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How to Make an Animated Marketing Video

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Training Video Tutorial

It's impossible to use the same marketing plan for every product or service. Many other approaches and content types are required, including blogs, videos, and emails, as well as animated GIFs on your social network accounts. The list might go indefinitely.

71% of consumers say that seeing a product in action makes them more likely to buy it. 90% of mobile video consumers and 70% of skilled marketers say video is the most effective medium for converting visitors into customers.

Although the video may be a beneficial addition to almost any marketing toolkit, its cost to create and distribute can make it too expensive to use, aside from creating your original animations from scratch.

animated marketing videos

Your business may benefit from using a cartoon video creator or a free animation maker, which can be found online. Some of the best tools for making business-related animations are examined by Small Commercial Trends.

Your organization may benefit significantly from using these animated films, which can be made fast and simply. Today, we'll be discussing those subjects. If you'd like to witness a unique animated video that surpasses your expectations, please continue to follow this site.

Why will you Need to Make an Animated Marketing Video?

An enormous amount of work must be put in by your marketing staff to successfully express a brand's message and inform customers about a product or service. Compared to standard video formats, animated films may provide more information in a shorter amount of time, potentially increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

 Animated videos help clarify and bring to life complex ideas. Your imagination will be stifled if you limit yourself to just using words, images, or other visual representations. The use of animation aids in conveying complex ideas more effectively.

animated marketing videos

Additional tonal options may be achieved via the use of animation. You may set the mood exactly as you want it using animated video. That might indicate the difference between successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies.

This gives you more flexibility in budget and quality when you employ animated video. Because of the additional costs associated with reshooting, actors, editors, and others engaged in the production must be compensated for their time and efforts. When it comes to animation, you may use software to ensure that the actors, tone, and final product match the rest of your marketing materials.

What Kind Of Animated Marketing Video Can You Make?

A hilarious Facebook status or a charming Instagram Boomerang is sometimes not enough to get the word out about your company. If you want to step up your marketing game, you need to know how to make videos, and we're here to teach you through all of the many video formats accessible.

You could realize that you like a specific look and feel for your video marketing in general, consistent with your brand and tone. That's not inherently bad, as long as you test your assumptions. You may also include artistic preferences in your video marketing strategy and guidelines to ensure that your films are created consistently.

animated marketing videos

Creating a video takes a lot of time and work, but the benefits are well worth it once you have the completed product. Before you begin, think about the kind of video you want to make for your audience.

Certain styles seem to perform better with certain video types than others, but don't be afraid to experiment since you never know what will work best for your audience until you try it.

Animated Explainer Video

If your firm offers a service or product that isn't immediately clear, an explainer video on your homepage or landing page might be what you're looking for. These videos are often made up of animation and narration that explains what your firm has to offer the target audience.

 Generating this sort of instructional film may seem to be complicated. Many people feel that they must hire a video-producing company to do the work. While it is always a possibility, it is not necessary in this case. Most of the time, anybody with a bit of know-how, dedication, and, of course, the aid of a video editor can create a beautifully animated explainer film.

Aside from marketing, some people feel that video has a significant influence. Consumers agree: 68 percent indicated they prefer to learn about a product or service via video. Furthermore, 79 percent of respondents claimed that a video affected their decision to purchase software or an app.

Time is money, and every second counts when it comes to business. You'll need an enticing introduction to lure each viewer in, and then you'll need to clarify precisely what problem your product or service is intended to solve.

 It is more challenging to generate animated videos if you lack technical expertise and motion design skills. In addition to capturing viewers' attention with creative sketching, character animation, and story circumstances that live-action or webcast films cannot provide, animated GIFs are one of the most successful techniques of catching audiences' attention.

Product Demonstration Video

A product demonstration clip's goal is to show your product or service to your target audience in an attractive way. It differs from an explainer video in that you showcase the product's features, advantages, and benefits to the audience rather than detailing how it works.

 A product demo video stands out in terms of substance since it is one-of-a-kind. Its purpose is to introduce potential customers to the feeling and consequences of having and using your goods.

They are more than just how to use your product instructions. Product demo videos are handy, but they are also motivational since they show your viewers how their lives or work may be improved.

It's no surprise that we can repeat the plot of our favorite movie or book, scene by scene, without thinking about it. This is known as brand storytelling in the business sector. Include elements of this in your product demo video by including an optional character or creating a hypothetical location in which the product is used.

 Consider a family picnic where a tire puncture has been ruined, and your company's product has come to the rescue by repairing the puncture.

This kind of film is very crucial when it comes to the customer experience. After they've identified their problem and learned about alternative solutions, they want proof and assurance that the purchase they're making is the correct one.

Take a minute before you begin filming to contemplate why your product is relevant to your target audience. The 'why' behind the product will ultimately decide whether or not it is successful, regardless of how well you believe you can film the video.

Promotional Video

Spreading the word about your organization is crucial for brand growth and ROI. Regardless of your financial performance, people must be aware of your brand's presence.

A promotional film is a visual storytelling tool that helps you visually express your company's and product's narrative in an engaging and accessible way. Creating marketing videos is an excellent way to communicate with potential consumers! According to 83 percent of marketers, promotional films give a good return on investment, and 68 percent of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a promotional movie.

However, creating an excellent promotional video may be time-consuming and difficult to perfect. A promotional film's primary purpose is to create awareness of a product, service, new launch, or seasonal sale while pushing viewers to take action.

This is, without a doubt, the most important film in which your firm may invest its resources. Educate, educate, and entertain new (or existing) customers with a story delivered via promotional videos at their best. This small piece of text educates and encourages people to take a step forward. Promotional videos may help you increase conversions and sales by advertising your company's goods and services.

Your videos might show how your product solves a problem, why it is the best alternative for them, how it will enhance their quality of life, how much it costs, and where they can buy it, among other things. Promotional videos are suitable for increasing brand awareness as well as driving sales. Even if viewers do not buy as a consequence of viewing your promotional video, they will remember it. This is especially true if the video is memorable and tells a story relevant to the audience's personal experiences.

Sales Pitch Videos

Buyers today are more educated, better prepared, and more motivated than ever before. They are seeking answers as quickly as possible. Bring an explainer video to your next sales pitch to address clients' issues, demonstrate value, and set the tone for a successful sales presentation in any setting.

 A well-crafted sales presentation video may capture your prospects' attention, leave them with a nice and friendly first impression, and motivate them to go further with your firm.

Sales pitch videos have become a top priority for forward-thinking businesses looking for the most effective ways to communicate with new customers online. Visual elements like whiteboards, graphics, charts, and animations may help boost the success of your sales presentation video. Still, a simple piece to the camera can also be instrumental in connecting with the audience.

A video sales pitch is a condensed sales presentation that highlights the nature and benefits of your organization, product, or service clearly and understandably. They're usually 3 minutes or less lengthy to keep your prospects' attention.

Sales pitch videos allow you to get more acquainted with your prospects than conventional presentations, but they also outperform traditional presentations in terms of performance. Personalizing and tailoring your sales presentation videos is one of the easiest and most effective ways to convert prospects into paying clients.

Benefits of Animated Videos

animated marketing videos

Showcase your brand’s unique look and point of view

Daily, consumers increasingly view online video content regularly. According to a recent study, around one-third of all online time is devoted to watching videos. In today's competitive world of digital marketing, customer involvement is critical and may be considered the first step in the transaction process.

You may use an animated video to engage potential customers by conveying critical information engagingly and interestingly. Almost without exception, you will not be able to sell your product to potential customers if they cannot understand it.

Your product's idea and functionality are conveyed clearly and concisely using animation. As a storytelling tool, animated animations may be pretty successful. Your firm's marketing and sales efforts will benefit significantly from a 90-120 second animated skit illustrating real-life instances of how your products and services can simplify your consumers' lives.

Making a complicated idea more digestible

As previously said, no notion is off bounds for animation. Because animation is not confined in this sense, it is preferable to convey sophisticated or abstract themes that would be impossible to explain via live-action.

 Explaining how we think dreams work or how time works in a black hole may be difficult to convey with simply paper and almost impossible with live-action. This is an area where animation shines.

Animation is unrivaled when it comes to mixing emotion and story. Capable of creating captivating characters and a compelling story that connects on a fundamental level with people.

 When music, images, and story are integrated, a potent combination is created that will resonate with viewers. One of the most significant benefits of using animated cinema is the ease with which abstract topics may be visually portrayed.

Audiences expect high-quality videos regularly.

In 2020, the number of people watching digital videos in the United States will have reached 244.4 million, indicating year-over-year growth rates that exceed industry experts' expectations (Business Insider, 2020).

Despite academics' claims that the youngest and oldest age groups mostly drove this growth spike, the most current data shows that young people make up most individuals who watch digital videos. More than nine out of 10 clients in the United States between 12 and 44 watch television online.

A deeper look finds that 97.8 percent of internet users in the United States between 18 and 24 identify as digital video viewers. Users between 12 and 17 are the most likely to watch videos online, accounting for 96.2 percent of all users.

As the need for video content grows, many industry leaders can be observed proactively generating different types of video content to meet this expanding demand. Across all platforms, users are increasingly exposed to video material. The general population expects to see more video content, whether on blogs, Instagram videos, or YouTube. On social media, videos are the most famous content consumers want to see from a brand.

According to the 2018 State of Social Video Marketing Trends research, 73% of buyers said a brand's social media presence influenced their decision to buy a product or service. This graph indicates how videos are growing more popular over time. With video having such a significant influence on consumer decisions, it should come as no surprise that Instagram is on track to become the fastest-growing platform for generating purchases from video content shortly.

How to make a marketing video with DemoCreator

Making a marketing film does not always need the use of professional competence. You can simply transform marketing reports, sales presentations, and other documents into films with a few mouse click with the best screen recorder DemoCreator.

The consumer wants to know how much anything is worth quickly, so they check the pricing. This is made possible by digital videos, which serve as a foundation for you to do so. People like watching videos, and this trend does not seem to be waning anytime soon. On the contrary, the number of people who watch videos on social media platforms increases rapidly.

animated marketing videos

As a result of this digital marketing, videos have become an essential component of any marketing strategy. In today's technologically evolved environment, videos are a powerful marketing tool. Generating digital marketing videos is still very new, and you may have misgivings about it.

Using Screen Recorder

Screen recordings made using the DemoCreator screen recorder may be streamed to various devices via several different platforms. With many editing tools and features that are easy to use, it is a terrific application. One of the first things to note is that the application is free and easy to use. The software does not need the aid of a specialist. Businesses may raise their conversion rates by using its unique features, which improve the overall quality of the video.

These options include the area of your screen to record, the frame rate to record at, and so on. You may even choose to record at a particular shortcut. It's crucial to highlight that making movies is easy.

  • Launch The application and Select Mode.

animated marketing videos

  • You have total control over all recording activities in the new recording option, including screen recording, frame rate, recording camera, recording audio, and writing on the screen. The frame rate may be changed from 15 to 120 frames per second. A screen drawing tool allows you to draw shapes, highlight objects, display arrows, and do various other things. Only audio may be captured, not video. It's essentially a video-producing one-stop shop.

animated marketing videos

  • Using the record screen option, you can only capture video and audio from the microphone and the system. This option does not enable you to use a webcam.

animated marketing videos

  • This feature is intended for gamers who want to record the most thrilling and memorable moments of their gaming experience. Simply choose a game and other sound choices, and you're all set.

Using The WEBCAM For Engaging Marketing Videos

For specific uses, a variety of video kinds may be necessary. It is sometimes essential to illustrate how a particular product works while generating "how to generate a film." A screen flow video may also be necessary to communicate the product's key characteristics. In this scenario, a video shot using a webcam may be used to demonstrate how something works. In this kind of project, Wondershare DemoCreator may capture both the screen and the camera.

  • Open the video editor in DemoCreator and choose the "Record" button in the upper left corner of your screen. You may also use this option for the first time when you get the Video Editor's options or begin a new video recording.

animated marketing videos

  • While in the DemoCreator screen recorder panel, you may now fine-tune the screen recording. To proceed, open the recording window and enable the Screen Drawing Tool and the screen size for recording. You will be able to capture your camera, system, and microphone sounds while quickly drawing on your screen.

animated marketing videos

  • During this phase, you will be allowed to adjust the recorded videos. When the recording is finished, hit the "F10" key on the keyboard to the editor. You don't need to do anything since the recording file will appear in default in the video editor's media section.

Using The Editing Tools To Make Attractive Videos

  • Simply set the played before that area of the video and click the split symbol to split it into two distinct pieces.

animated marketing videos

  • DemoCreator allows you to apply a custom watermark in the form of text or an image. To add a watermark to your firm, go to the brand settings and follow the instructions in the pop-up windows. A text or image watermark may be utilized.
  • The video may be turned in a 360-degree circle forever. Simply choose the video track on the timeline and change the rotation parameters on the right side.
  • Effect Store: DemoCreator includes an effect store with a wicategorized byeady-to-use designs. The Store effects button is on the tool's left side. Templates may be categorizedby as popularity, game, or inventiveness.

animated marketing videos

  • Annotations: The annotations tab is positioned on the left side of the screen. Annotating choices include text, speech boxes, lines, doodles, and shapes, to name a few. They'll be there if you drag and drop them into your video.

animated marketing videos

  • Captions: DemoCreator's captioning collection includes choices for opening, closing, subtitling, and a lower third. Simply drag and drop your desired caption onto your timeline and double-click it to enter the options menu.

animated marketing videos

  • Transitions: The transition effects supplied in DemoCreator are pretty helpful and well-liked.

animated marketing videos

  • Effects: This is one of the most beneficial aspects of DemoCreator. You may add amazing effects to your films, such as AI facial recognition, mirroring, erasing the background, pan, zoom, etc.

animated marketing videos

  • Stickers: You may add a range of stickers and animations to make your video more interesting. They are classified into animation, education, emojis, and gaming subcategories.

animated marketing videos

  • Sound Effect: Similarly, you may use some sound effects in your video. To the timeline, add the one you wish to change. There is a large selection of sound effects to pick from.

animated marketing videos

  • Cursor Effect: You may utilize highlights, click sounds, rings, spotlights, and other cursor effects to make your cursor stand out.

animated marketing videos


Videos may assist boost sales by providing buyers with more information about a product. Because vision is our most dominant sense, providing viewers with visual information with the best video recording equipment indicated above will boost levels of engagement. Films may be an effective technique to alleviate customers' doubts about the validity of an online transaction and persuade them to buy, mainly if the product is well-presented in the video. DemoCreator will ease all of your anxieties.