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How to Record PowerPoint Slideshow with Narration and Side Timings

Alma Elliott
2023-09-11 11:34:49 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Your PowerPoint record slide show with video ought to be intended for the content required. Assuming that you are embedding video portrayal, you should leave space for them in your plan. Pick straightforward foundation plans to make your content simpler to peruse. Transform a slide show into a video recording that has a portrayal. You record the show in PowerPoint 365 and afterward share it with your crowd, who can watch it as a PowerPoint Show or as a video. A few instructors utilize recorded examples as a feature of a 'flipped study hall.' Follow the means underneath to make a voiceover portrayal on the Office 365 PowerPoint application on your PC.

The Recording tab in PowerPoint 365 gives you this capacity and goes much further with more intuitive components, like tests, to remember for a show. These elements are installed into the recorded show. As the creator, you can see your recording by utilizing Slide Show, which is the same way that watchers will encounter the show. Microsoft PowerPoint can be utilized to record a show (with sound) which can be sent out as an MP4 video document and transferred to the Video Portal to use in your course. The system will fluctuate for various renditions of PowerPoint. Instructions for recording a show in PowerPoint 365 can be seen here.

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Part1. Why You Will Need to Record a PowerPoint Slide Show With Narration and Timing

Narrations and timings can upgrade an online or self-running slide show. On the off chance that you have a sound card, amplifier, and speakers, and (alternatively) a webcam, you can record your PowerPoint show and catch portrayals, slide timings, and ink motions. A voice portrayal in a PowerPoint 365 show is refined without a doubt. A self-playing, booth-style show can be joined by a human voice to such an extent that the storyteller gives the show without really being there. Portray a show. A functioning receiver should be connected or worked into your PC. You record the portrayal for slides, each slide in turn or all at one time, and the recording is put away in the PowerPoint document, not in a different sound record.

Before you record a slideshow in PowerPoint, you should have a PC with a sound card, speakers, and an amplifier. To alternatively record video, as well, you should have a camera. These devices let you record your show, slide by slide, as you convey it. When recording the slide show, PowerPoint records its portrayal, slide headway timings, explanations, and any discretionary video you record. PowerPoint saves this information for each slide premise, so you can undoubtedly redesign the slides after recording without losing recorded content. This likewise lets you re-record just a chosen slide, assuming that you want to address a misstep during recording. Nonetheless, PowerPoint doesn't record sound or video during slide changes, so don't talk during slide advances, or it will be lost. You ought to likewise give yourself a little cradle prior and then afterward a slide change to guarantee all your portrayal is recorded.

Part2. How to Record PowerPoint Slide Show with Microsoft 365

You can set up self-running PowerPoint slide shows to run consequently at career expos, shows, occasions, or as online introductions. Preceding setting up a self-running show, you'll need to apply your favored movements to text and items just as any slide advances to be remembered for the show (except if determined in any case in the Set-Up Show discourse box). At the point when you make programmed slide shows, you additionally have the choice of including explicit slide timings, portrayals, or voiceover and ink explanations.

 How to Set The Slide Timings Manually

At the point when prepared to record, click the Slideshow tab in the PowerPoint menu at the top. Then, at that point, click the Record a Slideshow button. You will see a drop-down to begin recording from a current slide or the start. Pick the choice for where in your slideshow you might want to begin recording. You can decide to practice slide timings, or you can physically set the slide timings for your PowerPoint slides utilizing the Transitions tab in the Ribbon. To Set Slide Timings Physically:

  • Click the View tab in the Ribbon and afterward click Slide Sorter.
  • Select the slide for which you need to set planning.
  • Click the Transitions tab in the Ribbon.

create narrated powerpoint

In the Timing section, under Advance Slide, select the After check box and afterward enter the number of seconds showing how long the slide ought to show up on the screen. Assuming you need the following slide to show up either when you click the mouse or consequently after the number of seconds that you enter (whichever starts things out), select both the On Mouse Click and the After take a look at boxes. Rehash the interaction for each slide for which you need to set planning.

 How to Delete Timings or Narration

On the off chance that you want to alter your portrayal, you can erase the sound symbol on each slide, and afterward, from the Record, a Slideshow button at the top, select beginning recording "from the current slide." You can likewise get the content free from one slide or all slides utilizing the Clear choice additionally in the Record a Slideshow button.

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You can utilize the Clear order for all time erase timings or portrayal from your slide show recording. You have four choices:

  • Erase timings on the current slide
  • Erase timings on all slides
  • Erase portrayal on the current slide
  • Erase portrayal on all slides

After that, to clear the timings or portrayals:

On the Slide Show tab, click the bolt beneath Record Slide Show. A menu shows up. Then, select the Clear and afterward the clear fitting choice.

How to Publish the Recording to Share it with Others

At the point when prepared to save your portrayal, you have the choice to save it as a PowerPoint document (.pptx) or a video record (.mp4 for renditions 2013 and later). Saving as a video gives a choice to transfer to different stages that help video, like Panopto, Moodle, and OneDrive.

create narrated powerpoint

To save as video, explore to File > Export > Create a video. You can pick the screen quality for your video (medium or 1280 x 720 functions admirably for a survey on most PC/PC screens). Additionally, ensure that "Utilization Recorded Timings and Narrations" are chosen. Then, at that point, click Create Video. Contingent upon how much media is remembered for your show, or how it will be, it will require for some an ideal opportunity to change over to video.

There are multiple ways of getting it to your crowd. Simply follow your association's protection and sharing strategies. Assuming you didn't Publish to Microsoft Steam, then, at that point, you can share your video:

  • As an email connection, document size allowing
  • To a document sharing site like OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, DropBox, and so on
  • Using a video facilitating administration, like YouTube.

Tip: If you transferred your video through Stream, you could consequently share it inside Microsoft Teams. Regardless of whether it's Stream, a document sharing site, or YouTube, the subsequent stage is to impart that video to your clients. That is it!

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Part3. How to Trim the Beginning and the End of a Recorded Slide Segment

The ideal way to record voice portrayals is to do it on a slide-by-slide premise. You can record across a few slides, yet getting your voice portrayal and slides to be in a state of harmony with each other can be a difficult situation. Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recording programming that permits you to record your great screen with basic snaps. It is an ideal bundle for screen recording, video, and sound altering. Its alluring and extraordinary capacities empower you to make your sound/video content engaging. DemoCreator is a product with an easy-to-use interface that is not difficult to utilize, permitting you to alter the appearance and precisely. It assists you with catching webcam or record screens.

Steps to Record Your Presentation Handily:

You can record a presentation in real-time as you present, or do it in advance to leverage the flipped model or make your presentation available on-demand. While there are several ways to record a presentation, I'll give you my favorite way to record a high-quality presentation in PowerPoint with audio and video.

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator Recorder

The first step to record the presentation is to set up DemoCreator software. After installing the set-up of DemoCreator, you need to set: the screen, audio, and camera so that you may modify the options for recording.

In this step, you need to start recording the presentation for real-time use of the online session's flipped mode. Select an area for recording, set a frame-rate, and then start the recording for the screen, microphone or webcam either instantaneously or distinctly.

create narrated powerpoint

Step 2: Import the Media

You can also import your PowerPoint in DemoCreator and trim the PowerPoint. Editing the video presentation helps to enhance the video; fixing the DemoCreator allows you to edit the video of your presentation to make it look creative, attractive, and presentable.

create narrated powerpoint

Step 3: Go for the Editor

You can add narration in DemoCreator with their voiceover function with your microphone. Here's how:

Add Annotations: Annotations give an informative look to the videos by adding different elements: texts, graphics, or drawings. It engages the audience with the content. You can add an annotation (text boxes) on top of an image or a screen to give a short narration, findings, or information related to the presentation screen. You can click on the icon of annotation selected on the left side.


Add Captions: You can enhance the video, make it look convincing and more presentable using Captions. It helps to convey ideas, thoughts, and feelings attractively. You can add a caption using various styles, formats, colors, designs, and other effects.

Audio Editing: When you are done with editing, you can polish your video by adding audio narration. You can adjust the clip speed and prolong the frame to match the flow of audio with video. Once you are done with the script and storyboard, you should step into a narration. For this, DemoCreator is very beneficial in this regard. It is a built-in feature and very easy to use. You can also insert your voiceover using the Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder.

create narrated powerpoint

Step 4: Export the Masterpiece

Once you have finished creating the informational video and editing it, you can now save it to share on social media. The File can be saved into format like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3, and others.


Part4. Conclusion

PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 now offers inscriptions or captions for LIVE introductions. You can utilize this new component in the web or membership (work area) adaptation of PowerPoint. The working framework should be running Windows 10. This element isn't accessible in PowerPoint 2019, 2016, or more established adaptations. Utilizing the Presenter view in PowerPoint is an incredible manner to see your show with speaker notes on one PC. DemoCreator should be introduced on your gadget to record the show screen as it's anything but an implicit element of MS PowerPoint. It is accessible for nothing on the web. You can download this product on your gadget to profit from every one of the thrilling highlights of DemoCreator to upgrade your recordings and show. Its easy-to-use interface permits you to rapidly connect with the product and assist you with making the content of your video drawing and reasonable.