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Making an instructional video is way easier than you might think. All you need is the right tool and a bit of planning.

It raises many questions how will you do it? Which tool should you use for this purpose? We can provide you with an answer by explaining them one by one.

This article will tell you how to create a demonstration video and its examples.

What is a demo video?

A type of video that illustrates to the viewers how something works. It is a compelling way to communicate a product's value to prospective to turn them into customers.

The audience finds it a compelling asset because they don't need to ask anyone how to use a particular product.

Why will you need to record a demo video?

Video marketing has become an essential part of our digital lives. A video marketing strategy uses videos to promote products or services and educate the audience about your company.

The advanced technology made it easier for everyone to create content. The only reason is that video is the dominant form of communication.

Consumers search for more video content while searching for products. It provides marketers with a great advantage. They can create the type of content the audience wants and enhance their interest.

Most business people are using this strategy to promote their business. You will need to record demonstration videos for social awareness.

In video marketing these days, you can't turn an enthusiastic micro-influencer without hitting someone talking about video content. And it's not without merit.

● A recent Wyzowl study revealed that 69 consumers prefer to watch a short video to learn further about a brand's products or services.

● With 84 people saying they've been induced to make a purchase grounded on a brand's video, videotape marketing is the future and product demo videos are an economic path forward.

Video is the second most popular content type on social media for increasing viewers' engagement. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook emphasize the value of video marketing by focusing on video.

Tips you should keep in mind to start a demo video;

 There are multiple different product demonstration videos, so I'm sharing multiple of my favorites below, along with tips on getting started on your product demonstration video.

1. Identify the thing.

 Purchases? Education? Brand awareness? Decide what your content is trying to achieve and what you want the audience to walk down with.

 What action do you hope the observer takes latterly watching your video, and what business need does it fulfill? For illustration, we hope the audience fills a request form.

2. Determine your cult.

 Has the cult for this content bought with you before? Are you introducing a new product or pointing to them? Or is this video reaching persons who have no way heard of you? How long will they want to watch?

What buyer persona will you be creating this video for?

Ask yourself these questions.

 For illustration, let’s say you’re introducing software that regulates the temperature of various areas in your office.

The followership for your video might be harried office directors who are constantly addressing requests to turn the temperature up or down.

They’re concerned with keeping their associates comfortable without breaking the bank on electricity costs.

3. Set a budget and a timeline.

 Do you have enough money to make a demo video?

 First, identify your budget so you know how to do it. It's time to set expectations. However, you're not going to come out with a video on par with Apple's rearmost release – and that's all right, If you have a$ 500 budget.

 Indeed the most significant budgets can run up against roadblocks if the timeline is too limited.

4. Decide between in-house or agency.

 This decision will probably be dependent on your budget. However, interview agencies can give you quotations and creative pitches for your design, If you have a lot to work with.

 Still, you can produce a great video with a smartphone with a high-quality camera, and if you have a small budget, you can record the screen of your computer to use as B-roll as you find the way through the platform.

 Be consistent with what you have and be proud of whatever you produce.

5. Structure your video.

 Will you tell a story? Punctuate pain points? Use textbook or illustrations only? Decide how you want to communicate your thing and how you’ll bring it to life.

 Still, they may help you define the structure. Suppose you're working with a creative agency or freelance videographer. However, use videos like the ones we've listed below to inspire you and define which format will work stylish for your product and goals If you're going it alone.

 Another factor to consider is length. How long should a product rally videotape be, you ask? Two twinkles are the sweet spot. Still, you can go up to five twinkles if your demonstration details use cases and features.

6. Choose between vitality and live-action.

 Animation can occasionally be a little cheaper than a live-action video.

 Work within your budget and skill position. In addition, narrow down which stylish option highlights your product and the compass your design requires.

7. Write a script.

The script is a pivotal part of your video. It defines the tone, pace, and communication.

 Start with design detail, move on to a figure, and navigate your script, section by section, making sure it speaks to the pretensions you’ve preliminarily outlined.

 Call out openings for B-roll throughout, and always conduct a verbal run-through before getting behind the camera. It will help you see if anything sounds artificial.

For further tips and a videotape script template, check out this blog post and accompanying videotape on how to write a videotape script.

8. Produce a marketing plan.

 Once you've shot, edited, and perfected your videotape, it's time to decide how you'll share it with your followership. YouTube, your website or crusade wharf runners, and exceptional email campaigns are great distribution channels.

 But don’t overlook less egregious opportunities, like including your video in your dispatch hand, participating it in mate blog posts, and incorporating it into your deals platoon’s pitches.

You'll need a recording tool to make a demo video. There'll be many tools, but DemoCreator is the best of all.

Record Demo videos with DemoCreator:

demostration video maker

It is a screen recording and editing tool that lets you capture whatever happens on your screen without any hassle. It is a free and web-based recording tool that offers multiple features.

Let's discuss this in detail.

Features of Wondershare DemoCreator:

● Record screen

It lets you record anything that happens on your screen.

● Record with microphone

You can record the screen with a microphone.

● Record with Webcam

It allows you to record any video, whether a presentation, webinar, tutorial, or gaming video with Webcam.

● Cut/trim

You don’t need to save the whole video. You can use the excellent feature of cut/trim to keep the desired portion of the content.

● Combine

You can also combine different videos and make it one.

● Captions

If you want to interact with the audience effectively, you can add captions. In this way, deaf and people who speak another language will be able to understand your content.

● Annotation

You can also add an annotation to highlight some essential points to the viewers for their better understanding.

● Stickers

Content should be entertaining so that audience doesn't get bored quickly. For this purpose, DemoCreator has prepared a variety of stickers with animation effects such as education, game, gif, etc. Add it into your videos and make your content engaging.

● Transitions

People attract to natural things. You can also give your content a natural or relaxed look by adding transitions such as fading, blur, evaporation, etc. 

● HD videos

It provides you with high-quality videos.

● Record multiple screens

It enables you to record multiple screens at a time.

● Record any video

With DemoCreator, you can create any video

- Promotional

- Instructional

- Testimonial

- Interviews

- Tutorials

- Record lectures

- Etc

● Drawing tool

You can use drawing tools while recording, such as a pen, arrow, circle, highlighter, etc.

● Voiceover

It also enables you to record the screen with your voice. 

● Green screen technology

DemoCreator, with its advanced feature of green screen technology, allows you to change the background.

● Virtual Webcam

You can present virtual presentations by using its outstanding feature.

Plan your video:

To create a successful demo video with DemoCreator, there are a few points that you should keep in mind. Before diving deep into recording videos, it's essential to make a plan.

Remember the following elements:

● Describe the product

● Narrate the problem

● Provide the solution

● Show them how the product works

● Provide a clear call-to-action (CTA)

How to record with DemoCreator?

To record with DemoCreator, first, you need to 

1. Visit DemoCreator website.

2. Download it.

3. After downloading, click on "install."

4. Open DemoCreator.

5. Click on "Start a new project."

demostration video maker

6. A pop-up icon will appear.

7. Click on “Capture area” to select the region you want to record.

8. After selecting an area, enable it if you want to record with a microphone.

demostration video maker

9. If you want to record the screen with Webcam, enable it. Make sure that it is well connected to the computer.

10. After adjusting settings, start recording by clicking on the red round button.

11. You can pause the recording if you want to by pressing the F9 key.

Record a Demo video with DemoCreator:

DemoCreatro has made it easy for you by introducing lots of features. Soon it’s going to introduce a new feature with which you can record your demonstration video using multiple functions.

● You’ll need to click on “ Star a Demo project.”

● Then an interface will appear where you can avail many options.

● DemoCreator has prepared various background options if you want to change them.

● If you want to share your PowerPoint file with your audience to make them understand, DemoCreator can help you with that.

demostration video maker

● If you don’t want yourself to be in the video or interact with the audience, you can present virtually by adding an avatar. There are many characters that you can choose from in your demo video.

● You can also use drawing tools while presenting.

demostration video maker

How to edit a video?

Once the recording is over, it will be uploaded to the editor interface.

It has four functional areas.

1. Media library

You can import images/videos here from your computer.

2. Timeline

You can also drag files from the media library to the timeline, where you can cut/split/trim and crop them.

3. Preview window

You can use the forward, backward, play, and pause buttons. It lets you see the changes that you're making in your content.

4. Properties window

From the properties window, you can adjust the following settings,

● Speed

● Denoise

● Compositing

To edit the videos first, you need to 

Import files:

In the media library, import the images/videos saved on the computer.

1. Click on the big plus sign.

2. Choose import files

3. Select files from the computer

4. Click OK.

Drag It to Timeline:

1. Drag the files from the media library: audio and video, and drop them into the timeline.

2. You can cut/trim, split and crop the video the way you want.

How to cut/trim

1. Click on the video to view the thumbnail of the clip.

2. Double-click on the file to play it.

3. For effective video trimming, set the cursor to the clip of the edge after opening a particular clip.

4. Drag the clip in any direction, which you can achieve by setting a Marker.

How to combine:

You can combine multiple clips in one video through DemoCreator.

1. Drag the first clip to the timeline

2. Then, drag the second clip and place it above the first track.

3. Repeat this process, and place all the files you want to combine accordingly.

4. Place the videos on the top of the previous clip.

5. Use the scaling handles to resize the video clips.

6. Then position the video at your preferred location on the screen to adjust.

7. Repeat this process.

How to crop

1. From the timeline, click on the video.

2. Select the crop” button” to change the portion you want to crop.

3. After that, click ok. 

Add Voiceover:

To add your voice to the videos,

1. Click on "Voiceover" from the toolbar" in the timeline.

2. Adjust settings.

3. Click on the red round button to start recording the voice.

4. Ensure that your microphone is well connected.

Add captions:

1. Go to the “Captions”

2. There will be different options which you can select as per your need.

● Opener

 You can choose it to add at the start of the video.

● End-Credit

The end of the video appears to credit all who've worked to make the content.

● Subtitles

It shows at the bottom of the screen to narrate the dialogue.

● Lower-third

It is three-line captions that appear in a video at the bottom of the screen.

Add stickers:

For this,

1. Select stickers from the toolbar above the media library.

2. There will be many options, such as

● Education

● Game

● Emoji

● Gifs

demostration video maker

Add transition:

1. Click on “Transition”

2. You’ll see options such as 

● Basic

● Color

● 3D

● Wrap

● Slideshow

● Speed blur

● Ripple&Dissolve

demostration video maker


To remove the unwanted background noises

1. Go to the properties window

2. Select audio

3. Drag the slider to adjust. Drag the slider to the right to increase and to the left to decrease the sound.


1. Go to properties window.

2. Select video

3. Adjust compositing and opacity of the video.


You can adjust the speed of the video.

1. From properties window

2. Select video

3. Scroll down to see the option of speed.

4. Increase or decrease it through the slider.


After the editing is over, you can now export your video.

1. Click on the “Export”

2. A pop-up window will appear.

3. Select the format in which you want to export your video.

4. Formats supported by DemoCreator are;

● MP4

● MP3





● Etc

5. Choose the name of the project.

demostration video maker

6. Select the location on the computer where you want to save the video.

7. Adjust the further settings such as

● Preset

● Resolution

● Bitrate

● Size

● FrameRate

8. In the end, click on "Export."

Buy a subscription if you want to remove the watermark,

Share your video on YouTube:

You can upload videos directly on the YouTube

1. Click on “Export”

2. Select “YouTube”

3. Sign in to continue.

4. Then input the following details

● Title

● Description

● Tags

● Quality

● Category

● Privacy


DemoCreator has a user-friendly interface

It is an easy-to-operate software

It provides you with free updates

There are multiple features encapsulated in this tool.

It lets you export videos in multiple formats.

There is no need to learn any professional skills to use this software.

Record screen with microphone and Webcam without any hassle.


After the recording is over, the mic stays on. It can cause privacy concerns.

You’ll have to buy its subscription to use more features,

Product Demo Video Examples

● The Lip bar

A model shows makeup lovers how to use a particular brand's product in this demo. Such as "HUDA BEAUTY CONCEALER"

In just five minutes of video, the model explains the application method and incorporates the product into its makeup routine.

The benefits of creating such demo videos are:

● It will help the viewers to see what the product looks like in real life.

● It will also allow them to add the product to their daily makeup routine.

● Airtable

This product demo video uses animation to explain to users how they can benefit from it. This video demonstrates several different cases, a top-of-the-funnel approach, and taking a broad that will attract the masses.

As the video proceeds, it shares specific information with tactics and features.

If someone stuck around over one minute into the video, this would give Airtable lead that they want to learn more.

● Zendesk sunshine

In this video, Zendesk leads with the main points. You should build a good relationship with customers by knowing about them.

Zendesk gets this; "What seems like chaos is everything you want ."The viewer feels like zendesk understands them before he even introduces the video.

What makes it a compelling demo video is that we never actually see this at work, although it's not the goal of the video.

● Survey Monkey

This two-minute-long video packs a powerful punch with the benefits of SurveyMonkey and features through the product's interface.

Viewers find it helpful when they see how easy it is to send a survey using SurveyMonkey.

These videos help the audience integrate SurveyMonkey into their daily routine.

● Headspace:

Meditation seems harder to sell on the internet, but Headspace makes it easy with their modern, relatable and animated product demo video.

They provide a healthy and happy life. They also show how the app works for users differing in time and goals.

This demo product video communicates a lot without overwhelming the viewer.

● Esusu

An app was created to help people with financial planning located in marginalized locations.

The company created a demo so that viewers can look inside Esusu's platform and its tools.

 This app helps the families to

● Build each member’s credit

● Save funds

● Send funds to each other

It establishes the pain points by asking the audience what problem they're facing.

● Apple

This product demonstration video introduces the new iPhone by showing what it can do. Through visuals, it alerts the viewers to the features and capabilities of the product.

Educating the people about iPhone and what it does is the goal of this video.

● Slack

You've probably heard of slack. They use videos to break down a misconception about their platform; it's not only for sending private messages.

They help the viewers how teams can communicate by using their interface. The informative video closes with a clear call to action.

● The origins of Nike Free

As you can get from the name, this demo video tells the origin story of the Nike-free shoes.

The brand provides the idea and vision behind the product. It also shares the benefits of designing shoes

● For more natural movements

● For nice modern evolution

● Duolingo

It is the best free language learning app. It teaches you to read, write and speak many languages. The description of this platform tells how extremely effective an app it is.

Sometimes, the facts are more alluring than a product demo.

● IKEA place

What's wrong is stating your purpose upfront?

This demo video explains the IKEA place so everyone can know before going there. It's for people who

● Struggle to design

● Furnish new spaces

● Image a better place

It’s a great place to start because it addresses the pain points and explains why this product is here to solve this.

● NoseFrida

In this demo, the narrator explains what happens to the baby's nose when they are sick. It also tells you why your baby gets fussy.

It identifies the viewer’s pain points and explains the problem. It is designed to be hygienic and safe.

● Craftsy

This video helps the viewers to use their most valuable time asset; their free time. This video engages the viewer and instructs them on how they can manage to enhance their skills.

It outlines the lessons they can take and emphasizes the value of having instructors guide them. Such as

● Baking

● Knitting

● Etc

● Sphero:

Do you want to introduce another product while known to others? Sphero knows how to do this.

It establishes its credibility by referencing past success by introducing past success. They also introduce new products and their features.

● Ring Door view cam:

It is a way of telling the audience what your product can do. This demo video shows everyday people using ring Ring's Door View Cam in various ways.

They can use;

- Mobile interface

- Get benefits from the speaker

- Can avoid danger using the camera

● Peloton:

This demo video begins with a story of the Peloton bicycle and then explains the benefits.

You can also ride it into your room without disturbing others. This video speaks to the pain points of the viewer.

It provides you with

- Classes

- Experienced instructors

- Community

- Ease of use.

● Zoom:

It is an excellent example of a product demonstration video. It is excellent scrip that immediately jumps into how professionals can use and benefit from zoom.

Benefits viewers get;

- The viewer sees how the product is being used as they listen to how it works.

- They have a clear picture of what Zoom can offer.

● Gusto:

The duration of this demo video is about 5 minutes and fifty-six seconds. It explains to the viewers the product, its benefits, and how to pick the perfect plan for it.

Those who make it to the end signal to Gusto that they're ready to speak with the salesperson.

Stick to your goal and offer quick solutions.


As a video marketing strategy is trending these days, it has benefited the marketers to promote their business fast.

If you're a businessman, you can create any type of video to engage the audience towards your company or brand.

It helps you explain what your company is about and what you're precisely offering to the customers.

As creating content requires a bit of planning and a recording tool, DemoCreator is the solution. You can capture the product's demo video and upload it to YouTube with its multiple features. With DemoCreator, you can create any video, whether promotional or instructional.

Download this fantastic recording tool on your Pc and enjoy it yourself.