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5 Common Video Editing Mistakes to Avoid

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:27:17 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Are you an aspiring video editor? There are two types of people who basically get into video editing. The first type of people do it for their passion and the second type mostly does video editing to cut down their post-production costs.

Which group do you belong to?

Apparently, the increase in the number of people building a passive income through YouTube videos has motivated common people to indulge in video production and video editing. Literally, millions of videos are being produced every single day. So, what do you think will help your video to be noticed and stand out from the rest? The answer, for sure, is quality. Unless you produce high-quality and relevant videos, your videos will hardly be noticed.

The first thing you can do to improve the quality of your videos is to avoid video editing mistakes that most editors make. With several video editing software on the market, you have a lot of options out there to improve the quality of your videos. Of all the tools, video editor transitions is a tool that helps editors merge two separate video clips effortlessly. If you are already an amateur video editor, you probably know how difficult it is to play a replay scene or connect two videos flawlessly.

Let us now see the most common video editing mistakes that amateur editors make. Knowing these mistakes will definitely help you skip these mistakes during the time of post-production, which in turn will save your time and boost quality.

How to Make Video Editing Easier and Flawless?

Video editing probably is daunting to all amateurs out there. However, post-production work comprising of editing tasks plays a crucial role in setting up the quality of videos. Therefore, despite what videos you are making, video editing definitely is a crucial step.

All mistakes made along the way of videography are actually corrected during video editing in the post-production time. Unless adequately edited, the flaws in videography may seriously affect the quality of your video. You now have a lot of techniques available online to cover even the significant mistakes in videos. Apparently, most of these editing techniques have been developed from the most common mistakes video editors make.

For example, you can now easily change from one scene to another using video editor transitions.  By using video editing software like Wondershare DemoCreator, you get a lot of video editing options to improve the quality of your video and make it flawless. Moreover, DemoCreator comprises free video transitions.

Let us now see the most common mistakes in video editing during post-production and how Wondershare DemoCreator makes video editing an easy task.

Common Video Editing Mistakes

1. Incomplete video transitions

Incomplete transitions are one of the most common mistakes video editors make. Video transitions are primarily used in between two video clips. An incomplete transition occurs when the transition is longer than the first clip. DemoCreator comes here for your rescue by making it possible for you to make many adjustments in video editor transitions.

DemoCreator also has a lot of built-in versatile transitions to cater to all your video requirements.


2. Poor or inconsistent audio

Poor or inconsistent audio can be caused due to many factors, including background voice. Wondershare DemoCreator has made audio editing easier for you. Whether you need to remove the background noise, replace the video's audio with an audio clip or music, or fade-in or fade-out music, everything is quite an easy task with DemoCreator. DemoCreator also makes adding a voiceover to your video effortless.

How to replace your video's audio with DemoCreator

  • Import the video to DemoCreator
  • Drag your video file onto the DemoCreator timeline
  • Now you have to detach the sound of your video. To do so, right-click on the video and choose the 'detach audio' option from the drop-down menu. Now you will have the audio file separated on the timeline
  • Furthermore, right-click on the audio timeline and choose the option 'delete' from the drop-down menu to permanently delete audio
  • You can now import any audio file from your computer and drag it onto the audio timeline on DemoCreator. You can also make audio adjustments by clicking on the 'Audio' icon

3. Inconsistent graphics

You might sometimes want to be an amateur graphic designer to be a good video editor. After all, no one expects you to do heavy graphic stuff in your videos. But you should definitely have a look at the visual appeal of the video. Most amateur video editors usually don't give importance to font type, color, and size. However, inconsistency in these things can really drop the quality of your work.

Besides video transions, DemoCreator also has many built-in features, including text behaviors such as Doomo design, spin, fly to zoom in, stretch in and zoom in, fly in and fade out, drop, fade, fade slide and flip-up. These built-in features definitely will help you in making your video graphically appealing. That means you don't essentially need to be a graphic designer to meet your viewers' expectations.


4. Removing sensitive information

Are you using sensitive information in your video? If yes, not removing or hiding that sensitive information can become a serious mistake and may even lead to severe issues. DemoCreator's mosaic effect can help you hide sensitive pieces of information.

The mosaic effect is mainly used for the purpose of area blurring in DemoCreator. You can access the mosaic effect by clicking on 'Effects.' Drag the mosaic effect to the area of sensitive information you want to blur. You also have the option to adjust the location, size, and blur intensity of the mosaic effect.


5. Adjusting resolution and frame length while exporting

Most times, you will have to adjust the frame and resolution of your video before you export it after the final edits. To maintain or increase output quality, you definitely have to check resolution and frame size before exporting from DemoCreator. Click on the 'Export' option, and you will be allowed or given an opportunity to adjust the resolution and frame length.


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The Wondershare DemoCreator has a lot more in-store than video editor transitions. It comes incorporated with a lot of built-in features that help you avoid mistakes that most common newbie video editors usually make. Avoiding these common mistakes not only improves the quality of your video but also increases the reach of your video among the targeted audience.

With a lot of videos produced every minute in this world, it is essential to keep a check on the quality if you want to persist in the industry. And definitely, you got no better companion than Wondershare DemoCreator to make your videos better every day.

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