. This brings up the need for a platform that helps them add a black video bar. For that, Wondershare DemoCreator assures state-of-the-art features that help them resolve issues with their videos by exempting all discrepancies involved.

add black bar on DemoCreator

How to Add Black Bar from Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Wondershare DemoCreator is a combination of a screen recording platform and a video editing software that provides efficient features to its consumers by keeping a balance among both niches within video creation. The market is saturated with a list of different video editors that offer a variety in editing tools and feature sets, yet they lack the quality that is provided by the platform mentioned above. For this article, the focus resides across providing expressive guidance to add black bars in DemoCreator. The idea shall be demonstrated in detail with the help of the toolset provided by DemoCreator. You need to consider the following steps while adding video black bars in your videos to make them playable across media players.

Step 1: Download the DemoCreator Program

Before looking forward to adding black bars in DemoCreator, you need to have it installed on the computer. For that, you need to download the software from the official website simply. Have the '.exe.' file installed on the computer by following the on-screen instructions. After installing the free trial version, initially, you need to step forward in finalizing a subscription plan of your choice. Wondershare DemoCreator offers you the freedom to select either its free version, a Subscription package for official use, or a Perpetual License for a lifetime experience in video editing. However, its free version covers most of the basic needs that a video creator may have.

Step 2: Import your Media Files

DemoCreator offers you two different approaches when importing files to have them edited accordingly. For importing the problematic video file on DemoCreator, you can take the path of selecting the appropriate option from the "File" tab in the toolbar on the top. After accessing the tab, you can import the necessary files by selecting the drop-down menu option. Conversely, you can also import the media files through the "Import" button present on the Media Library panel on the main screen. You can either select "Import Media Files" or "Import a Media Folder" from the options.

Step 3: Add the Black Bars

With the video imported, the focus resides across adding a black video bar through the tools offered by DemoCreator. Access the "Effects" tab in the features provided in the video editor. You can recreate the videos' aspect ratio by applying the cinema overlay of 21:9 aspect ratio, attenuating black bars across the video, and developing a cinematic look across it. The use of this effect adds two layers on the top and bottom of the video frame; however, they can be settled through the "Overlay" icon, followed by the "Frame" category. Conversely, you can drag and drop the cinema overlay on the platform's timeline and have it adjusted across your video clip's duration.


Step 4: Save and Export

With the video edited from scratch, you can save the file by exporting it into the local directory. Open up the export window and set the video's name and location that you wish to save on your computer. After setting up the video name and location, you can set up different video and audio quality options. These options comprise of assembling the video resolution, its frame rate, and its bitrate. Following this, you can also set your audio by adjusting its channels, sampling rate, and bitrate. With these settings defined, you can proceed in finalizing the video.

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This article has presented a detailed guide on adding black bars to videos that cannot be played over a video player due to its uneven aspect ratio. With the help of Wondershare DemoCreator Video Editor, the article seeks to present a functioning overview of all the features and tools involved that would help you in setting up a video that would efficiently run across a media player.