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How to Add Transitions to Your Video

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:27:16 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

For all those who are wondering what transitions are in the first place, Video editor transitions are editing techniques used in video post-production. In order to connect one shot to another, a filmmaker uses transitions. The most commonly used kind is a simple cut transition that is opted by most of them to join two clips together.

In this case, the first image is replaced by the next one in a quick seamless flow using a simple cut. In simple terms, the transition can be described as any move between two different clips in a video. Not all transitions necessarily need to be flashy and over-the-top noticeable.

But Simple cut, a commonly used transition by most filmmakers is almost invisible if used right way. Let it be a professionally edited video or a beginner-style video editing, a simple cut is almost used in every video, noticeability levels varying by the level of proficiency of editing. Transitions can be classified under 4 major headers:

Part1. Video transition

Here are the most useful video transitions

  1. Standard TransitionsFilmmakers use these transitions most of the time. Includes- Straight cut/simple cut, Fades & Dissolves, and Crossfades & Cross dissolves.
  1. Wipes and FlashesNot used as often as the standard transitions but these add an element of interest to your videos.
  2. VariationsFound mostly in short videos like commercials, variations are occasionally used according to the purpose. Includes- Slides, Pushes, Barn doors, and Splits.
  3. 3D TransitionsUsed only if it makes sense. 3D transitions include- Page rolls/peels, Cascades or Blinds, and Fly-in & Fly-out.

Part2.How to add a transition to video with DemoCreator

Here are the steps to add transition effect to your video with DemoCreator


You can visit the DemoCreator website and download it on your PC and install the software by running it on your computer. It should not be difficult with the easy-to-follow instructions available to guide. Following those steps, you can install the software and complete the setup process. Now that the software is installed you are good to start using the video editor.


Add media file

Once you have installed Wondershare on your computer come back to your browser, back to the DemoCreator website. From there you are to create an account by entering your mail id, password, name, and country details. An account should successfully be created, this alone is enough to access all the platforms under WonderShare. Sign in with your newly created account credentials and you can start accessing Filmora and Filmstock in our case to edit videos. All you have to do is download Filmora or Filmstock according to your requirement and create a new project by dumping all the raw files (videos, photos, and music) by the import files option. You can drag the necessary photos, videos, and audio files and stack them on the timeline according to the flow.


Insert video transition to your video

Before starting to add transitions, make sure the files are stacked in an order one after the other and all the unnecessary bits are clipped out. Now that all the file flow looks decent you can start adding transitions. With the help of video editor transitions, you can add as many transitions between photos and videos to show a smooth flow and transition from one file to another. Clicking on the Transitions section, you will come across a ton of video editor transitions to choose from. As already discussed above, in layman terms, Video transitions are special effects used to connect one shot to another.


In case there are no transitions added to a video, the video jumps from one shot to another wherever it cuts and starts without a flow. Not all transitions need to be easily noticeable and flashy, a simple cut transition when used correctly turns out to be a seamless joint between two shots. Transitions like straight cuts or fades and dissolves or flashes and slides are very commonly used transitions. Select your suitable kind and place them between the shots and save the file to see the magic happen. According to your liking, you can either keep it simple and consistent or can also try playing around and experimenting with a ton of options available.

Complete Your Video with Titles

As a final step to your video, you can add a title. Either and opening one or a closing on or product titles or andy general description or highlights in the middle, or all of it together. There are a number of titles to choose from same as the transitions, starting from simple outlays to the animated kind.


Select the style of text you are willing to insert, drag and place it where you want your text to show up. Once you have added your style of text you will come across an edit tab to edit the text from there. You can play around with the text size, text font, and text color from there. Save the added titles and you are good to go. The way we added video editor transitions between shots we can also add transitions before and after the titles. Find the right kind that fits in opening and closing titles, for instance using a ‘Fade to Black’ transition is specially designed to symbolize the completion of something and the same goes with ‘Fade to White’, this transition marks an incomplete or a to-be-continued ending.


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Take Away

There is nothing more amateur than adding different kinds of transitions in one video. If you are starting it out for the first time, try sticking to simple transitions until you are comfortable enough in creating seamless cuts. As a beginner, you would want your audience to emphasize more on your content than your obvious transitions.

Try keeping it simple and consistent. An obvious transition can be used only if you are trying to indicate to your audience a significant change. Transitions apart from a simple cut are expressive which serve well in the case of storytelling. Video editor transition skills are not something we turn expertise on in the very first go, like every other skill you will have to hone out of practice.

Enjoy the process and happy editing.

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