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"How to add text animation in my video?”

Actually, we can know that text animation is one of the important features in video creation. Animated designs are quite effective at capturing our attention, so leverage this tool to make a design that stands out among the rest.

Also, the iMovie supports the text animation feature. However, let’s first understand the advantages when you animate text in iMovie or any other software. For instance, let’s talk about the wonders an animated text can do in your brand’s video clip.

Part 1: 4 Easy Steps to Animate Text in iMovie on Mac


Let’s now explore the steps to animate Text in iMovie via Keynote animation as described below.

Step 1: Export video from iMovie to Keynote

Firstly, download Keynote from the Mac. Then go to your iMovie project, drag the playhead to where you want to add animated Text and click on the Share button to select Image.

Step 2: Remove slide background

Make sure that you haven’t selected any object on the slide to remove its background. Go to Format Background No Fill tab.

Step 3: Export lower-third animation as video to iMovie

Go to File Export to Movie to open the Export window. Click Cancel tab after selecting the Self-Playing option. Then, you need to head towards the ‘Animate’ tab as shown below.

Then, you are required to click Next Save As Export tab to proceed with iMovie.

Step 4: Preview text animation in iMovie

Hover again to the iMovie from Keynote, drag the video file that you have just saved to iMovie’s timeline as an overlay to the previous project.

So, this is how you have to first consider using the Apple Keynote Presentation bundle to animate Text in iMovie. The reason is that the iMovie cannot create this kind of animation by own. Thus, the steps of installation of Keynote, importing, and exporting the files are a bit additional here.

Part 2: A Better Way to Animate Text in Video with DemoCreator

There is nothing considerable than Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac if you are looking for the easiest alternative to iMovie. This video editor is beginner-friendly and includes advanced editing tools to be used by professionals. Its easy drag and drop interface is quick and practical at the same time.

Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac – The Easy Alternative to iMovie Text Animation

  • The Wondershare DemoCreator allows six different kinds of keyframes.
  • It also supports the motion effects for video and images.
  • Numerous text styles for you to choose from (business, social, education, and gaming)

Steps to Animate Text in Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac

Step 1: Download Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac

The first step is to install Wondershare DemoCreator for Mac. Hit the Download button to proceed with the steps of installation. Once installed, launch the application, and from the Welcome interface, choose the “New Project” option to proceed.

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Step 2: Import project

Launch DemoCreator, then choose the video editor. Go to the video editor panel. In the left, double-click to import your media files.

import video

Step 3: Add texts/titles

In the Toolbar, find the annotation icon, then you can find there are so many text for you to choose. Select one then drag it to the timeline.

 If you want to preview the annotation, double-click it to preview, then drag it to the timeline or Preview Window.

To remove an annotation, select it on your Timeline or in the Preview Panel, then press Delete on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the annotation and choose Delete.

add annotation

Step 4: Add Behaviors to Text for Text Animation 

Forget the normal text annotations, you can apply different animation effects to your text while editing videos, these effects including typewriter, cinema style, rich tick, random, pixelate and cross zoom.

The steps are below:

  1. Choose the text or dialog box that you like, then drag it to the timeline.
  2. Click the Transform icon in the Properties Panel and scroll down the page to Behavior.
  3. Select one that you like by clicking it. Then you can view the effects in the preview window.

makeanimated text

Part 3. How to Choose between iMovie and DemoCreator

So, these were the two ways to animate text in videos. We have set the first section as the easiest alternative to iMovie text animation and the second as the step-by-step guide on how to animate text in iMovie.

iMovie is a traditional and officially tool for video creation and video editing. For the basic function it can all meets you. But if you want a more creative and easier tool, then DemoCreator would be more suitable for you.

All in all, the DemoCreator for Mac offers a better and quick solution when it comes to the elimination of additional steps as in iMovie. Also, the steps are pretty simple in Wondershare DemoCreator than certain manual adjustments and iMovie and Keynote. Overall, the learning curve for text animation in Wondershare DemoCreator is very less than iMovie or Keynote, especially for beginners.

note Related FAQ

Related FAQ:

1. How to change the Animated Text color?

If you need to customize annotation added to the video, please go to the properties panel, which on the right interface of DemoCreator. It allows you to modify the settings or change the specific parameters for annotations’ customization – Text content, Text Border, Text Shadow, Transform, Shape, Behavior (for text animation).

2. How to change the Animated Text speed?

You can change the speed through changing the text duration. To adjust the annotation duration, drag the left or right edge of the annotation on your timeline.