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How to Make a Company Culture Video

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:23 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

The People outside your business or your external stakeholders want to know about your business; they want to know about the culture of your business, its values and norms, the benefits you offer, and how current employees feel working there.

One of the best ways to answer their questions and introduce your Company to the world is through a company culture video. The culture videos portray your organization's personality and aim to recruit and retain potential employees, investors, business partners, and customers.

The Culture video speaks volumes about your business and tells your brand's story to grasp the viewer's attention and let them know about your business. The Company's culture is expressed through the Company's attitude and workstyle, including;

  • Employee Recognition
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Incentives
  • Employees growth
  • Professional development
  • And the relationship among employees

A company culture video is not about selling the Company's product/service; it is all about promoting your Company's values via video. However, you can feature your product/service somewhere between the video.

Company Video is a powerful method of direct communication. Company Culture video, when done right, can increase brand awareness and brand reputation, boost sales and increase conversion rates. The other benefits of company culture video include;

  • Boost Team Morale
  • Improves career applications
  • Reach potential customers
  • Builds a positive image of the brand
  • Encourage brand loyalty

Examples of Company Culture Video

Let’s explore some of the examples of company culture video to know how companies communicate with their stakeholders;


company video making

With practically everything it creates, HubSpot hits the ball out of the park with this company video. It addresses the current status of work in the Covid-19 era and its implications for organizational culture.

The video, almost entirely made up of small employee interview snippets, demonstrates how HubSpot has helped its employees stay resilient and productive during this historic year.

With such a large pool of talent, HubSpot identified their most engaging, articulate employees and placed them in positions where they could flourish.

The animation transitions are smooth and aid in the flow of the video.


company video making

As part of a strategy to highlight their own corporate culture and attract future recruits who would be a good fit for the team, Plasticity prepared these behind-the-scenes videos for each staff member.

Because Plasticity is all about improving business culture, the videos also hint at how the company might assist potential clients without making a direct pitch.

It's worth noting that they include some bloopers. This was done to convey the brand's human side and attract like-minded individuals who don't take themselves too seriously.


company video making

BambooHR knows how to make Videos that are both amusing and informative. In this company video, they combine personal words and testimonies about the company with amusing animations and a look at life outside of the BambooHR desk.

They focus on the differences between business and personal life and how they try to find a happy medium. This company culture video is popular because it appeals to those interested in starting a career in a startup environment without the startup stress.

Job applicants emphasize living a healthy lifestyle and keeping work at work. BambooHR does an excellent job of demonstrating how its employees accomplish this.


company video making

Bungie is a video game development studio that has worked on several notable titles, including Marathon, Myth, Halo, and Destiny. Unlike the others on this list, this video is a long-form documentary created to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary.

They gathered video clips from the company's history and interviewed current employees to learn about its progress. While this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "recruitment video," recruiters love this in-depth information.

In a way that no job description or career page could ever provide, learning about a company's past via a company’s culture video in which individuals who built it with their blood, sweat, and tears provides insight into where it came from and where it's headed.


company video making

How can you accurately communicate culture for a corporation with over 100,000 employees and offices in 180 countries?

Dell Technologies focuses on the universal employee experience, exploring universal ideas and programs such as flexibility, inclusivity, employee empowerment, employee resource groups, and technological advancement.

A fantastic company’s culture video will capture what it's like to work at your firm no matter where you are or who you are, regardless of office location, job titles, or tenure.


company video making

Google has released an intern-focused company video, similar to the Starbucks video discussed before. We all know what Google does; therefore, no further explanation is required, but let us discuss the culture shown in this film.

With great, inventive workspaces, this film does a terrific job addressing interns and creating a fun setting to begin a career. It's like a gigantic entertainment park for young people to explore, try new things, and achieve with one of the fastest-growing firms in the world.


company video making

Rackspace is a managed cloud services provider that hosts websites, apps, and emails. Multiple interviews with employees are featured in this company video, including experiences from their first day at the workplace, first impressions, and why they continue to work there.

First impressions may last a lifetime, so it's fascinating to hear what current employees recall from their first day, months ago, or decades ago. Accepting a new job is a significant decision, and hearing from others who have been in similar situations can help put candidates' minds at ease.


company video making

Fiverr is an online marketplace where businesses may recruit freelancers to help them with their projects. The platform links businesses of all sizes with professional freelancers ready to help with graphic design to voiceover work.

Fiverr employs voiceover to describe everything that is going on in this company video, mocking the stereotypes that are all too typical in recruitment ads, such as busy people strolling and conversing with their laptops, employees in a boardroom listening carefully, and a guy on a longboard.

Before making their point, Fiverr shows they have a sense of humor, stating that excellent people can work anywhere, but if you're the best, they want you.

How to make a Company Culture Video?

Let’s break down what we will need to craft a quality company culture video that will win the hearts of the potential employees, customers, and business partners;

Identify Objective

Decide what message you want to convey, tell your audience that your company is not all about selling and earning profit. Sit with your team and brainstorm what your business stands for? Break down your message into chunks that are easy to convey;

  • Vision - A vision captures an organization's aspiration and spells out what it ultimately wants to accomplish.
  • Mission - A mission defines what an organization does and how it proposes to accomplish its vision.
  • Core Values - It tells ethical standards and norms that govern the behavior of individuals within an organization.
  • Culture - The Vision, mission, and values make up an organization's culture. These factors are what will make your workplace culturally unique.

Identify your Audience

Company culture videos are excellent for communicating a personalized message to a specific group. Your target is job seekers for recruitment videos, but you may want to be more specific.

Don't just send out a simple job opening announcement if you're opening recruitment to attract fresh talent; instead, use a video to promote your company and attract the talent you're looking for.

You could want to develop a general film for smaller businesses that highlights the overall corporate culture. But, despite your size or personality, speak the language of the people you're trying to reach.

Write a Script

While you want to portray your firm realistically, you also want to use storytelling to its full potential. Tell a story about a specific accomplishment or a pivotal day in your company's history, or simply describe a typical weekday for your workforce.

The top executive, the Customer Service Associate, or the Intern can all be characters in the story. It's easy to determine by the first hire or the final person to walk through the door's experience. It can be centered on a specific event, a campaign, or a typical workday.

Take a Video Shot

Once you have scripted down the story you will be telling in your company’s culture video; it’s time to record the video. Before recording, it would be a good practice to rehearse the script.

Choose a perfect spot at your company to shoot the video; there could be multiple spots/cabins/offices and sittings in the video. While shooting the video, make sure to take care of every little detail of the video to make it eye-catching and engaging.

Edit Video

Now you have the recorded video on hand, and it’s time to edit it to give it an appealing and eye-catching look using a robust video editing software like Wondershare EdrawMax.

company video making

DemoCreator is a robust program that allows you to record your screen and includes a video editor. The video editor contains several features that will assist you in improving the quality of your content.

To enhance your videos, captions, banners, Overlays, Arrows, and other Annotation options are available in DemoCreator. You can clip, copy, speed up/slow down video, modify the border, combine, and change the volume, among other things.

Let’s see how to edit videos with Wondershare DemoCreator;

Add Animated Text

Select The text you like on the editor panel on the bottom; Here, you have different boxes and shapes in which you can incorporate your text, choose the desired one and then drag it to the timeline.

company video making

Now select the text you want to animate, go to the right properties panel, select “Transform,” and choose the behavior you want. Your simple text is animated now.

Add Caption

In the editing panel, go to the “Captions” tab. Here, select from the various caption styles like openers, subtitles, and lower-thirds. Once you have selected the caption, drag it to the timeline. You can also double-click on the caption you like to be added to the timeline.

company video making

Add Annotation

In the left tools panel, switch to the Annotation Tab and choose from available options, including Text, dialog box, line and arrow, sketch, and shapes. Now drag the desired Annotation and drop it to the timeline.

company video making

Add Stickers

In the left tools panel, switch to the Stickers Tab and select the category of Animations. You can preview the sticker by hovering the mouse on the sticker you like. Drag the sticker you like and drop it to the timeline.

company video making

Add Business Resource

You can also add other essential business resources like clips, logos, watermarks, songs, and audio. Import from the library and then drag it to the timeline.


To export the video onto your computer, click the export button at the top right corner select the format and other video settings like encoder, resolution, frame rate, BitRate.

company video making

You can rename the video and change the location on your computer to save it. Currently, DemoCreator supports the following output formats: WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, and MP3.

Tips to make a Company Video

Crafting a compelling video for your company can be very challenging. Placing all the relevant aspects together requires planning, expertise, tools, and a superb team. For your video to meet the needs effectively, it must be professional.

Let’s explore some of the Tips and tricks to create a compelling company culture video;

Be open about who you are

Introduce your business; what does it stand for? What are its values? What talent are you looking for? What do you expect from your stakeholders? What do your customers expect from you, and how do you fulfill their expectations?

Answer these questions in your video professionally with some fun to keep your audience's attention intact throughout the video.

Tell a story

Remember that not all stories are created equal when considering the stories that will support the aim of your video. Some have a stronger emotional draw than others, while others are more humorous and action-packed.

Videos cost time and money to produce, and there's no reason to waste either on a wretched video. Consider which stories you have to share and which ones are the most compelling as you plan your company culture video.

The show, don’t tell.

The show doesn’t tell is self-explanatory. Let your viewer experience the incentives, opportunities, or what you do after work by picturizing it in the video.

Include various scenes in the video like a group of people meeting in the conference room, colleagues chit-chatting in the cafeteria, executives doing press in the press room, the Annual general meeting of directors, and events in your company.

Instead of putting a lengthy list of factoids about your company, use the power of video to let the viewer picture the whole scenario in their mind.


A company culture video highlights your employees' qualities, talents, abilities, and passions within and beyond the office. Essentially, it exemplifies your company's values.

Videos about company culture should tell the story of your brand and the people who are dedicated to making it better every day.

If they don't like your company culture, more than a third of potential candidates will decline your employment offer. After what has been a stormy year, top talent will be looking to see if you and your organization will be there for them if and when another storm strikes.

Whether you use a standard method or go for something more unique and daring, you must concentrate on the elements that make you stand out.

You can also excel by crafting a compelling company culture video that will speak volumes about your business and its values; with a good strategy, script, and software like Wondershare DemoCreator, creating a company video is no more a problem.