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Can Wondershare DemoCreator Stream Live Video?

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:30 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Video creation has rooted itself into the modern world of content creation and revolutionized the concept of displaying and teaching content through the professionals to the masses with simple video tutorials and prep guides. However, another exquisite form of video creation that is considered an intuitive version of mass communication is live streaming. Content creators who have a domain aligned towards action and different skill sets seek to utilize this methodology to intrigue communication and impressive connectivity. However, does the Wondershare DemoCreator support live streaming? If not, are there any stream live video software? This article shall assert its focus on stream live video with the help of a set of remarkable stream live video software.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Can Wondershare DemoCreator Stream Live Video?

Wondershare DemoCreator provides a detailed and explicit set of features in video creation and editing. However, there is no direct tool available for live streaming. Since Wondershare DemoCreator focusing on developing more tutorial-based content instead of live-streamed, you can indeed utilize it to record your live streaming for editing, amending, and sharing it in the future.

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This article shall now put its focus over the six first-rate stream live video applications that can formulate an excellent base for you to select from.

Top 6 Live Video Streaming Software

Live streaming is considered a very influential version of client engagement, business promotion, and monetary-based purpose. With the development of the concept, different applications looked forward to providing state-of-the-art live streaming functions for the development of an attractive and cognitive stream.

1. YouTube Live

This platform is count amongst the most famous media platforms that offer millions of hours of videos to watch. YouTube provides a live streaming function under the ambits of YouTube Live that provides a unidirectional video stream with users lodging in the video just like using a television. YouTube live streaming can be used for straight 8 hours, making it a perfect platform for streaming conferences and conventions.


  • YouTube acts as a separate search engine, with the ability to improve the SEO of your content.
  • With the growth in the audience, you can file for monetization of your content.
  • Videos can be watched easily via private links.


A YouTube account is required to use YouTube live.

It takes time to develop traffic across your videos.

YouTube Live

2. XSplit Broadcaster

Another stream live video app that can be considered is the freemium XSplit Broadcast that is a complete package for developing standard and impressive video streaming environments with the help of its free and exquisite features. XSplit comes with an additional VCam tool that allows the editing of the webcam background without green screens. It is quite an affordable platform with an able user interface that can guide you towards advanced live video streaming.


  • A very intuitive and straightforward interface with customizing capability.
  • A stable and consistent system with no unnecessary lags.
  • Positive customer support and third-party integration system.


  • It is available for Windows PC only.
  • It provides watermarks in its free version for videos shot at 720p/30fps.
  • You require a preset knowledge of encoded streams to use it correctly.

xplit broadcast

3. UStream Producer

The UStream Producer is one such impressive broadcasting software that provides exemplary services of live streaming and a variety of editing features that can be used within live broadcasting. You have the autonomy to add different pre-recorded clips along with the live shooting. This stream live video software provides the ability to add other graphics and amend live streaming videos by choice. You can always opt for this platform when seeking to develop presentations.


  • Wide variety of features with multi-camera switching.
  • Graphics and Animation addition in live streaming.
  • Allows adding remote guests during HD broadcasting.


  • Costly packages.


4. Wirecast

Wirecast provides a very definitive and comprehensive set of features to its users during live streaming. It gives the practical options of 3D animations and graphics, video source encoding, and unlimited capturing facility. With this stream video live platform, you can stream to different servers and media simultaneously. This application is counted among the exquisites of live-streaming apps with an impressive user interface and commendable customer service.


  • Advanced functionality
  • Operable on both Windows and macOS
  • A very impressive layout and interface of the platform.
  • Featured updates with impressive upgradations.


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • The packages are quite expensive.

5. Magix YouCast

Suppose you are looking for a more diverse and efficient platform that provides an experience that exhibits ease-of-use and innovation. In that case, Magix YouCast can be a very impressive option to stream live video. It provides the extensive facilities of adding graphics and animations throughout the live streaming for an engaging audience and coordinate with external peripherals for explicit outputs.


  • Intriguing facilities and features.
  • Compatible with external webcams for better outputs.


  • Offered under expensive packages.

magix youcast

6. BroadCam Video Streaming Software

This platform is a perfect option to stream live video for educational and business ventures. BroadCam Video Streaming software provides free and simple setups of live streaming on PC with an easy-going software. This is one such stream live video tool that includes accessibility over all platforms and helps insert live streaming onto different websites.


  • It can be used on Windows and macOS.
  • Videos can be streamed for over different websites.
  • Famous for streaming educational and business requirements.


Lack of extensive editing features during live streaming.

broadcam video streaming

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This article has combined video streaming concepts and provided robust and effective stream live video software that exhibits impressive and state-of-the-art features to their consumers for streaming. Most of these platforms might cost you a fortune, but their results and outputs are of a monumental quality, making them a very profound and notable choice. You should have a look over this article to get to know more about these platforms, which would surely help you select the most effective and intuitive software for your endeavors.