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Top 10 Screen Recorders for Chromebook

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:22 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Recording audio on your Chromebook is really easy. You have the option of recording your million-dollar idea before it vanishes into thin air. There are several more reasons why you would want to record audio on your Chromebook. Are you looking for a trustworthy online voice recorder for your Chromebook? Since audio-based entertainment, such as people recording audio tutorials, others are trying to record eBooks, and podcast recording has become quite popular. Then there's the ever-present independent artist who doesn't have a lot of money. Chromebooks are great web surfing machines that get the job done for a low price. However, there may be times when you'll need to share a recording from your Chromebook with someone to show something, diagnose a problem, or share a great moment.

Part 1. Why you will need screen recorder for Chromebook?

Chromebooks are incredible devices with a lot of educational potential. As teachers and educators, we can use Chromebooks' computational and lightweight computing capabilities to improve our teaching and students' learning. Its widespread use aids us in a variety of ways, including locating specific information, listening to streaming music, delivering online lectures, creating tutorials, and playing games. However, we sometimes have to record favored noises from Chrome Chromebook users who are forced to experiment with other methods. A lovely record of the little sing-song voice may be made by collecting both video and audio recordings. Making a recording every couple of weeks will offer you with a sample to use as a memory aid. As well as for tracking language skill development, voice changes, and personality development. However, the user experience of some of these alternative applications is comparable to that of top-tier apps, almost as if you're not missing out on anything important. Audio editors, especially good ones, are very beneficial to people of all sorts. These are designed to be equally suitable for instructors, students, and musicians.

Part 2. 10 Screen Recorders for Chromebook

1. DemoAir

DemoAir is now available as an addon for DemoCreator. Wondershare DemoAir is a fantastic tool for collecting screenshots and recording your screen. It's simple to use, with a clear UI and numerous choices for adjusting how much of what shows on the screen is captured. You can also record audio or video from other sources, such as Skype chats. Google extensions may also be used to record the screen on a Chromebook. On the Chrome Web Store, there are various Google extensions available, the most popular of which is Wondershare DemoAir. You should now be able to record your screen on your Chromebook with ease. DemoAir's screen recording tool is quick, easy to use, and free.

This Chromebook addon allows you to easily record your screen and take screenshots. It also provides an easy-to-use interface, various choices for controlling how much of what you see on the screen is captured, and the ability to store both audio and video files in case you need them later. It's quite user-friendly, with a straightforward design that allows you to effortlessly record videos, take screenshots, and even add notes to your recordings. It's also one of the few extensions that lets you choose whether to record in full screen or only a portion of the screen.

screen recorder for chromebook

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How to Use DemoAir to Record:

  • Start the recording interface and personalize it.

As soon as you begin the Wondershare DemoAir Screen recorder, you'll be able to work with basic recording tools like screen size, frame rate, and resolution, as well since other useful recording capabilities, as this program enables you to do so immediately at the start of the recording:

  • Chromebook Screen Setup

The screen of your Chromebook is the most significant aspect of the screen recording, and with DemoAir screen recorder, you can accomplish it quickly with the simple button of window selection as follows:

  • Set your Audio Recording Preferences

You may also record sounds on your screen using the DemoAir screen recorder. To accomplish so, press the sound source buttons in the recording interface's main section as follows:

  • Recording Start/Stop

To begin recording, click Screen Record. In the bottom left corner of your editor, a red record button and a timer will appear. Click the red button to begin recording. The audio is switched on automatically. If you like, you may silence the audio by clicking the little microphone symbol. It's that simple to capture your screen on a Chromebook! DemoAir, on the other hand, offers YouTube sharing, Google Drive sharing, and Google Drive embed code. After you've finished recording, you may rename or delete the file.

  • Make Changes to The Recording:

Place your project on the timeline by dragging and dropping it. If desired, add text, backdrops, transitions, stock, and change the color scheme. We've shown you how to add a title and a backdrop. Select Background from the drop-down menu, then drag and drop a background into the timeline. Drag & drop a title into the timeline above your backdrop by clicking Text and dragging it onto the timeline. Use the Text tab to rename your title and write in your new title name. Under the Color tab, you may modify the colors. Adding text to your video is a terrific way to spice it up and make it more instructive.

2. Screencastify for Chrome:

Screencastify is a robust screen recording extension application for Chromebooks that allows you to keep track of your gaming recordings. Screencastify is a user-friendly application for Chrome OS users, which is why it's regarded as a reliable toolkit for gamers all over the globe. It also lets you to export your creations to MP4 format, which is a universal video format. Screencastify is a top-notch screen recording tool that is available as a free Chromebook screen recorder addon. It offers a simple interface that allows users to easily capture, change, provide, and monitor video metrics. Screencastify allows you to record your screen, including your camera, make comments while filming, and share your recorded video over the internet or download it directly to your device's hard drive.

Screencastify is a free Chrome addon that records your screen. Clients, on the other hand, may record recordings up to five minutes long. Regardless, the free form adds a watermark to every recording. You should obtain the ideal form to get rid of the watermark and open its highlights. The Screencastify Google Drive integration allows you to store all of your recorded recordings directly to your Google Drive. These recordings may be be shared to Google Classroom, making them great for quick and easy educational accounts. You may also choose other document formats to transfer your video capture to using Screencastify. You may save your recordings as Mp3 files, Mp4 files, or GIF files. Its free version allows you to record a ten-minute video up to 50 times each month. You may manage your recordings using Screencastify. You may also join and export your recordings, as well as add inscriptions or text to them.

Step 1. Visit Webstore and Add Screencastify Extension

On Screencastify's Chrome Web Store posting, tap "Add to Chrome." To send it out, tap the Screencastify icon in the top right corner of your Chrome application. Use your Google account to log in.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2: Begin recording using the extension.

Tap "Record" on the Screencastify sign in the top right corner of your Chrome application once again. Then choose "Record Your Entire Screen" to capture the entire presentation.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 3: Save the Recording

Tap the "Stop" sign in the recording controls at the bottom of the screen after you're done recording. Close the tab after naming the video you shot and allowing Screencastify to finish processing the video and save it to Google Drive.

3. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast:

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast enables you to generate screenshots and modify them as needed, which means you can now produce thumbnails for your YouTube channel videos straight from your Chromebook. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder is a screen recording tool that you can get from the Chrome Web Store. Most workstations, including Chromebooks, may use this screen recording device as a software extension. It enables you to effortlessly record both internal and external sound and is an excellent choice if you want to create screencasts, instructional exercises, item show recordings, and so on. It now has over 10,00,000 million active customers all across the world.

Nimbus Capture may capture a specific area or the full web screen, and it offers a beautiful point of contact that attracts customers. In addition to screen recording, it also has editing capabilities in case you want to add anything to your recording, such as a remark. When it comes to storing the recorded documents, you have the option of saving them directly on your hard drive or transferring them to Nimbus' distributed storage. You have a few options, such as saving the papers to Google Drive or sharing them on Slack. Nimbus is known for its easy-to-use editing tools, which include snapshot and screencast specs for Chrome OS users.

Step 1. Add Nimbus Chromebook Extension

Open Chrome Web Store and search for Nimbus in the search bar. Tap the blue "Add to Chrome" button to add Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder to Chrome.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2. Customize the Extension

Click "Record video" after sending the extension. On the next screen, you may change the sound and video settings.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 3: Begin/End Recording

To submit the recording, click "Start Record." Simply click the extension and choose "Pause" or "Quit Recording" to pause or stop the recording.

screen recorder for chromebook

4. OpenVid Screen Recorder:

OpenVid is a web-based screen recording tool that allows users to easily create and transmit records in just a few simple steps. Because it's available as a chrome extension, it's often used on all Chromebooks and Chrome apps. OpenVid offers a variety of recording options that may be easily synchronized. Although the video aspect of the outcome papers is changeable, this Chromebook screen recorder maintains two degrees of worth. To be more specific, under the options, you may record HD recordings or disable HD recording. Although you won't be able to change the video aim in great detail, this recorder will provide for most recording purposes.

OpenVid Screen Recorder is compatible with Chromebooks and can let you record videos or take screen grabs with a few simple clicks. You don't have to waste time downloading and uploading the documents separately to share the captured recordings with others. Simply replicate the recording's URL and send it to the recipient through email. OpenVid is suitable for everyone, even if you have no prior experience with screen recording on a Chromebook. Because this recording device is simple to use, even if you are a novice, this gadget might be your ideal screen recorder for Chromebooks. It provides you with a streamlined editorial management that allows you to manage your recorded recordings and create thumbnails without hesitation. A few instruments let you remove the sound and save the accounts in GIF format, in addition to changing the recordings.

Step 1. Install OpenVid

Install the OpenVid Chrome extension on your Chromebook. Create an account at opentest. co from there, and then go to the site you want to record.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2. Begin recording.

The process of capturing video is quite simple. To start the recording, just press on the OpenVid button. The recording may be paused, delayed, and resumed.

Step 3. Save Recording

You may upload your recorded video to the OpenVid website and it could be ready to share. The site can generate the embed code so you may embed the movie on your site, and you'll also be able to save it as an MP4 file.

screen recorder for chromebook

5. Loom:

The Loom screen recorder is a feature-rich and easy-to-use screen-recording plugin for Chromebooks. Because this extension is a widely acknowledged tool for Chromebook systems, it is utilized by a large number of customers across the world who have the fundamental demands of making tutorials and video for their YouTube channels. Loom may be used for screen recordings and has a user-friendly interface that can be simply integrated into your Chrome OS. Loom is available as a Chrome extension, which can be found in the 'Chrome Web Store.' Loom, being one of the most versatile free screen recorders for Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows, should be your first choice for every Chromebook user due to its many useful features. It helps you record your screen and camera at the same time and acts as an implicit supervisor. All understudies and instructors may also get a free top-notch upgrade from Loom.

Loom is a Chrome extension adapted for Chromebook users to easily record screens, sound, and camera. It has a variety of recording options for your Chromebook screen. You may record the whole work area or only the tab you're on, for example, and this feature helps you capture just the information you need to show others. Not only would you be able to screen record your Chromebook's screen with sound, but you'd also be able to change video settings, add emoticons, and trim screen recordings, among other things. You can also use Chromebook accounts to replicate connections, embed code for your blog, and share related GIFs, among other things. In this sense, Loom may be considered an all-rounder when it comes to screen recording on Chromebooks and sharing.

Step 1: Sign up for Loom Extension

Sign up for a free Loom account and then install the Loom Chrome extension on your Chrome browser.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2: Setup the Extension

On the Chromebook, go to "New Video" > "Record a Video" and then personalize the screen for recording.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 3: Start/Save Recording

Choose a recording mode. Choose Current Window or A Chrome Tab >Click on "Begin Recording" whether it's the Screen Only, Screen and Camera, or Screen/Camera Only. Then choose 'Quit Recording' and 'Basic Editing for Sharing or Downloading Locally'.

screen recorder for chromebook

6. Screen Recorder Video Editor:

One of the most well-known screen recording tools is Screen Recorder Video Editor, which is available as a chrome extension. It offers a simple interface that allows users to easily capture, change, provide, and monitor video metrics. Chromebook users may get a Chrome extension for Screen Recorder Video Editor from the Google Chrome Web Store. On the top right of the location bar, you'll see an extra extension. The program is free for everyone, and the Deluxe or Premier package unlocks video editing tools. The free version allows you to record your screen, camera, or both for an unlimited amount of video captures with a 15-minute recording duration.

With Screen Recorder Video Editor, you can record both your camera and your screen with little to no lag. The free form includes a good number of basic highlights to assist you with your first successful screen capture. You may upload your video straight to YouTube using Screencastify. You may edit, trim, and add music to your screencasts using the YouTube proofreader. This Chromebook screen recorder captures both the screen and the receiver at the same time, allowing you to add narration to your accounts to explain difficult-to-understand information. It provides a large selection of music and traditions that can be added to captured recordings, but you must pay for them. This program is web-based and does not need a large number of PC components.

Step 1: Visit Screen Recorder & Video Editor Chrome page

Using the Chrome extension, click "Add to Chrome" and install it to start the screen recorder. To open and download the launcher, follow the program's directions as closely as possible. From there, you can effortlessly record your screen as well as your camera for up to 15 minutes every video.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2: Customize the Screen Recorder Extension

Change the receiver's and PC's sound representation settings. Change the boundary of the specked square shape defining your screen to match the section of the screen you want to capture if you selected 'PC screen' or 'both.' To begin recording, press the "Rec" button on the recorder.

Step 3: Save the Recording

To stop recording for a short time, use the Pause button. To save your video, click "Save/Upload" after hitting "Done." When you release your video, if you choose "Transfer to Screen Recorder Video Editor” it will be available when you check in to your Screen Recorder & Video Editor account.

7. Screen Recorder:

Screen Recorder comes includes a video editor that makes it easy for users to make changes to their recordings. This recording addon allows users to add inscriptions, emoticons, and callouts to recordings so that viewers can clearly perceive what the recordings are attempting to convey. They may also include narrations and obscure particular areas or elements within a movie. Screen Recorder is a game-changing platform since it pushes players to turn prospects into loyal customers all around the globe. They may use this extension platform to create gaming video marketing campaigns that motivate users to take immediate action. Screen Recorder is a top-rated toolkit extension for Chrome OS, with a large number of customers worldwide. It is an all-in-one utility for both snapshot and screen casting purposes. It enables you to record the whole website of your game directly from your Chromebook screen. You may also personalize the chosen portion of your screen, making it more appealing to a wider range of users.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 1: Initiate the Recorder:

To record a screen on a Chromebook, you must first start a new project. Select the format you want to use after clicking Create a video.

Step 2: Begin/End Recording:

Hit the Record button, then click the blue Stop Sharing icon at the bottom of your screen after you've completed recording your selected screen / open tab. Return to the editor's desk.

Step 3: Save Recording

The last step is to export and share your project with others. When you're finished recording your screen, select Export in the upper right corner. A pop-up window with saving choices will display.

9. Clapboard:

Clapboard, like some other professional and best screen recorder for Chromebook, enables customers to simultaneously record screen and capture video using the camera. The gadget also creates a sharing link that you can utilize to distribute your movie across many stages while simultaneously watching it be presented. This tool enables you to create professional-looking videos with excellent sound. This program is meant to record your screen in order to assist you in a variety of circumstances such as internal team discussions, lesson creation, and so on.

Clapboard; now StoryXpress can assist you in making professional-looking recordings with pitch-perfect sound. Clapboard can allow you record screens to preserve numerous situations, from internal group cooperation to creating educational activities for your customers. The clapboard enables users to simultaneously capture video and record the screen. After you've finished filming, you'll get a shareable link that you can use to share your video across other platforms. Another intriguing feature of the program is the ability to produce quick thumbnails for your movies as well as add annotations to them.

Step 1: Click the "Screen Capture" option in the fast settings menu.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2: Before you begin screen recording on your Chromebook, go to the gear menu and choose "Record Microphone" to ensure that the audio is captured as well.

Step 3: On the Chromebook, choose the video option to see the recording. "Full Screen," "Partial Screen," and "Window" are the three modes available.

10. ApowerREC:

This program is also a professional and credible source for screenshots and screen capturing functions, as its name implies. ApowerREC recording software for Chromebooks allows you to record sound without an internet connection on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, or mobile phones. One thing to keep in mind is that you must first download and install the launcher on your Chromebook. ApowerREC Recorder includes an implicit library that allows you to locate all of the documents you've recorded. Simply join the rundown after finishing the chronicle to complete further highlights. It's simple to verify the paperwork or open the target organizer to quickly locate the sound on the PC.

ApowerREC is more than a game recording addon, with a large number of Chrome OS users. This Chromebook audio recording software is a program-based tool that allows you to record outstanding sound and speech using a mouthpiece. It may also include an underlying sound library, which provides a better way to coordinate documents. It works well with Chrome OS, and using this Chromebook sound account device is a breeze since no other modules are required. You have the option of tuning in to the music and consciously erasing the unwanted tracks.

Steps to Record with ApowerREC:

Step 1: Go to ApowerREC official website and download the free Chromebook video recorder. Then, open the setup program and go to the recording interface.

screen recorder for chromebook

Step 2: Choose a recording frame to use (You could adjust the frame to any size you want). To add narration, use either the internal Chromebook microphone or an external microphone.

Step 3: Begin making your video, using a three-to-one countdown to begin filming.

Part 3. Desktop Resolution with Addon Animated Video Maker and Online Screen Recorder

Adding an Addon to Your Desktop Online screen recorder and animated video creator in your video production toolbox, a camera is a rather versatile equipment. You may use them to produce YouTube recordings, instructional videos, or to add personality to any video. Furthermore, the webcam recorder program assists you in recording instructions and convincing your audience that you are the one behind the scenes. In light of this, we've compiled a comprehensive list of Wondershare DemoCreator features so you can make an informed choice about whether this video capture and editing platform is a feasible option for your video material.

If you're searching for a program that can handle everything from screen recording to video editing, Wondershare DemoCreator is the smart pick. Even if you're a novice in the video editing sector, you may choose this program since all of the features and capabilities are plainly evident in its user-friendly interface. Using the introduction of its new version, screen recording and video editing with this program has become more enjoyable. A basic webcam recorder may suffice if you only need to make webcam recordings, but if you're making item demos, preparing recordings, or giving different kinds of directions and need to be able to capture everything on your screen, including the webcam, you'll need a handy toolkit that can handle all of your tasks with a single interface. For this reason, we're offering the DemoCreator screen recorder as an advanced toolbox that includes everything, you'll need to complete the activities listed above.

Recording Features:

Apart from its simplicity, its Screen Recording interface provides you with every basic to pro-level recording feature, allowing you to perform much more than regular screen recording. For example, audio recording, webcam recording, customization, and so on.

  • There are no limitations on the duration of videos.
  • Record from a computer screen or a webcam
  • Optional output formats
  • Interface that is well-designed
  • There are several import and export options available.
  • ideal for video games

Editing Options:

Effects That Are Appealing to The Eye:

You may apply as many effects as you like to your films, resulting in a magnificent video that your viewers will love viewing. To access the effects library, go to the Effects menu in the program interface as follows:


In Wondershare DemoCreator video editor, you have a variety of built-in figures and objects for your recorded video footage. To get to these handy items, go to the Annotations menu and do the following:

Effects of the Cursor:

Mouse effects are a significant benefit in Wondershare DemoCreator since it automatically detects mouse action and applies the desired effect to your material. This option is accessible via the program interface's Cursor menu.


You may add titles to your videos to help them stand out from the crowd. In Wondershare DemoCreator video editor, press the Titles button on the vertical bar of the software interface to add titles to your videos.


Stickers in your films may make them more interesting and eye-catching, allowing viewers to appreciate them more and have a better understanding of them. In this sense, the Stickers menu in Wondershare DemoCreator's menu bar is as follows:

Part 4. Conclusion

Due to the popularity and importance of screen recorders, you may want to look for one that can produce high-quality and precise screen recordings and that meets your specific needs. Out of the plethora of such applications, we'd like to introduce Wondershare DemoCreator, a powerful screen recording and video editing tool that allows you to capture screen events as well as camera recordings. You may also use this powerful feature to record your live broadcast in order to better point out flaws and provide feedback. With the greatest free screen recorder, you can capture what's occurring on your screen. There are fantastic free screen recorders available, whether you want to capture the whole display or just a specific window or region, and whether you want to live stream the recording or save it as a video file.