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Best Video Editing App for iPhone

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:31 • Filed to: Video Editing Tools List

Apple devices and iPhones are among the best devices which are there for capturing audio and visuals and they are recognized globally for being the best in terms of content creation. Most of the people who share videos on social media and video-sharing platforms prefer the iPhones for creating videos and the reason for that is the brilliant ability it has to capture videos to the most intricate pixel quality.

The videos which are shared on Facebook, Instagram, and other video sharing platforms locally are best captured on iPhones. The device is also a preferred one because it supports many apps for video editing. In this article, we list a few good video editing apps for iPhone which can be used for creating great quality content for social media and video sharing platforms.

The iPhones have become steadily a lot more powerful as they are capable of handling the intensive tasks at a high level. Along with this, the cameras which are there in the smartphones have also seen a lot of improvement which has gone on to the extent where they are even shooting the 4K videos. The capabilities are something that makes the iPhone the most sought after phone particularly when it comes to the creation of videos. The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max have been powered by the Bionic chip called Apple A13 that is a rival to the Intel chips which usually power the performance of the laptops. The iPhone can these days shoot and also edit with the use of editing apps. The list of editing apps has been given below.

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1. Videoshop

Videoshop is among the most powerful video editing apps for iPhone which lets the user perform many operations on the videos. The user may record the clips directly from the app or even import them from the camera roll. Once this has been done, text can be added to clips and narration can be added too. It also lets users merge different clips in one in addition to doing a lot more.


Transitions can also be added in the clips and also the tilt shifts can take place. There are a lot of manipulations which can take place with the use of Videoshop. Once the users are done with editing, the app can compile the video, and themes and filters can be added. This app is also offering the ability to export the completed videos to Instagram, YouTube along with a few more.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Adobe products have been the ones that are used mostly for video editing particularly in the last decade across the world however these products have been mostly focused on the video editors which can be used by professionals. Adobe Premiere Rush CC also has features like the built-in camera that allows users for capturing footage from this app and then edit it when the recording has been done.

adobe premiere rush cc

The options are easy particularly for creating a soundtrack of videos and arranging clips of videos in a way users want the title and template options that are offered by the app. One more big feature which makes this the most useful app is that it can be edited by the Premier Pro on desktops and be shared on various platforms directly.

3. Magisto

This is one of the easiest apps which are used for the new creation of videos as it is not going to take over a few minutes for editing a video in this app. The user just has to select one template for the creation of videos. The footage can be imported from the footage of a camera roll on the phone and then all that needs to be done is adding music to the project.

video toolbox

This editor does the rest of it of its own. The process of editing is very simple and it is a brilliant choice in particular for digital marketers who create promotional videos particularly for the creation of tutorials.

4. KineMaster

KineMaster is among the most popular video editors which can be seen on Instagram and Facebook. This is one of the video editors which may be providing many tools for the users. The videos which are created on this app can provide a very professional look to videos as tools that may be used.


These videos can be seen as being shared on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. The users can also add the layers of text to videos and make it a lot more engaging for the viewers and hence this has become the go-to editor for the influencers on social media.

5. iMovie

iMovie is among the most prominent editing apps for the iPhone. Although it is a complex app, it does provide its users with almost every feature which is provided in the comprehensive movie editors. This can be considered as the benchmark when it comes to video editing apps.

imovie editor iphone

It has the ability to edit videos such as cutting, trimming, and rotating the videos. The option of resizing is also there and also the option of voiceovers. There are other techniques such as the slow-motion technique and the video speeds. There is one more factor that works in favor of the editor is that it is free for use on the iPhone.


The app that was designed initially for the users of the social media platform Instagram but it later got formed into an app that is among the best when it comes to editing the videos on iPhone. This is one of the apps which allows using a lot of tools for making the tweaks to videos.

quick app iphone

These changes might be in the form of fonts, filters, or titles and how slow or fast the trims are. This is one that is very easy to use and also provides videos that can be compared to any professional quality video and trim. This makes it extremely convenient for using and creating projects which are of a professional level.

7. Filmmaker Pro Video Editor

Filmmaker Pro is an editor which is equipped with a various set of tools which are allowing the users to create attention for grabbing video contents form the iPhone. This is an app that allows the creation of videos and audios as per the demands of the project.

filmmaker pro

It also supports editing of the 4K videos which have been captured by the iPhone. The downside though is that they work only in the iPhone SE iPhone models. There are also many filters and color grading options for video exposure. It also provides green screen effects and VFX editing.


Another app which is providing convenient video editing options for the users is Splice. There are options provided in this app that allow the users to trim the videos and add the filters and transitions as per the requirement of the users. This is one of the most flexible and dynamic video editors which can provide very good quality videos in a manner that is very easy.

splice editor on iphone

9. LumaFusion

An app that is extremely equipped with the most tools in terms of editing is the LumaFusion app. This is also very popular for this reason as it provides the biggest array of features and tools giving options for easily editing the footage very easily. It also allows editing of the videos in different aspect ratios and also for different formats.

lumafusion app on iphone

Meeting specifications of content for the requirements of social media or the video-sharing platforms makes this one of the most equipped apps for influencers. It also gives six different audios and video tracks for the simultaneous creation of content.

10. Studio Pro

Studio Pro is another video editing app that is used by iPhone users. This is one of the easiest apps to use for creating good quality videos. There are different versions of this app but the one which is used in iPhones is among the most useful for those who want to create content on-the-go.

pinnacle studio pro

Editing here is quick and the app is one that is extremely intuitive and can help the beginners understand the features which even include transitions and zooming of videos. The speed of the videos can be varied as well.


Some of the best free video editing app for iPhone and the paid ones have been featured in this article. The content creators use iPhones to create some of the best quality content and video editing on an iPhone is a critical tool for the users particularly in creating the how-to and tutorial videos. A good video editing tool can also prove to be the difference between a professional video and a video that is amateurish. People share and appreciate the videos which are edited properly a lot more. The editors can be useful for many video editors to create professional-quality content.