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How to Make Promotional Videos

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:18 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

How to make promotional videos? - Complete Guide

A promotional video promotes a particular aspect of a company, such as a product, service, event, campaign, rebranding, or new initiative. Graphics, video clips, designs, transitions, music, and text are frequently used in promotional videos and are artistically mixed to achieve marketing.

They're convenient if your company works with highly sophisticated products or services. They allow you to simplify your business's complexities by distilling them into a simple visual style.

According to a study, 96 percent of consumers have watched an explainer film to learn more about a product or service, demonstrating how significant they've become in capturing potential customers' hearts and minds.

What makes a promotional video successful? Certain vital elements blend and result in a compelling promotional video like the length of the video, its size, placements and dimensions, the type of the video, its style, and last but not least, the tone of the video, which aligns with the brand image.

What is an Outstanding Promotional Video?

Video marketing has been on the rise for some time, and there are no signs that it will slow down anytime soon.

On the contrary, it's becoming increasingly difficult to envisage a marketing strategy that doesn't include entertaining videos. That is what makes a promotional video outstanding from the rest of the others that delivers its message straightforwardly but with a mix of humor. They work effectively on TV, in advertisements, and social media posts.

Let’s look into an Outstanding Promotional video of Dollar Shave Club, who speaks to their audience in a sarcastic way;

make promotional video

The Dollar Shave Club has nailed its target audience to attract the best talent. They are confident in advertising their product because they believe they have identified a genuine market need.

Dollar Shave Club attempted to get into a market of young, professional males who regularly buy big-brand razors from local stores. They are attempting to draw attention to the ridiculously high price of store-bought razor cartridges. As a result, an absurdist, well-targeted product launch video was required.

With over 11 million views on YouTube and publicity across numerous media outlets, this promotional film is simple but effective.

How to make a promotion video with DemoCreator?

There could be multiple ways to create a promotional video to grasp your audience's attention, but keeping things in a flow and creating a video step by step might help you in creating a compelling promotional video.

Here are some general suggestions to help you get started. We'll start with a high-level review of the tips before delving deeper into each one.

  • Make a script for it.
  • Make a storyboard for your vision.
  • Record a video.
  • Assemble your video editing project.
  • Promote your promo video on multiple social media platforms.

make promotional video

With a powerful script and a right video editing tool like Wondershare Democreator, you can also make an effective promotion video. DemoCreator is a robust software that primarily serves as a screen recording tool. As a result, it makes it simple to capture everything that happens on your screen in real-time.

You can capture video demos, tutorials, presentations, explainer videos, promotional videos, and games using DemoCreator and edit them like a pro. You have the option of recording the system sound, microphone, or webcam, depending on your need.

To enhance your videos, captions, banners, Overlays, Arrows, and other Annotation options are available in DemoCreator. You can add colored stickers to your recordings to make your movie more lively and help your remarks be understood better.

With this level of robust software enriched with a plethora of features, what else do you need? Let’s begin to learn to create a promotional video in DemoCreator;

  • Download and launch the software of Wondershare DemoCreator.
  • Click on the Capture option on the software's main menu to record the promotional video.

make promotional video

  • You can modify your recording settings in the settings window, select the recording area on the screen, and frame rate in the screen window.

make promotional video

  • In the Audio Window, you can select the source of audio and select whether to use a microphone or not
  • You can select if you want to record yourself speaking or explaining via Webcam in the camera window.
  • Once you have recorded your promotional video, Hit the F10 key to stop recording.

Now you are done with the recording part; it's time to edit your recorded promotional video. Editing videos with DemoCreator is fun and easy; let's dive right in;

Combine Videos

If you want to combine your recorded promotional video with another or if you want to merge a short clip with your recorded video, then Click on Import from the media box available on the main interface of the software, and select or import the source recording in our case is that promotional video that we recorded before.

Afterward, drag all the clips from the media box to the timeline and place them next on the same track. Once your Source recording is combined with other clips it's time to edit them.


This application allows you to play the video concurrently with the sound to appear clear and natural to the viewers. You can choose any audio clip you've recorded. Then, in the top right corner, select the Denoise option. It will remove all background noise from the audio clip recorded.

Add Captions

The first option here allows you to add captions to your video. Here you can choose from an extensive range of trendy presets. Drag one down into your timeline by clicking and dragging it. It will behave as though it were its own newly inserted footage.

make promotional video

Slide the clip to extend or lessen the length of time the text is visible. It's effortless to use.

Promotional Stickers

You can add promotional stickers like 30% off, Winter sale, stock clearing, New arrival, Check it out, etc., and other stickers to your video, giving them an appealing look.

make promotional video

Stickers are available in “Animation effects” you can drag stickers to the timeline.

Adjust Speed

Select the clip you want to edit; by holding the mouse over the thumbnail provides you details of the clip, you can check the speed or the time duration. If you want to stretch or contract a clip, select the clip, press the Ctrl key and move the cursor across the bar to find the “Clock icon,” here, you can drag the timeline to adjust the speed as you need.

make promotional video


Annotations consist of a few small comment boxes. You can explain the many elements depicted in the video there. This function can highlight any part of the video to make it more exciting and engaging.

make promotional video

You can add text, graphs, captions, and overlays to the videos by annotating them.

Add Transitions

To help your movie flow better, this video editor includes up to 70+ built-in beautiful transition effects, such as dissolve, erase, evaporate, and more. In the Animations tab choose the Transition and drag it down to your timeline and then preview it.

make promotional video

Add Brand Watermark

DemoCreator lets you add your watermark, which might be text or a picture. Click on the brand settings to bring up the popup windows to apply your business watermark. You can use text or a picture as a watermark.

You can alter the text field's font style, color, and position. You can change an image watermark's scaling, opacity, and position.


The video can be exported in various formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, and GIF. To export the video, go to the top-right corner of the screen and select Export. Please choose a format, give it a name, choose the directory, and click Export.

make promotional video

You can also export directly to any cloud drive. Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud, and OneDrive for Business are all supported by DemoCreator.

DemoCreator for Business

DemoCreator offers business packs ideal for developing business presentations and promotional videos for corporate events. You can make business presentations with a professional look with dedicated features and pre-rendered icons. You can make teasers and promotional events for corporate events with free marketing packs.

The DemoCreator is the perfect solution for your business, and here it’s how;

  • DemoCreator is a robust program compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It is simple to use and has no lag.
  • You may assign, revoke, and manage end-users using self-serve license management.
  • No prior editing knowledge is required, and the user-friendly interface reduces learning and operations costs.
  • You may record your screen and edit video in one program, resulting in a faster ROI and lower TCO.
  • Provide everyone with the video editing and preparation tools required to avoid inefficiencies.
  • Your business will receive upgrades to the following software version once released if you purchase Software Assurance.
  • Over 10000+ Royalty-free Video Effect Packs can help you complete your product demo or video advertising.

Effects store for Templates/Assets

DemoCreator 5.0 comes up with an effect store with hundreds of online templates. Browse the Effect store from the tools panel to find the amazing graphics which you can use and customize as per your video needs.

Browse Templates

In the Tools panel on the left, switch to the “Effect Store” tab and select “Assets.” Here you will find some categorized templates for Business, Education, Tutorial, Lifestyle, and Game. To preview the template effects, click on the Play button.

make promotional video

The detailed information of each template is available under the template's thumbnail. The information would include Text, overlays, transitions, motion effects, stickers, etc.

Download Template

Once you have chosen a suitable Template/Effect pack, Click on the “Download” button.

make promotional video

The Templates could be free and paid, you can download free templates, but if you want the paid one, you need to upgrade your license with Effect store membership.

make promotional video

The red marks for the new asset regions will appear when the download is complete. Now go to the Download section and use all of the packs.

Tips for making Promotion video

In this digital era, old marketing tactics are replaced by digital marketing and, more specifically, social media marketing. Marketing through social media means promoting your product/service/business/event on social media sites like Facebook. Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Nowadays, social media marketing is based on videos. You might have seen a video ad in the middle of a video you are watching on any of the social media sites mentioned above.

It's easy to reach out to your audience via social media, but the main question is how to grasp their attention and how to motivate them for conversion. Well, a short, compelling promotional video ad can push a potential customer for conversion.

You can also make such compelling promotional videos with the right video editor on hand. Many Video editing tools provide preset templates, so you can also use them, make certain modifications, edit text, put a watermark, and boom, you have created a promotional video.

One of the essential rules of social media marketing is to sell your goods as soon as possible. That's why it's critical to make the initial few seconds count with captivating video and enticing content. Encourage people to stay and contribute to the success of your content.

Let’s look into some tips to create a promotional video that will push audience for conversion;

Use a Template to Kick things Off

Suppose you are bound to make a promotion video in a limited time, or there is a state of urgency. In that case, you can save valuable time and effort by using preset templates offered by various video editing softwares.

Templates for business, events, products, services, courses, articles are available in such softwares, which you can use to create a great promotional video that will surely boost your sales.

If you choose to work on a template, you have to make certain modifications like adding media, merging clips, trimming unwanted parts, adding text and watermark.

Keep your Theme Consistent

Make sure that the color, typography, and tone that you will be using in your promotional video must align with your brand image.

For instance, If you are making a promotional video for a toy store use colorful themes and the tone of a kid or a mother. If the promotional video is for a feminine product your color theme must be something pink/purple or shining golden with a soft tone of a girl.

Make sure that consistency in theme must be followed for all videos that you will be using for promotions as consistency is the key and essential for brand recognition.

People will associate your brand with a color, text, or a tone that they had seen before on your logo, or a promotional video or might be on your retail store or a poster. Make sure that people associate your brand with something good.

Add your own bits and pieces

If you are using a preset template, you will need to work on it a little. Upload your pictures/clips, recordings, music, voiceover, transitions, brand logo, or watermark to give a promotional video the brand look it will be representing.

Or create a promo video just the way you want it

If you cannot find a suitable template that aligns with your promotional video objective, you should invest some time making a promotional video from scratch. With robust software on hand like the Wondershare DemoCreator, you would not be stuck up in between making promotional videos.

Make it Short & Simple

Make your promotional video short and attention grabbing. You will be allotted only 15 seconds and sometimes 5 seconds to deliver your message to your audience as the duration of an ad on most of the social media sites is 5-15 seconds.

In this short span, you have to grab the audience's attention and push them to visit your account/page to learn more. Once your potential customer is landed on your page or website there are high chances of conversion.

Inshort your promotional video must be clear, easy to understand, and quick to deliver is paramount or your viewer will skip the promotional video/ad.

Focus on Pain Point

Educate your potential customers that “This is the problem” or hit their pain point and tell them that they lack something that you are offering.

Introduce Solution

Ask them what if the problem could be fixed? Then provide the solution to that problem. The solution could be a product or a service. Make sure that your product or service must be a relief to their pain point.

Get Maximum Exposure

It's pointless to keep your promotional video with yourself once it's finished. Crop it easily and publish it on all of your brand's platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, your website, social media, and even email. To get your brand in front of the right individuals, you'll go to any length.


Video content marketing is now being used by 63 percent of businesses. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed believe video marketing is an essential aspect of their overall strategy.

Video is fast evolving, and we can expect it to reach new heights sooner than we anticipate. This trend is spurred by 83 percent of organizations who believe promotional videos give a high return on investment.

Promotional videos might potentially result in direct sales. According to studies, 74% of people who saw a promotional video about a product or service went to buy it. So get to work on your exciting product videos right away.

We have explored what a promotional video is, and we have also explored an outstanding example of a promotional video, “Dollar Shave Club,” which is keen to provide a solution to a problem “high price of store-bought razor cartridges.”

We learned to create a compelling promotional video with a robust video recording and editing software, “Wondershare DemoCreator.” Using DemoCreator, you can make a promotional video from scratch, and afterward, you can share it to social media platforms to boost your sales.

We have also discussed some tips and tricks to create a promotional video that will grasp your potential customer and drive them towards conversion.