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How to Converter Photos to Videos

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:27:18 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

The age of digitization and the opportunity to capture life moments through a camera deserves an applaud. You can relive your memories through those pictures. This fact can’t be denied because whenever one needs to give someone a customized gift, it usually involves recreating old memories through photographs and pictures.

Be it a piece of cloth, a cushion, a mug, a photo frame, a pen, a lamp, a grain of sand, a pyramid, or a prism, whatever, customized gifts generally make use of those old photographs.

Sometimes, we just want to make a beautiful movie out of those snaps. Beautiful video transitions can actually give that video an artistic touch. A picture-to-video conversion can actually give life to the moments. The moments that can be seen as a story. After all, every picture tells a story, and one wants to put forward that story through videos.

No doubt, many free video transition editors are now available to assist you in making a smooth and entertaining video. Connected pictures and clips do not look haphazard when one image flips to another in a more continuous transition. And the memorable moments can be experienced again through that video created from photographs.

Part1. Why do You Need Video Editor Transitions?

When it comes to telling stories, these stories are not limited only to old memories that can build a beautiful story, but we can actually create one out of our work and job. One can combine images, photographs, and even videos into a new video with smooth transitions in between to make a great story out of it. Let’s check out where we can utilize this in our jobs

  • School and teaching: Experts say that we learn faster and can retain the information for a long time if we learns by visualization. And sometimes teachers do become creative to convert a lot of flashcards or pictures and even videos into new videos. This makes children get more engaged in the learning process.
  • Office presentation: Trust me, you need not make every official meeting boring. One can actually present the data, statistics, those profit-loss curves through a video with smooth transitions. And sometimes, you are working in an industry that requires this skill.
  • Vlogs: Your vlogs are surely going to attract a lot of audiences if the entire script can keep them amazed throughout. The amazement should not come only from the content of the vlog but also through the screenplay. People do make use of free video star transitions to accomplish this task.
  • Anime or movie-making: It Maybe your hobby, or your job includes movie making. Many scenes can be edited, and transitions between scenes can be depicted using a proper screen transition. A green screen transition is most widely used in the industry to flip between different scenes. One can edit backgrounds, create movements, flip scenes using that method.
  • Recreating memories: A touch of digitization in events and that, too, through some memorable moments, can make the event more memorable. Birthday parties, anniversaries, customized gifts, farewell parties, induction programs, etc., can actually brighten up with memorable pictures displayed through videos.

This is how Facebook reminds you about your past memories, and even Google on your mobile devices creates memories for you. They just collect the photographs, add in some transitions and effects, club the pictures together and plug in some music to create FB or Google memories for you.

Now we know that what Facebook and Google are doing with your pictures. But you can actually do it for yourself, that too in a more customized way.

Part2. How to Create Transitions between Photos?

You can tell a story through pictures the way you like. The transitions between pictures, the speed of transition, and additional stuff added between pictures can be customized to check on the pace of the story you want to create. You can try the following as per your need

  • Add different transition styles between photos
  • One can transit between scenes through waves, squares, circles, wipes, zoom in or zoom out, etc.
  • Fix transition speed according to the pace of the story
  • Fix colors as per the mood and energy
  • Use green screen transitions
  • Add sound effects or music

Are you wondering how to achieve all this to develop your video into a masterpiece? Well, use DemoCreator video transition effects. You can add your photos to a video, add transitions from one scene to another, insert text and music, and voila! Your grand video is ready to be downloaded.

DemoCreator mainly has two types of video transition effects. One can opt for a basic transition effect, colored transitions, or maybe both. DemoCreator includes several free video transition options. It includes ripples, morph, flash, box turns, etc. You need to pick one, set the transition timings, and you are good to go.

Part3. How to Combine Photos to a Video in DemoCreator

DemoCreator is an amazing tool to give life to your still and boring images, to include smooth transitions effects between photographs and even between video clips. But how can you actually combine your photographs into a charismatic video? Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download Wondershare DemoCreator: Obviously, to work with the tool, you need to download it first. Just go to the official website and download Wondershare DemoCreator. Install it on your device. And get ready for your very first project.


  2. Now let’s just get started by opening the application on your device. You can see a dark working area with few partitions and tabs. The required icons, along with their names, are visible on a vertical tab. The middle black area is the place where you can see your edited video.


  3. Go to files and click on the “Import Media Files (s)” option to import your favorite pictures and photographs to DemoCreator for editing. The imported picture will be visible on the left side of the DemoCreator window.


  4. The imported pictures will then appear on the screen under the “Library” icon. One can import and add more pictures to the library to work upon in a similar manner.


  5. When you are done importing the set of images that you want to work with, just move to arrange the pictures one after another in a track on the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Simply drag and place the pictures on the track in the desired sequence.


  6. The timings between the photographs can be reduced simply by moving the pictures close to one another. A smooth and effective photo to video conversion can be achieved if the still images are kept close to one another.


  7. Now, if you click on the play button, then one can only see a boring transition from one image to another. But we can brighten up the video by adding the basic transitions under the transition icon. One can see many basic transition effects and can pick one that can create a flow between the images. Drag one of the transitions and place it in between two images on the timeline. Just hit the play button to see what you have created.


  8. One can add text to the video to make it more interesting and give it a theme. Just click on the Caption icon and choose a template. One can pick a different text template for opening, subtitles, and end credits.


  9. The still images can be made lively simply by inserting some effects into them. One can remove the background or simply mask the image. Pan and zoom effects can fill motion into the image. One can choose other effects as well.


  10. A video seems unfinished without any sound effects or music. You can insert sound effects and music into the video. Just hit the sound icon and Taa-ta—da-da-daa. You are ready to eliminate the silence from your video.


Apart from this, you can always play around and experiment with different effects, transitions, time intervals, text, and sounds, to get the best out of the many trials. If you want to do something more extraordinary, you can also try green screen transitions in your video.

Converting photographs to videos is something that can be achieved easily. Be it a customized gift or just a random memory creation, a free video editor transition by DemoCreate will do your job. One can also utilize advanced functionalities of DemoCreator for school projects, anime or short movie creation, movie effects, official presentations, ceremonial events, vlogs, etc.

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DemoCreator is easy to use to convert your pictures into a video. It connects different photographs or images and can actually bring a story out of those photographs. By using various effects and transitions, you will end up with an engaging and interesting video. Just insert text, visual effects, sound effects, and music into the video to spice things. Just follow some simple steps and get an excellent and lively video out of the mute pictures.

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