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How to Edit Videos on Laptop? [Easy Solutions]

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:44:21 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

You should only use the finest video editing software for Macs, whether you are a master or a novice when it comes to videography. Although finding the ideal editing software for you may be a project in itself, don't let that stop you from downloading one or more apps or spending money on a premium package. Some paid-for programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, can be purchased on an Amazon subscription basis, allowing you to cover a single project and then re-subscribe as needed, whereas others, such as Final Cut Pro, are a one-time purchase and maybe a better deal if you have a lot of projects lined up. We spend a lot of time researching high-end picture software, and although Adobe, DxO, and other companies' products may do amazing things with your photos, many users are quite happy using Windows' free Photos program. It not only organizes, changes, and edits your photographs, but it also works wonders with video. Others, like iMovie, come pre-installed on your device and are just as good if you don't require a lot of effects or functionality. Despite the absence of complex capabilities, iMovie and other free apps are surprising in their versatility, since they can work with a variety of formats.

Part 1. How to Edit Videos on Laptop with the Photos App on Windows

The Windows Photos app is an incredible tool that Microsoft has introduced to its arsenal of applications, but it is also one of the most underestimated and neglected by the majority of users. Although Apple does not presently enable importing caption files directly into their free editing program, you may add titles to your caption files in iMovie, or you can add SRT files to films generated from iMovie. iMovie is a fantastic tool for beginners. This fantastic video editing program is included with every Mac and allows users to combine many video clips into a single project. You can learn how to clip films in iMovie and become a professional editor with this brief guide, allowing you to create videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. When you edit movies in the Photos app, the changes are instantly stored and may be undone at any moment if you make a mistake. This allows customers to try out different features without worrying about harming their project or losing their original data.

When you use the Photos app for the first time, it will walk you through a series of panels that explain some of the new capabilities. Yes, the Photos app can not only make a video for you automatically, but it also has a video editor that allows you to create custom videos with motion, 3D effects, music, and more. Let's have a look at how. The built-in video editor is one of the most underutilized features in the Windows Photos program. When it comes to making films from images, adding media components, or any other not-so-over-the-top function, the built-in video editor may even give some third-party applications a run for their money. Video production is more important than ever with the development of TikTok and Instagram reels. Both creators and company owners are under pressure to produce interesting videos in a timely and cost-effective manner. Let's start with Windows: the video editing tools in the free Windows 10 Photos app are impressive for built-in software and well worth the effort to discover. It's unclear why Microsoft opted to hide this video editing feature, but that shouldn't detract from its use. Regardless of your degree of video editing expertise, the Photos app can assist you in creating attractive video material that is ready to share.

In Windows 11, You May Use The Built-In Video Editor To Edit Videos

This section demonstrates how to use the Photos app in Windows 11 and how to load video files for editing. Let's take a brief look at how to use the built-in video editor in two different ways. To use the built-in video editor in the Windows Photos app, open it from the Start Menu, the taskbar, or by searching for it in your app library.

edit video on laptop

After the Photos app has launched, go to the ribbon menu at the top of the window and choose the 'Video Editor' option. You may also launch the Video Editor directly in Windows. To do so, go to your taskbar and click the 'Search' button. Then, in the search box, enter Video Editor and click on the 'Video Editor' app from the search results to launch it.

Using Windows 11's Free Video Editor

The built-in video editor in Windows provides a wide range of features for making and modifying videos. Let's begin with learning how to make a video, and then go on to learning how to edit a video project. The Windows Photographs program can also make films for you using your existing photos in your library. When you want to produce a short movie of your family vacation memories, or make one for a friend's birthday, or practically with anything you want to share, this tool might come in helpful.

  1. To do so, go to the Start Menu, taskbar, or app library and launch the Windows Photos app.
  2. Now, click on the individual checkboxes on each photo thumbnail to choose the pictures in the gallery. After you've chosen your photos, go to the ribbon menu at the top of the Photos app window and pick the 'New movie' option. Then, from the overlay menu, choose the 'Automatic video' option.

edit video on laptop

  1. Then, in the area given, input a chosen video name and click 'OK' to continue. The video editor may take a few moments to make a video for you; please wait while it does so.

edit video on laptop

  1. An overlay window will appear after your film has been made, displaying your freshly created video file. To evaluate your video, click the 'Play' button. If you want to adjust the video's tempo, background music, or theme, go to the 'arrows' symbol and then the 'Remix it for me' section. After selecting the 'Finish video' option, use the drop-down box to pick your chosen video quality. Then, to export the video, click the 'Export' option.

edit video on laptop

  1. Then, using the explorer window, go to the spot where you wish to store your movie. Finally, press the 'Export' button to save it.

edit video on laptop

  1. Create or edit videos Manually

This tool is designed for you if you want to produce a film using existing photos in your gallery or alter videos currently in your photo gallery while maintaining total control over all elements. To do so, go to your PC's Start Menu, taskbar, or program library and launch the Windows Photos app. Now, click on the individual checkboxes on each photo thumbnail to choose your chosen images.

edit video on laptop

  1. Then, from the ribbon menu at the top of the window, choose the 'New video' option. Then, from the overlay menu, choose the 'New video project' option. If you want to open an existing film or photo that isn't in the Windows Photos app gallery, you may do so. From the Photos app, choose the 'Video Editor' option. After that, give your video project a suitable name and click 'OK' to confirm.

edit video on laptop

  1. Then, under the 'Project Library' window, click the 'Add' button. Then, from the overlay menu, choose 'From this PC' and browse your local storage drive to find the movie.

edit video on laptop

  1. After you've picked the video(s) from your local storage, go to the 'Project library' pane and choose the 'Place in storyboard' option. You'll see the storyboard page for altering the film once you've imported your movie or selected existing photographs from the Photos collection. Let's begin by reviewing all of the choices accessible on the storyboard toolbar.

edit video on laptop

Trimming a Video

When dealing with existing movies and needing to remove those excess minutes or seconds from the beginning or conclusion of a file, trimming a video may be useful. To do so, go to the 'Storyboard' window and choose the 'Trim' option. If your storyboard contains a combination of video files and photographs or numerous video files, first choose the file you wish to cut by clicking on it. Only if you picked a video file from your storyboard would this choice be accessible.

edit video on laptop

To modify the video clip time, click and hold the left mouse button while dragging the pointer around the timeline. After you've edited the clip to your liking, click the 'Done' button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Creating a Video Split

Splitting a movie is a less often utilized feature, but it might come in handy when you need it. You may split a single video file into two sections and edit them individually using the splitting option. You may also put frames in between them if necessary. To divide your video file, go to the storyboard pane and choose the 'Split' option.

edit video on laptop

Then, by clicking and holding the left mouse button, move the cursor to the appropriate spot on the timeline. On the right sidebar, you'll also be able to check the length of both divisions. Then, at the bottom of the sidebar, click the 'Done' button to confirm.

Part 2. How to Edit Videos on Laptop with iMovie on Mac

1. Set up the Workspace for the Project

When you choose Project, you'll see two options: Movie and Trailer. A trailer is a fun technique to make a brief teaser for a film or to combine small pieces. It guides you through the process of creating a pleasing short film utilizing templates. Create a new movie by selecting Create New > Movie.

edit video on laptop

This will open the Project workspace for you. A Timeline, which is the film running from left to right, is used in video editing, along with tracks for graphics and audio. There's also a media section, as well as windows for playing the footage or the edited sequence. Your building bricks are the media. To build a satisfactory video, use the timeline to modify images, sound, music, effects, and titles. Beginners will find iMovie to be extremely simple to utilize. To make your video, just drag & drop your material onto the timeline. You may drag and drop them to reorganize them.

2. Video Clips Cutting

In the Preview box, you can preview each clip (or panel). You may play/pause the clip by using the space bar, or you can drag the mouse over the timeline to where you want to be. iMovie editing hints: most clips will be too short. You can separately modify graphics (both static and moving), audio, and music. You may also cut clips to the precise length required.

How to Split A Clip in iMovie

  1. In iMovie, how do you divide a clip? Frequently, you'll want to cut off the beginning or conclusion of a clip. In filmmaking, it's a common practice to start the camera rolling early and conclude late to catch all of the action. That implies there's a lot of fat to remove throughout the editing process.
  1. Move the vertical line with your mouse to the location you wish to alter, then right-click to divide the clip in half. Then hit delete to get rid of it. In the preview box, you may move your mouse around to select the precise spot where you want to cut.
  1. Audio clips may be modified in the same manner as video clips. The Settings slider may be used to zoom in and out on the timeline. The sound is graphically represented in the audio. You can see where a particular sound ends if you look closely. If you have an interview with someone and have asked questions, you may clip them out so the individual looks to be talking nonstop.

iMovie: Add Music

It's impossible to live without music. You may wish to acquire some generic background music if you're crafting a basic Christmas video (Apple includes various tracks in iMovie). Put it into an audio track. By dragging the beginning or finish, you may fade in and out.

If you're working on a more complicated project, such as one with interviews or voice-over, make sure the music doesn't overpower the audio. It's preferable to err on the quiet side and fade it in behind the narrative. When viewers can't hear what's being said, they get irritated.

edit video on laptop

Transitions may be added to video clips.

When two clips merge into one another, this is called a merge. You'll find plenty of fun ways to transition from one visual to the next in the Transitions menu (on the top bar). All you have to do now is drag them into your movie's chronology and position them where they belong. It's worth noting that a lot of flashy transitions can irritate the viewer. The standard method is the ordinary cut. When combined alongside titles to introduce the video, transitions may be very effective.

edit video on laptop

Add Project Titles

The title sequence will most likely be the first thing to appear on screen in your film. This is where you inform your viewers that they will be seeing something intriguing, so consider your options carefully. Even if it just lasts a few seconds, a solid title sets the tone for the picture.

edit video on laptop

Export Your Project

Once you've completed your project and double-checked that everything is in order, go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click the export button. This enables you to finish your film for use in theaters, emails, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. If you want to upload it to YouTube, click that button, and a window will appear, allowing you to choose the film's description, quality, and category. Only you can view it since it's private. Before making it public and distributing it to the world, you may want to make sure it's ready on your channel.

Part3. How to Edit Video with Laptop Video Editor DemoCreator

Video editing used to be a costly procedure that required high-level expertise and pricey professional equipment. But in the twenty-first century, everything has changed. You may now create professional-looking films using low-cost equipment. DemoCreator Wondershare is a powerful video editor with a long list of functions. However, one thing to keep in mind is how clustered the interface is. It may take some time for a newcomer to figure out how to use the editor. Video editing isn't a one-dimensional realm; it involves a variety of variables. While VFX, motion tracking, and multi-cam editing are connected with specific video-based needs, color grading, b-roll, video compression, cropping, Foleys, cut-ins, jump cuts, L-cuts, and video rendering are standard and often sought-after editing techniques.

Laptops have gotten almost as powerful as desktop computers in recent years. When doing stuff like editing images or videos, you don't have to stay still. You are free to bring your project with you. You can create professional-looking films anywhere with the correct laptop and video editing software. Wondershare DemoCreator is designed to perform all screen recording and video editing duties quickly. The Wondershare technology's one-of-a-kind software toolset is accessible for both Windows and Mac OS devices. You may quickly get used to this program, even if you lack professional-level video recording and editing abilities since Wondershare DemoCreator is here to help you in every way. This program is simple to get.

Steps to Edit Videos in DemoCreator:

Wondershare DemoCreator is a creative program that allows you to record and capture your PC's screen. It contains a built-in supervisor that provides you with a broad range of options for adding effects and branding the video interaction for the audience. Are you new to DemoCreator? Don't be concerned! Here, we'll walk you through how to use an all-in-one animated text generator in a few simple steps. Let's get started!

  • Download and install DemoCreator

The built-in video editor in Wondershare DemoCreator is another great feature. You can edit, cut, split, and alter your recorded videos with the help of this toolkit. The editor appears immediately after you have paused the screen recording, allowing you to correct any anomalies or flaws in your recordings. After the download is complete, you must now install it on your computer to begin using it. First and foremost, you must get this software program from the following links:

Download for Windows

  • Navigate to the Editor Panel:

The next step is to launch the software tool so that you may proceed without difficulty. To do so, go to the Video Editor button in the start-up window, and the editor panel will appear as follows:

edit video on laptop

  • Drag text to the timeline

DemoCreator places all of your files in the Import area of the program once they've been quickly imported. You can see the imported files, and you can simply drag and drop the ones you need to the timeline below to begin editing with the text animation. To add files to the timeline, just drag & drop them as demonstrated below:

edit video on laptop

  • Add Text with animation

You can add text animations to the timeline as soon as you place files into the timeline. Simply go to the Titles menu and choose your preferred text animation setting without delay. You may also use the software's preview window to get a quick glimpse of your chosen animation before dragging and dropping it into the timeline.

edit video on laptop

  • Add Effects and Animated Captions

You may add personalized titles to your recordings using the DemoCreator video editor to offer your viewers a better perspective of your recorded films. It's Wondershare DemoCreator's Captions effect, which allows you to make the most of your video footage quickly.

edit video on laptop

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Motion Effects

With the speed control option on the right side of the interface, you may add slow motion to your recordings. You may also use Wondershare DemoCreator's sophisticated denoise tool to improve the clarity of your voice:

edit video on laptop

  • Add Animations to the Intros and Outros

With this program, you may add as many annotations to your video recordings as you like, and they're all adjustable and modifiable to suit your requirements. Additionally, you may use the convenient effect menu located on the left side of this program interface to add a choice of built-in intros and outros to your videos:

edit video on laptop

  • Add Automated Captions

You may choose between manual and automatic captioning for your videos in addition to manual captions. With the Captions tool, you can now add multiple captions and elegant titles to your movies simply and enjoyably.

edit video on laptop

  • Export in the Format You Want

You may choose your result design immediately from your video content's product settings, as seen below. You can transfer as much recorded video content as you want with Wondershare DemoCreator. The greatest aspect is that you may add different amounts of arrangement material for each of the three basic elements: recordings, sounds, and graphics. You may include almost any arrangement in this product, and for the output, you have the option of using an MP4 or MOV format, which enables your output to be compatible with material from all around the globe.

edit video on laptop

DemoCreator Features:

DemoCreator from Wondershare isn't your typical camouflage recording or editing tool. A fantastic application will assist you in putting your creativity to work in bringing your ideas into reality. This program is simple to understand, and you will end up being the highlight of many applications in a single step. Wondershare DemoCreator contains a slew of helpful features that will help you deal with a slew of challenges and make your recordings as convincing and compelling as possible. You may apply a variety of effects to your recordings, add text/videos, delete unwanted segments, and save them in multiple formats. All of this may be done inside the video editor.

Template for Videos:

You should use several screen recording and video editing applications to make your YouTube video attractive and original. Choose an instrument with aspects of modifying, recording, and sharing. It enables you to save time, increase your usefulness, and fulfill your responsibilities all while employing a single device. You should use Wondershare DemoCreator for a long period and as an accessible tool.

Mode of Play:

DemoCreator is a gamer's dream come true. It is a fantastic option for gamers. You may want to reminisce about one of your favorite gaming gatherings. If that's the case, Wondershare DemoCreator is the finest video editing software for you. All you have to do now is choose the best edge rate for sound and visual synchronization. Since it offers a distinct game mode to help you reach recordings to editing with complete customization, you can't complain about the experience of using this product alongside your game.

Converting PowerPoint to Video:

Wondershare DemoCreator is simple to use, and you don't need to be an expert in the world of computers to use it. Its PowerPoint presentation to video capability allows you to capture the front of your PC, a show, or even a structure for understudy learning. You may use the DemoCreator to create professional-looking slideshows or to modify presentations that you've previously prepared in PowerPoint by importing them into the program.

Annotation Software:

For the recordings you record, comments are notes or editorials that you can recall. A few people in your audience might be interested in the comments you've used to highlight various video segments. Discourse boxes, lines and bolts, sketch movements, and shapes are all available in Wondershare. You may add text to the shape effects by remembering it or using an alternative text effect. With the ease with which these explanation devices may be used, you'll want to come up with amazing demonstrations of your work.

There is a slew of additional Basic Effects.

Essential video editing isn't complete without the DemoCreator video proofreader, which comes with all of the necessary tools. You may use this software to import and edit a variety of recordings, photos, and sound documents. You can make intuitive recordings, cut them up, and tweak them to fit your needs.

Additional Video Effects:

Individuals are increasingly using Emoji and other fun stickers to express their feelings and ideas in today's world. You don't have to commend someone in a casual conversation, but you may choose to use a sticker instead. DemoCreator gives you the option of adding various stickers to your recordings to make them more appealing. Subtitle patterns in the Wondershare DemoCreator program are fantastic for enhancing your recordings. The layouts are designed to meet a variety of video requirements. It's incredible to see your skillfully captured videos with this product's fantastic overlay effects.


The video-changing highlights will enable instructors to shorten the length of the movie while still including the important points, ensuring that the understudy does not get weary or irritated after watching the whole video. The understudy may share the recordings with their friends, and the instructor can use them as a reference in the future. Because online viewers have complete control over what they see, the faster you can transfer information and capture their attention in the first few seconds, the better. The wonderful screen recorder and video editorial manager, Wondershare DemoCreator, according to the survey article, is the desired answer to the number of basic demands you may require when playing with your video material. You may also choose from a limited number of features, such as screen recording and screencasting.