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How to Create Product Videos[2022]

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

If you are a person who owns any kind of business; or works for a business or an organization, you can relate to the fact that every owner wants heavy traffic of customers.

To have that want, know that people who are willing to spend their money should know why your product is so great and why they should invest time in looking and going through it, and subsequently buying it.

If you have been looking for ideas to highlight your products other than pictures, product videography is the best and latest solution. This article tells you all there is that you need to know to start creating unique and attractive product videos to elevate the experience for your customers.

Swipe up to know all the details regarding product videography and how it will elevate your success and increase the incoming traffic onto your site.

Why You Will Want to Create a Product Video:

Videos provide extremely high conversions on your websites, plus they demonstrate the product well. Product videography is the best option for online marketing and creating a sales funnel. It's no revelation that product videos can help your website convert more sales.

Videos are the equivalent of an entire textbook or novel if a picture is worth a thousand words. The beautiful thing about videos is that they can be used for more than just demonstrating your goods; they can also be used for various forms of web marketing to generate traffic to your site.

You may also use videos to boost the number of links to your website drastically. You may easily enhance your backlinks by uploading product videos on other content websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and MetaCafe. Those video feeds are likewise syndicated and picked up by other video feed sites.

Because the connections are organically built over time on other credible websites, and in most cases, the links are permanent, they also boost search engine confidence in your website.

create product video

Videos attract customers by appealing to their psyche in various ways. For example, the angles and aspects of videos make it easier for the customers to judge products before making a purchase. It also gives them ample information on the items.

If the business or organization are selling or providing a service or multiple services; then the videos will demonstrate to the potential clients how easy it is to avail the service; how quick it may be to sign up for an event or service, and the most important of all— how the product is life-changing and just needs to be incorporated into the customer’s daily lives.

The same applies to a service and the need for highlighting its necessity to the clients.

We can go right ahead and dive into the basics with the quick steps you need to create product videos to get your business bustling:

Steps To Create Product Videos:

Develop a Plan:

Planning is the key to all and any processes. Therefore, you first and foremost need to make or hash out a plan or strategy for what your video will be like.

The plan should include any and every detail that could come to mind: such as aspect ratios; color coordination; themes that you may want to work on or include; any color palette that you or your team has in mind; any issue that you may want to address and work it into the video, and any other details.

Take an ample amount of time and dedicate it to planning so that there are no mishaps in production or post-production.

Preparing your Budget:

If you are the owner of a small business or work for a large organization, the chances are that your resources are limited due to cost restraints and saving issues. You are probably operating on a shoestring budget right now.

You don't need to invest a lot of money to make a series of films promoting your items. You can rapidly make a series of professional films for all of your items at a budget of under $500. Planning for your resources and how you will allow them and work with them is an essential aspect of your process of creating product videos.

Prepare a Script:

It is good to prepare a script for your product video that includes the essential features and benefits.

Read it out loud and keep track of the time. You can do this by reading the script aloud, timing yourself, and timing others to incorporate and plan for any delays you might cause while reading in your style and for any delays, others may cause with their styles.

The best product scripts are developed to keep the final video under one minute (the recommended time range is from 45 seconds to 60 seconds).

 An excellent product video starts with a zoomed-out still of the product, then moves on to miniature components, details, or features, and finally ends with a zoomed-out still picture. This fundamental timeframe should be followed in your written script.

Keep it Consistent:

Keep the backdrop and lighting consistent across all of your videos. If you are showing products, cover the table with a white sheet and make sure the space is sufficiently lit.

Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all of your films, even when displaying or discussing multiple product brands, is vital, just as it is when "branding" your firm. It will ensure that the viewer of your products and your videos are not irritated or annoyed by the lack of focus or consistency in your footage.

Use Good Quality Equipment:

Some of the essential equipment that you would need for creating product videos are an excellent High Definition Digital Camera ($150.00), a tripod ($25.00 if used, new equipment would cost more), some clean backdrop options (a couple of white sheets to hang from the ceiling ($25.00 - or no cost if you have a well-lit area and white wall to use as a backdrop in your office), a sound video editing system ($50.00 to $100.00 if you do some research - there are lots of straightforward to use solutions out there with the attributes you need), and a little imagination (Priceless).


 Suppose you want to take it a step further. In that case, you may spend $100 on an excellent PC studio-grade microphone for recording voice-overs so that your product audio commentary is consistent and professional. The best advice for people looking to make an impact and boost their profits and traffic on their platforms would be to invest in some good quality, robust equipment.


When capturing anything, always use a tripod, even people talking or demonstrating items. It aids in the removal of camera tremors and other annoying movements that are difficult to edit out or conceal with filters and effects. Taking the time to research good options instead of using used equipment will benefit you in the long run, even if it costs a bit extra in the start. Once you cover the initial cost and start to a good profit, you will notice the difference.

create product video

Learn How to Shoot:

Keep each shot static and tight into each detail or product feature you want to exhibit. "Static Zoom-in" on products to show their details - keep each shot static and tight into each detail or product feature you wish to present. During the recording phase, don't zoom in or out. Stop, move the camera/tripod, zoom in to a tight shot of the product detail, then record again if you need to demonstrate multiple points of view or shots while showing.

Later on, you can merge the product sequence shots in video editing. Don't be afraid to record from various angles because you can combine them all in post-production to create a better product video.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment:

Practice seeing what works and doesn't, and do not be scared to try new things until you have already gained some expertise. Once you have shot a few videos, edited them, and finalized them, you will be able to fine-tune your work both in the field and in post-production.

You may decide to discard the first few films and create a better version once you have figured out your dos and don'ts. It is good to have someone you trust to review the final videos and provide feedback. You will be surprised how much you can learn from some constructive criticism.

Organize Your Work:

The organization makes life so much easier for everyone. Make separate file folders for each digital video set or product you're showing. This is useful for editing and organizing. Make subfolders for source videos, sounds, audio, and the final video to keep everything organized. If it is arranged on a project-by-project basis, it also makes it easier to put in other content such as audio, background music, and so on as needed during the editing process.

Freely Edit Your Work:

When editing, don't be afraid to condense, trash shots, or reshoot the sequence. You are attempting to combine the best of your video footage to produce a compelling product narrative.

If you have managed to shoot a 20-minute video, you can time-crop most of it if you use the correct video editing software. You may also use some of your editing software's "effects" to disguise some of the flaws that arise while recording low-budget videos— just don't go overboard with the filters and effects.

This might also help to guarantee that the look and feel of your videos are similar throughout all of the product videos you make. Consider purchasing royalty-free background music and editing in a second professional voice-over recorded in good quality with no background noise (to prevent copyright difficulties) (hence the excellent microphone mentioned earlier).

You can then use your editing software to overlay the voiceover in the final video production copy and adjust the timeline to fit.

How to Make Product Videos with DemoCreator:

In this age of Social Media and Digitalization, every individual needs editing tools for recording their screen and editing those videos for a variety of purposes, including delivering a presentation, screen recording for a client, creating your videos to share on social media, recording and editing gameplay, and so on.

There are hundreds of software programs accessible on the internet that offer functions such as screen recording and video editing, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

What is DemoCreator?

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recorder and video editor that allows you to record screens for various purposes, including presentations, gaming, lessons, and more. You can easily edit your screen recordings with an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface.

It is much more than a screen recorder. It enables you to manipulate your recordings using various tools to make them more visually appealing and understandable to your audience.

The DemoCreator software and tools are the perfect solutions for individuals who want to record their screen and need a few simple editing features to make their recording more appealing and understandable. Teachers, tutors, and authors of online courses will benefit from DemoCreator the most.

create product video

How to Make Product Videography using DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a perfect and reliable modern tool for you to create your desired product video. The tool is designed to be simple and easy to use. Below are the simple steps you need to follow to create a good product video.

Record Your Demo Using DemoCreator

Use DemoCreator to record a product video through your Webcam. It can be one lengthy video clip or several short clips to be adjoined and edited.

create product video

Import Your Video Clips

Now simply go on the toolbar at the top left and click import, open your video directory on the computer and choose the video clip(s) you need to work on.

create product video

Add Transitions, Stickers, Annotations, and Animated Captions in Your Video

DemoCreator offers various editable options to enhance your videos and add the effects that match your graphic needs. You can find these in the toolbar at the top. Simply drag and drop onto your video in the timeline track to apply any of these effects. 

create product video

 Zoom In and Out, Pan Left and Right to Focus on Your Product Detail:

You can go through all of the zooms in and out options, explore how panning makes your products and videos look like, and gauge how you feel when the first draft of the video is made ready by you or your team. Let the video speak to your emotions and self-reflect on how it appeals to your senses, making it easier for you to make adjustments if needed on how to hold the audience's attention for a long time.

create product video

Add Voice and Sound Effects to Your Video

There’s also a large variety of available music to enhance the acoustics of your video. You can either choose the pre-existing music clips or make your voice narrates and music clips, then import them into the software and add them to your video.

create product video

Add Transitions, Stickers, Annotation, and Animated Captions to Your Video:

Make animated videos quickly and easily with various ready-to-use elements and scenes! Characters, props, text, and audio assets can all be dragged and dropped. Turn screenplays into animated videos with a single click by customizing character style, facial traits, attire, and accessories.

create product video

Export Your Video

You can export the videos to many platforms to engage your audience and clients. There is no need to download anything to capture your screen, audio, or webcam. With a shareable link or embedded code, you can share your recordings with others. Google Classroom, GitHub, Jira, Slack, Asana, and Trello are all integrated with the software.

With all done, simply click the Export button visible on the top right of the software.

create product video

Get your desired video output.

create product video


Making a good product video can be challenging, but the reward of taking up this task is enormous. It dramatically increases a customer’s trust in the product and increases the probability of finding newer customers and other service providers. Like every other important task, it requires good planning, practice, and execution. DemoCreator will further enable you to enhance graphics in each frame for your product video, making it a convenient tool for all kinds of product videos.1