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How to Connect Two Video Clips in A Creative Way

Alma Elliott
2024-02-22 17:39:31 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Video is turning out to be more famous. Thus, there is an increment in the number of individuals who need to alter their first video. In the wake of shooting your video, it is normal to have numerous video records that you need to merge into one. Presently, an ever-increasing number of clients make recordings to record life and remember the great recollections for eternity. Regularly, you need to make a film or expanded video cut with various recordings. Be that as it may, how might we consolidate recordings into one or set up video clasps to make an interesting film? You can add advances naturally or physically, alter them to be longer or more limited, and erase them if you adjust your perspective. This instructional exercise strolls you through how to add, alter, and erase DemoCreator Transitions on Mac and Windows.

Part1: Why to Connect Two Video Clips

You can discover a wide range of video-altering instruments for parting and blending video documents. The interesting part is filtering through them to discover the ones worth utilizing. YouTube aggregations, feature reels, Instagram trailers, introductions: some of the time, you need more than one video to recount your story or offer your message. Rather than downloading a weighty expert video editorial manager, makers can utilize the options as referenced here to merge their recordings, GIFs, and photographs into a more extended MP4. Progress in DemoCreator is the thing that you see while going starting with one clasp then onto the next. For example, you can become dim and afterward blur into the following clasp or utilize a breakdown impact between your scenes. Transitions offer a smooth method to move between your film cuts.

Part2: How to Add Transition Effect to Your Video

Whatever the explanation might be, as a rule, you'll wind up where you wish to merge various recordings. Now and again an entire pack of them. Consolidating two distinct recordings into a solitary video is basic and clear. The interaction works best with recordings of a similar arrangement, goal, and casing rate; however, you can consolidate any (at least two) recordings. However, you might see a distinction in quality between the various recordings in the last consolidated video.

We're here to show you how you can do that with any video-altering programming you may be utilizing and that is DemoCreator. We should take a gander at the means from top to bottom. This means portray consolidating just two recordings, yet you can join however many recordings as you need. Blending recordings online can be efficient and prudent since you will not need to download and gain proficiency with extra programming. DemoCreator is amateur agreeable, and it offers all the customizations you need to make the ideal video in a matter of moments. Simply keep adding video as we depict it beneath!

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator and Open Transitions Menu

To proceed, to apply the favorite transition effect with the customization then overviewing the transition effects inside your DemoCreator preview panel is mandatory for checking. To do so, refer to the transition menu and select your favorite one among them to preview it inside the preview window.

Step 2: Select/Add Transition Effect

In the next step, you need to drag and drop your effect selection to the timeline below, and in between the clips to customize it according to the video clips effectively.


Step 3: Check the Transition Effect

If you want to review the effect you just added, then you need to open the transition window by clicking on the effect you just introduce inside the timeline, and here you can witness the effect you introduced according to your required customizations.


Step 4: Export the Video

In the last step, to proceed with the exporting of your video file with transition effect, you can easily save the video by visiting the Export window, and for the sharing purpose, you can have it right inside the window as well.  In the end, you can have your favorite transition effect according to your video clips with full effectiveness.


Part3: How to Change Transition Length

Throughout the long term, DemoCreator has set up a good foundation for itself as an altering force to be reckoned with, and something it does the best advance. Advances enable you to easily alter two clasps together and DemoCreator gives you various local, underlying approaches to do them. Regardless of whether they're smooth and unobtrusive or glaring and buggy, advances are an amazing method to establish a connection with watchers.


Part4: How to Add Transitions to All Clips

Although you may not have the foggiest idea about the names of this load of changes, you've without a doubt seen ones like Fade through Black and Cross Dissolve in motion pictures and TV. You can review different changes by putting the mouse pointer over them.

At the point when you pick the change you need, drag it between two clasps in your venture. A dark change symbol appears. You can substitute one change for one more by hauling one more favorite transition over the symbol.


Transitions are set to one portion of one second of course, and progress can never endure longer than a large portion of the length of the more limited clasp on one or the other side of it. All changes in your video are a similar length except if you direct in any case by picking Duration. You can change the length of a chose progress or all advances in a venture.

Part5: How to Remove a Transition

As a matter of course, the application will consequently add Transitions as you add cuts. This is helpful because you don't need to do it without anyone's help and you can in any case make changes or erase a Transition quickly. If you conclude that you need to eliminate a Transition, it's really simple. Simply click the Transition in your Timeline, which will feature it, and afterward hit your Delete key.


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Part6: Conclusion

On the off chance that you have at least 2 recordings or pictures that you might want to put close to one another and converge into 1 video, you can undoubtedly do this utilizing DemoCreator. Just add the recordings to your venture, then, at that point, simplified them into the timetable consistently so they are close to one another. At the point when you send out the task, the recordings you added to the course of events will be transformed into one video document. However, you do it, you currently have a solitary, joined video, which can use in altering projects, share with others, or transfer to YouTube now.

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