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In this age of the digital era, social media platforms have become video-centric and hubs of e-commerce. According to a survey, video traffic accounts for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic.

As the social media platforms have become e-commerce hubs, the consumers are watching and engaging with more video content rather than pictures or text/paragraphs explaining products; they are actively seeking and exploring brands and businesses they believe they might be interested in.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, businesses landed a new customer on their websites whenever they shared a video on their social media platforms, and the survey participants ranked video number one in terms of ROI.

In 2021 86% of the businesses utilized demo video as a marketing tool; having said that, in the light of the rapid growth of video consumption, it has become a content medium that, as a marketer, you can not afford to ignore.

Video Marketing, Marketers Statistics

Let’s look into some data to analyze the importance of demo videos importance in marketing and what marketing experts have said regarding video marketing;

● In the last five years, the amount of time spent watching videos has climbed by roughly 249%.

● According to 87 percent of marketers, video has a positive return on investment (ROI)

● Sixty-eight percent of marketers believe video has a higher return on investment than Google Ads.

● 84% of video marketers think video has helped with lead generation.

● Eighty-three percent of marketers believe video has enhanced the average time on a page for their visitors, and 78 percent believe it has directly influenced sales.

● 86% of video marketers say video has boosted their website traffic.

Video Marketing, Consumer Statistics

Now let's explore the impact of demo video on the consumers, why they prefer video over pictures and text how video has won their attention and driven them towards conversion;

● Because of the pandemic, 96 percent of customers say they've seen more video content online.

● On average, people watch 18 hours of video per week.

● Consumers have watched 96 percent of explainer videos to learn more about a product or service.

● After watching a brand's video, 84 percent of people made a purchase.

● Sixty-nine percent of people like to learn about a product or service by watching short films.

● Video content is twice as likely to be shared by audiences.

How to Create a Product Demo video? - Complete Guide

The best demo videos will show the audience more than just how a product works. A good demo video will also show how the viewers' problems are solved, forcing them to take action after watching it.

Follow the simple guide below to create a compelling demo video;

Identify the Goal

Determine your goals and the actions you want your viewers to do before you start filming your video. Do you want them to know about your brand? or create a new account, make a phone call, subscribe, or use your coupon, or do you want them to make Purchases? Or to educate them on a topic?

Determine the goal of your video and what you want the viewer to take away from it. You must be clear about your objectives so that when you create videos, everything is geared at encouraging your viewers to take the appropriate action.

Structure your Video

A video comprises multiple stages, each of which requires a specific amount of time to complete. They include script authoring, video recording, editing, and publishing. Create a production plan to organize the video development process. Consider the answer to the following question;

● Are you willing to tell a story?

● Will you hit the pain point?

● Use only text or only visuals?

● How long will each step take to complete?

● What equipment and personnel are required to complete each step?

● When do you think each phase should be completed?

Determine how you'll express your aim and make it a reality.

Choose between Animation and Live-action

This step is based on three things;

● Your budget for the demo video.

● Skillset and capabilities to produce both types of video.

● Between the two, what will your audience prefer?

Once you have determined your video budget, the live-action video will be more costly than the animated one because you have to pay the actors, directors, and producers (creative agency).

The skills and talent to create both - as the animated video will need to create a professional video editor. On the other hand, the live-action video will need talented actors and directors.

And the most important is the audience preference - what are their age, demographics, and interests? Considering the above things, you will be able to craft the demo video.

Start Recording or Editing

Finally, it's time to record your demo video by demonstrating your product or service. Having a freelance video recorder and editor or a creative agency on board will assist in the creation of excellent videos; you may also use a variety of software and tools.

To make the video more appealing and engaging, the final step is to edit it. You can shorten it, add images and animations, and delete extra sounds as you edit your movie.

Product Demo Video Examples

We won’t be able to digest what Demo videos are actually until we explore some of the Demo videos of organizations that they use to demonstrate the product and drive the customer to conversion;

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning sets the perfect tone with actionable and aspirational content in their Demo video. The video demonstrates how to utilize the software by demonstrating how the program offers professional training resources to users based on abilities in their profiles.

demo video examples

Aside from product features, the film entices viewers to learn more about LinkedIn Learning by discussing how it helps firms achieve their business objectives by providing more skilled personnel.


Pipedrive followed their customer’s interests and created a Demo video that kept the audience engaged till the end. Pipedrive, a sales CRM application, assists business executives and sales professionals organize and manage their prospects as they progress through the sales funnel.

demo video examples

It's a long video, clocking in at over four minutes, but it covers everything the audience would want to know. It's all about knowing your audience once more. The narrator adds a little personality, the animation is cleverly interwoven, and the soothing soundtrack effectively conveys the message.


Slack is a widely used team communication tool, but the company discovered that many of its users believed it was just for private messaging. Slack has produced a Demo video for a feature that allows public or team collaboration.

The video is kept simple with a single actor narrating the "availability" of a team collaboration tool on Slack. The background voiceover then guides you through the "how-to" of the "Channel" feature.

demo video examples

By avoiding "selling" the product itself and sticking to the video's topic, this product demo video masterfully drives home the message it's attempting to convey. Their primary goal was to raise awareness of their "Channel" feature, which they only did with the video.

This demo video from Slack has over 150K views on YouTube. This is quite impressive for a video that merely explains a single functionality.


The new DuoLingo feature is funny. This Demo video of Duolingo depicts a character dubbed "Wordsmith" who uses an interactive storybook approach to teach people how to speak different languages.

When reminded about pronunciation, users can choose between activities such as matching words or completing sentences based on what they see on screen by pressing them.

demo video examples

The video demonstrates how DuoLingo may help you learn vocabulary more effectively by reinforcing proper word usage rather than simply displaying spelling errors without teaching good sentence structure as other applications do.

Apple Card

Apple is a truly unique brand. The organization knows how to build a buzz and attract people to come over with simple commercial material. This advertisement is an excellent illustration of how a new product launch can generate a lot of buzzes.

demo video examples

The Apple Card is a brand-new credit card that prioritizes ease of use over complexity. Following their previous achievements, this latest product launch has high hopes. The Demonstration video features a basic style and realistic movements that keep viewers' attention from beginning to end, making it one of the best demo videos available.

Survey Monkey

Because of the intuitive presentation of the product, the engagement element, and the visual splendor that the video maintains till the conclusion, SurveyMonkey's product demo video is, without a doubt, one of the best examples out there.

demo video examples

Compellingly and pleasantly, the video effectively explains the product's features, advantages, product interface, and seamless usability.

The video is simple to grasp for everyone, much alone technical people, with textual material explaining everything that happens in the video and soothing music.

Viewers will quickly grasp how to incorporate SurveyMonkey into their daily routine and how simple it is to create and send a survey.

Ring Door view can

Even without narration, a product demo video can still engage viewers, but only if the product is adequately "described" in the film itself. There are no elaborate introductions or voiceovers in the Ring Door View Cam product demo film. Graphics and other special effects are also kept to a minimum.

However, the video's advantage is that it shows the product being "used" in various circumstances. Viewers can almost instantly understand the product's purpose and its value once purchased.

demo video examples

The numerous scenarios of use for the product are depicted effectively throughout the film, from a youngster making faces in front of the door cam to a robber becoming startled as the voice comes through unexpectedly from the door cam.

On YouTube, this product demo video has over 171K views.


The noise-canceling function of Sony's headphones makes its consumers feel as if they've been transported to another universe in this spectacular product demo video.

Also noteworthy is how they chose to use animated visualizations to demonstrate the device's innards and its processor, a feature that would otherwise be too complex or boring to discuss.

demo video examples

Thanks to futuristic animation, Sony does an excellent job of explaining the ingenuity and technology that powers its product without getting bogged down in technical details. Indeed, fantastic work!


The demo video for Nightingale is one of the best examples of how a demo and promotional or a marketing video should be crafted. Watching this commercial clip seems like learning something new while simultaneously receiving a brief overview of the product.

demo video examples

There is no need for a voiceover or other music to accompany the facts in this style of product demo. Nightingale employs a superb combination of calming sounds and crystal-clear visuals to describe the goods.


The Nintendo Switch was a game-changer when it came out as a home console that could also be used on the go. As a result, this product demo required demonstrating the console's many diverse usage cases to encourage fans to buy it.

This demo video depicts people playing the Nintendo Switch at home, on the go, and with friends, and several games for the platform.

demo video examples

Nintendo is able to appeal to a wide range of customers with only one product demo video by executing all of this in a natural and unforced manner.

How to record your Demo Video?

After exploring multiple examples, you might be now aware of the fact how Organizations globally use Demo videos as a marketing tool to grow; let’s learn to make a demo with one of the most popular screen recording and editing software “Wondershare DemoCreator”;

Record your Demo video

DemoCreator is all set to launch its new version 6.0; the new version will include the Demo Project recording feature that will ultimately assist you in making a Demo video beyond your imagination.

Version 6.0 will be more innovative and loaded with exciting features, buckled up to experience recording demo video better than any other video recorder and editor.

Download Wondershare DemoCreator 6.0 on your Windows OS or Mac OS, launch the application, and on the interface, you will find different modes of recording and editing.

demo video examples

Click on “Start a Demo Project.”

A screen will pop up where you can customize your background, adjust webcam settings, introduce your Avatar if you want, or else you can record a Demo video with your Webcam capture too.

demo video examples

Click on the “+” sign on the lower-left corner of the screen to add a new face and introduce PDF on the screen, which you will be going to explain in the demo video.

demo video examples

On the very top, if you switch to the avatar, an avatar character will take your webcam capture and will mimic your words; here, you can also change the background as per your requirements.

demo video examples

How to edit your Demo Video?

Now you have accomplished half of the task, yet another most important task is still left the “editing of the demo video,” editing you can give the demo video a compelling and appealing brand look that will speak volumes for your brand;

Cut, trim, combine 

To combine your short clips, click all the files and drag them into the timeline in the sequence you want to merge; DemoCreator will automatically merge your clips into one video.

To Trim, a video clip, select it and then the cursor to the clip edge and drag it forward or backward to remove the unwanted part.

demo video examples

To cut a video, right-click on the video clip, and from the options, click on “Cut.”

demo video examples

Add Captions

In the left Tools panel, switch to the Caption tab and select the Opener category. Hover over the openers to get a preview and choose the one you like. Drag it to the timeline where you want to adjust it into the video.

demo video examples

Add Transitions

The Transitions will give your video a professional look if your video is in small fragments or chunks. To introduce Transitions in your video, switch to the Transition effects on the left.

demo video examples

From the effects, choose the most suitable one which aligns with your video looks, then drag the transition into the timeline between the clips, or you can even put them at the start or end of the video.

To adjust the transition timings, click on transition effects and customize it as per your needs.

Add Stickers

To express narratives and feelings, add stickers to your demo video; DemoCreator provides you with four types of stickers; Animation stickers, Game stickers, Education Stickers, and Emoji stickers.

To add the stickers, go to the left tools panel, switch to the Stickers Tab, select the category of Animation, and drag the sticker you want to put onto the video timeline.

demo video examples

If the audio goes missing in any part of the video, there is no need to worry, as you can add voice-over via the voice-over feature of DemoCreator. This feature is also helpful for giving some additional pieces of information in the video.

demo video examples

To add voice-over, click on the Mic icon below the preview screen option, add the voice or adjust the volumes using this icon.

Export video

Once you are done with editing the video, it’s now time to export it to the multiple formats available and then upload it to social media and video sharing platforms. In DemoCreator, you can export your video in formats including the WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, and MP3.

demo video examples

To export your video, click the “Export” button available at the top right corner, choose the format and adjust other video settings like Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, and BitRate.

Tips to record Demo video

Crafting a Demo video for a product is fun and games; follow the simple tips below to craft an appealing demo video;

● Plan the video before starting recording it, follow a proper strategy, and ensure that everyone included must follow the proper roadmap. Include all vital things in your and crucial aspects in your plan.

● Craft the script of the video, and do this part with essential stakeholders of the product. Include dialogues and subtitles shown in the video in your script.

● Hit your audience's pain point and then introduce how your product will solve it.

● Describe the product, and make the viewer believe that this product is created for them and it will be a relief to their problem.

● Show how the product works but in a concise way. Give the audience a real-life experience and feel of the product through your demo video.

● Tell your audience their next step, "Call to Action," such as visiting the website, learning more, adding to the cart, or purchasing.


Whether you are a business owner or a marketer working for a company, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to grow your business or boost your sales using a demo video.

Marketers believe that videos have a positive ROI of 87% compared to text or images. We have also seen some cases of how companies are boosting their sales and growing using Demo Video.

You can also craft an appealing Demo video that will increase sales and brand awareness of your business with DemoCreator. The software is compatible with Mac and Windows, and because of its friendly user interface and intuitive features, the software is popular among video editors and creative agencies.