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How to Make Demo Video? Complete Guide

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

Have you recently launched a new product in your business portfolio? If you want your customers to know about it, then a good demo video might assist you in this cause.

A product demonstration video aims to educate the potential customers about the features of a product, how it works and how the customer can use it. It’s an excellent way to communicate your product/service value to your customers and show them how we relieve their problems.

According to a survey, 72 percent of people prefer watching a product tutorial video rather than a physical in-store demonstration. With this, we can say that Videos are becoming a preferred way to learn; businesses worldwide are adapting to this change and using this opportunity to grow their businesses via marketing, explainer, demo, tutorials, corporate videos, etc.

You don’t need a high budget to create an excellent product demo video featuring your business and the value it delivers through its products and services; all you need is a good strategy, ideas, and a good script.

Demo Videos, when done right, can improve your audience sales, audience engagement, sign-ups, conversion rate, etc. Keeping things simple and making the product the "Star" of the demo video speaks volumes about the impact you can have.

Some of the Impressive Demo Videos

Learning about the Demo Videos by reading just words won't be enough to get a helpful insight; let’s explore some of the businesses/brands demo videos to see how they are conveying their message to their targeted audience;


demo video making

The essence of how Apple inspires its audience through its branding can be found in their product demo video also, which promotes their current smartphone devices. This "essence" combines simplicity and vividness, which Apple executes beautifully every time.

The tangent of explanation for one product was never intermingled with the other in this film, introducing three items. The video introduces each phone's essential features, highlighting their distinctiveness and value to the consumer in simple terms.

Another noteworthy aspect of the video is that any "in-video text" presented alongside the features is not rushed. It gives users plenty of time to read them. The narration remains basic even when introducing complicated capabilities like the A12 Bionic chip.

The graphics are sparkling quality and are only used where necessary, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing product demo video. This demo video has received 32 million views, even though it is only four minutes long.

Amazon Web Services

demo video making

Amazon Web Services does a better job emulating this concept than anyone else in their product demo video. AWS is the world's largest cloud platform, and all of its features are explained in a two-minute, two-dimensional animated demo movie.

The movie is visually stunning and has a concise storyline, emphasizing key aspects of the service such as pay-as-you-go mode, a comprehensive machine learning architecture, and much more.

Following the narrative is simple and intelligible at all stages for new business owners, who are this film's target audience. The video currently has over 163K views on YouTube, demonstrating its popularity in a relatively narrow market.

Survey Monkey 

demo video making

This SurveyMonkey's product video is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of demo videos. Because of the intuitive presentation of the product, the engagement element, and the visual splendor that the film maintains till the conclusion,

Compellingly and pleasantly, the video effectively demonstrates the product's features, advantages, product interface, and seamless usability.

The video is simple for everyone, much alone technical people, thanks to written content that explains everything that happens in the video and soothing music. Viewers will quickly grasp how to incorporate SurveyMonkey into their daily routine and how simple it is to create and send a survey.


demo video making

Every child's all-time favorite toy is LEGO. As a result, the demo video is tailored to children's comprehension. Bright colors, engaging iconography, and loud music appeal to children of all ages in this product demo film.

The LEGO demo video demonstrates how parents may utilize the free smartphone app to create adventures with their children while also providing opportunities inside the virtual environment they are creating on-screen.


demo video making

When it was first released, the Nintendo Switch was a game-changer in the gaming world because it was a home system that could also be used on the go. As a result, this product demo required showing off the console's many diverse usage cases to encourage people to buy it.

This commercial depicts people playing the Nintendo Switch at home, on the go, with friends, and several games for the platform. Nintendo can appeal to a wide range of customers with only one product demo film by performing all of this natural and unforced manner.

How to make a Demo Video?

A compelling demonstration video will do more than walk the audience through how a product works; it will show how the problem that our customers' problem is resolved. Let's learn how to create a convincing demo video that will speaks volumes about your product/service;

Determine Goals

Determine your goals and the actions you want your viewers to do before filming your video. You must be clear about your objectives so that everything you do in creating your videos is geared at encouraging your viewers to take the appropriate action.

List Product/Service features

Make a list of all your product or service features and choose the ones to highlight in your demo video.

A single video should not cover all of your product's characteristics. It would be too long and daunting otherwise. Highlight the essential qualities for your target audience, then underline how they can assist them to live better lives.

Create a Scenario/Story

You can't go wrong with a compelling story because it can elicit strong emotions in your viewers, prompting them to act immediately after watching your demo film. Make up a tale that your audience will be able to relate to. They may relate to the story since it is something they have experienced.

Keep Short & Sweet

A good demo video doesn't need to be scripted or feature extravagant setups. Make a natural, easy-to-understand, and highly relatable product demo video.

Your product demo films should highlight your items and how they can help your customers. Using too many animations or effects may cause your viewers to distract from the essentials.

Once you have developed a good strategy and a storyline, the next stage is to record the video using a sound video recording and editing tool like Wondershare DemoCreator. The software offers an easy-to-use interface, so anyone with prior experience of video editing or not can use it.

DemoCreator is a robust program that allows you to record your screen and includes a video editor. The video editor contains several features that will assist you in improving the quality of your content.

To enhance your videos, captions, banners, Overlays, Arrows, and other Annotation options are available in DemoCreator. You can clip, copy, speed up/slow down video, modify the border, combine, and change the volume, among other things.

Let’s begin creating a demo video with Democreator;

Recording with “Virtual Human” feature

The DemoCreator comes up with a new and innovative feature, "Virtual Human," that lets you make your own animated and professional-looking webcam recording video. The DemoCreator virtual human uses machine learning to track your jaw, eyes, hearing, and pupils.

  • To begin recording demo video with the “Virtual Human” feature, Launch the Wondershare DemoCreator and select Virtual Human mode.

demo video making

  • After that, turn on the webcam and choose a virtual person you like. Make sure the camera is set up to mirror your facial expressions and body movements in real-time accurately. Test if the avatar you chose can sync with you by aligning the position facing. After that, click the “Red button” to start recording.

demo video making

  • In Virtual Human mode, you can also change the background before recording. Various background scenes are provided, including the classroom, office gaming, meeting, gaming, etc.
  • Once you have recorded the demo video, hit the F10 key to stop recording, check your recording, and after that, FastExport of Re-record; if you want to make changes, open the editor to begin editing.

demo video making

How to combine and edit your video?

The process to combine and edit two or more videos is quick and straightforward, let’s see how;

Import Media Files

Launch the application of DemoCreator and choose “Video Editor.” When the Editor interface comes, click on Import Videos to combine.

demo video making

Now drag the Imported videos to the timeline of the editor.

demo video making

Combine Videos

Now place the videos that you want to merge side by side on the same track. You can add as many videos as you want. The videos are combined into a single video.

Audio Leveling

Audio leveling becomes essential for the videos that have been combined into one have sounds recorded with microphones at different locations and times. Leveling them gives them balanced acoustics throughout the clip.

Color Correction

The Two combined videos have different ambiance and colors; it’s necessary to correct them to look like they were recorded in a single shot.

How to Blur video, add Transition?

You can blur a face using the mosaic effect. Hover to the effects menu available at the left side of the interface. Drag and drop the mosaic effect into the timeline and drop it over the place you want to blur.

demo video making

Adjust the position of the blue box by clicking on it and moving anywhere you want.

demo video making

To add some special effects between two videos, click on the Transitions on the menu bar, and from here, drag the transition you like at the beginning, in between, or at the end of the two videos.

demo video making

Add Captions

In the tools panel, hover to the “Captions” tab and select from Opener, EndCredit, Subtitle, Lower Third categories. Please choose your favorite caption and drag it to the timeline.

demo video making

Add Stickers

In the tools panel, hover to the “Stickers” tab and select the category of Animations. Here, four stickers are available: Animation, education, emoji, and gaming stickers. Please choose your desired sticker and drag it to the timeline.

demo video making

Add Annotations

To add Annotations, Switch to the “Annotation” tab and choose a category from the Dialog box, Line/Arrow, Sketch, and Shapes. Click the desired Annotation and drag it to the timeline.

demo video making


Demo Videos provide a way to communicate with your audience, telling them about the value you deliver educating them about the features of the product/service in a way that does not explicitly feel like selling.

A product demonstration video is social media content that is easily shared. Users who see your product demo and are thrilled about it can share it with their followers, share it with their followers, and so on, resulting in exponential growth for your marketing campaign.

Hence, demo videos are a great marketing tool to boost your sales and increase brand awareness. Social media is flooded with thousands of videos; you can grasp this opportunity and expand your business by making a compelling demo video and later uploading it on your social media pages and websites.

Wondershare DemoCreator is an excellent tool for making a demo video; with the Virtual Human feature, you can introduce an avatar that will explain or speak in your video. If you want your demo video animated, you can create one with Wondershare Anireel; the application is the user’s number one choice for creating animation videos.