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How to Create Mirror Effect in a Video

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:27:06 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

It can be hard to keep up with content consumers nowadays, since content is produced at such a rapid rate now. To keep your content fresh and attractive, it is important that it stands out. Video effects are a tool you can employ to help you achieve that. The mirror effect is an easy way to add a delightful touch to your shots. This article will help you learn how to add that effect to your videos.

Part1. Creating the Mirror Effect with iMovie for free

iMovie is a free video editing app included with all versions of Mac computers sold after 2003. If you simply want to add the mirror effect or to flip a video, all you need is this simple app.

To add the video mirror effect to a video in iMovie, go through the following effects

Add the video to the timeline track

Place two copies of the video you intend to add the effect on to the timeline track, one on top of the other. Click the overlay icon.


Select the split screen option

Select the Split Screen option from the drop-down menu located above the upper left corner of the Preview window. Select one of the videos you’ve placed on the timeline

Click on the clip filter and audio effects icon

Click on the Clip Filter and Audio Effects icon. The Clip filter drop-down menu will appear.


Select the flipped effect

Click on the menu and select the Flipped effect from the list. The selected video will automatically be flipped, creating the mirror effect which you will be able to see in the preview window.


It is important to note, however, that iMovie isn’t the easiest software to create the mirror effect on, and there are other softwares that will let you create the mirror effect by simply checking a box in a menu.

Part2. Creating the Mirror Effect with Windows Movie Maker for Free

Windows movie maker was discontinued in 2017 and has since been replaced by the built-in video editor in the Microsoft photos app, but if you are still using an older version of windows or an older system, it might still be available for use.

If you want to add mirror effects to your video using windows movie maker, here is what you will need to do:

Import and trim your video file

Import the video file you would like to add the mirror effect to and place it on the timeline. Trim your video so only the part you want to add the mirror effect to is left.


Go to the visual effects menu

Click the Visual Effects tab. Browse through the effects library. Finding the mirror effect should be easy enough.


Choose the mirror effect

Choose if you want the mirror effect to apply horizontally or vertically. The effect will be added to your video, and you should be able to see it in the preview before you export the video.

Part3. Creating the Mirror Effect with VLC Media Player for free

VLC media player is one of the most popular video player platforms out there, especially among Windows users and binge watchers. VLC offers a very easy way to add the mirror effect to your video. To add the mirror effect to your video using VLC, you will need to go through the following steps:

Add the video you want to edit

Open VLC media player and add the video you want to add the effect to, to the player by dragging the file into the player window.

Open the effects menu

In the toolbar at the top of the window under the title bar, click tools. A menu will drop down. Click Effects and Filters. This will open a menu. Choose Video Effects from the tabs in the upper row. After that, click Advanced in the lower row of tabs.


Add the mirror effect

In this menu, look for the Mirror option in the lower right quadrant. Check the box next to it. The mirror effect should be added to your video. Click save to save changes to the video.


Click save to save changes to the video.


Part4. How to Create the Mirror Effect Using DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a free to use video editing software that allows you to edit various aspects of a video, as well as boasting a screen recorder function. What’s more is that a game mode as well as a webcam recorder is included in this free software.

To apply the mirror effect using DemoCreator, you will need to go through the following steps:

Open the video editor

Open the video editor. When launching DemoCreator, the software will bring you to a window with options to access various functions of the application.

Add your video to library

Click on Edit Video. This will take you to the video editing window. If you are using DemoCreator for the first time, you will be given a brief tour of the basic controls which you can skip if you’d like. To the left of the preview window will be your library window (outlined in red in the screenshot below) which will let you source the video you want to add the mirror effect to. You can choose to import a file or a folder or record one at that time. Click the plus to add a video from the media files on your computer.


Add your video to the timeline track

Once you have added the video to your media library, drag the video to the track area or the timeline

area to enable editing for it.

Find and add the mirror effect

To the left of the library will be a list of icons for different editing options. Click on Effects. From effects, click and drag Mirror to the track on the timeline. Add another copy of the original video to the timeline track on top of the first (now mirrored) video. 


Size-match and align your frames

In the preview window, adjust the size and position of both sides of the playback to match each other. Align the two sides to match. Playback the preview to make sure the mirroring effect has been properly added.


Export and save your video

Click Export to export the new edited video in a format of your choice. The editor will prepare your file. Choose where you want to save the new file.

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Adding the mirror effect to a video can add a creative touch to your videos. In this article, we have looked at a few ways you can add the video mirror effect to your content in an effort to help it stand out from the rest. It does take a few moments to add this effect but is ultimately worth it.

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