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How to Remove Image Background

David Wilson
David Wilson Originally published Jun 27, 22, updated Aug 23, 23

Almost all of us have experimented with erasing the backdrop of an image or a picture using various photo editing tools. However, the majority of these programs and applications provide subpar outcomes. We attempt to remove the backdrop from a picture when we want to modify it, create a meme, or remove a certain area of it, among other reasons. It's crucial to choose the appropriate aesthetics for the image. You may use the app to enhance the image's appeal and eye appeal. A product must also command the viewer's full attention if the image is intended to promote one. All of the background clutter has to be cleared out.

Every background eraser tool has to make sure that they do the task in the best manner possible, regardless of the reason we need to remove the background from photographs. You must do it by using tools made specifically with background erasure in mind. The greatest online solutions for removing the background of any photograph will be examined in this post, which will cover a total of 12 applications & websites. Here, the online background remover is put to use to assist you to improve your image. Without further ado, let's get started.

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Top Tools that for you to Remove Background

1. Apowersoft

A free background erasing tool is also available in the well-known Apowersoft Editor. Utilization is quite simple. The greatest free online background removing tool is Apowersoft. By doing this, the backdrop of your photograph will be automatically removed. Additionally, it offers an artboard on which you may drag and alter your image. You won't ever forget to pay with the auto-renewal membership. 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription, a charge is made. Therefore, if you need to cancel, do so beforehand.

free background remover app

Apowersoft: For iPhone users, Background Eraser is a reliable choice. As a result of ongoing app updates, the AI can now more easily detect an item with a complex contour. Apowersoft also offers the useful feature of mass background removal. Remember that this software is rather pricey if you just sometimes require it. Additionally, the number of photographs you may analyze is restricted, even in the commercial edition.


Apowersoft has the following noteworthy features:

  • Great editing capabilities for users to create entertaining photographs
  • Subscription packages are required depending on how many photos you want to edit
  • You may design banners, posters, and flyers with this program.


  • This program is ideal for those who are just beginning to edit photos;
  • it has cutting-edge capabilities that are cool and creative;
  • the bundles are extremely affordable.


  • High subscription costs
  • less than ten pictures
  • Only five free downloads are available on this app. The next step is to purchase a subscription.

 2. Clipping Magic

Clipping magic may be a wonderful alternative if you are looking for the finest picture background removal online. This application relies on AI to provide the best outcomes. This will erase everything in the background and improve the overall appearance of your image. is one of the greatest websites for removing the background from a picture since it performs its job well. A sophisticated AI assists in trimming the region surrounding hair and fur. However, it works much better with photos with great contrast. also provides the option to expand the resulting picture. Because this is an internet tool, you will have to upload and download your photos, and mistakes may occur.

free background remover app


  • It contains a Smart Editor that enables users to edit images correctly and accurately
  • additional choices like cropping, straightening, and even lightening the image.
  • It will allow you to eliminate the background of many photographs at once.


  • This program automatically isolates the hair from the clean backdrops
  • It is very simple to use.


  • Users may have difficulties uploading large files with this program.
  • The picture size is restricted.
  • Errors when downloading

 3. Fotor

Fotor is another excellent online backdrop removal tool. This program allows you to alter images without needing to be a photographer. Fotor is a simple and effective program that will erase your backdrop and replace it with a fresh image. Alternatively, you may use the built-in collection to choose a new backdrop for your picture. The application is ideal for even inexperienced users due to its user-friendly design.

free background remover app

Fotor is an AI-powered picture editor that allows you to remove any backdrop in seconds. To outline the item or person you wish to save, use just a few strokes of the green brush. Then a few strokes with the red brush to define the backdrop. If necessary, change the option. But you don't need to be exact since the sophisticated AI will do it for you! When you're done, save your image as a JPEG with a white backdrop or as a PNG with a transparent background.


  • This is a fast-processing tool that lets you change the exposure, brightness, contrast, and other features of your photos.
  • You also receive additional editing tools.
  • This program is an all-in-one picture editing app,
  • you won't have to visit many websites to do various tasks.


  • This tool is basic and user-friendly;
  • you can edit several files with it;
  • Fotor includes great effects for editing.


  • There have been no fresh updates to this app.
  • You will discover the same old filter and effects over and again,
  • downloading the program will take up a lot of space on your computer.

4. Remove.Bg

This tool will undoubtedly appear on the list of the top free internet background removers when you search for them. For your photographs, this program generates translucent backgrounds. Through this software, you can also add some other distinctive characteristics. Need to remove the background from a few or more of your photos? After that, you'll have to make a payment. If you don't often use this background deleted, it doesn't seem like a good deal.

free background remover app is the greatest online background eraser available. The backdrop is accurately and quickly removed from the picture. You may only download the output picture in its free form without creating an account. To get the highest-quality image, however, you must register. Remember that you may only make one free download with your free account.

Features: has the following features, among others.

  • This application is made to be compatible with all different types of computer programs,
  • bg is a reputable website that works admirably for everyone.
  • The exceptional features make editing more enjoyable and manageable.


  • This program is completely free and has a ton of new features.
  • You will receive results practically quickly while using it.


  • One of the greatest issues is that it is difficult to remove the tiniest details from the backdrop.
  • The final product won't be immaculate.

5. Adobe Background Remover

One of the best picture editing applications used by professionals is Adobe Background Eraser. You may simply obtain a background removal tool on the internet. The ability to eliminate backgrounds makes Adobe Spark a fantastic tool. Depending on the kind of picture you want, you may also add other colors and forms. Using this application, one may also modify images to match product shots, advertising fliers, or profile photos for online profiles. To aid with visual orientation, a person may also have other characteristics such as forms, colors, pictures, animations, and typefaces.

free background remover app

With the help of this application, you can quickly and simply add shapes to a picture, eliminate the backdrop, and fill various backgrounds. Only a few functions are made accessible as part of the tool's free beginning package. It is one of the most widely used internet tools for picture processing and editing. The program also includes a free background removal option for images. Overall, it's one of the top background image removal tools for 2022 and might be used for any activities involving images.


  • Free background removal from a variety of images;
  • Compatible With JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF Files
  • Intelligent AI for accurate edge detection
  • Does Not Degrade the Image's Original Quality


  • 30-day free trial
  • Use all of your devices to access
  • Different techniques to remove the backdrop


  • Costly subscription
  • Incline learning curve

How to Remove Background When Editing with DemoCreator?

How difficult it is to remove the background depends depend on how intricate the picture is. However, for any image, Wondershare's DemoCreator is a good solution. The Wondershare DemoCreator is the greatest tool for changing the backdrop of your picture while keeping the image's excellent quality. To remove the background from your recorded movie, you must first launch the Video Editor from the Beginning interface. Uploading recorded videos is also made easy by this interface. To use this high-resolution background remover, click the Video Editor and then adhere to the methods listed below.

Step1 How to Replace a Picture with a Custom Background

To change backgrounds, import your images with the undesirable background and the desired backdrop into the library. After adding both files to the timeline, drag the picture from the library into the video editor. Select the image from which you wish to remove the background by clicking on it. Your photo will immediately be imported. The background may then be removed simply by selecting it as shown below:

best background remover app for pc
Step2 Employ facial recognition

You may rapidly remove unwanted people or objects with DemoCreator without sacrificing the quality of your photographs. Watermarks, scratches, and imperfections may be removed using AI-based facial recognition. In the left toolbar, choose Facial Recognition under Effects. Simply drag and drop the face recognition effect onto the appropriate video to remove the background from the video. As you can see, the background of the face cam video will vanish quickly.

best background remover app for pc
Step3 Modify the Edge Thickness

You may easily change the Edge thickness of your picture within the Facial Recognition menu. You may adjust the brightness or illumination of the photo's edges with this tool. To change the photo's edges, use the Edge Thickness slider as illustrated in the example below:

best background remover app for pc
Step4 Modify the edge feather

DemoCreator allows you to improve your image's Edge Feather like Edge Thickness. The Edge Feather, which may be used to smooth down your photo's edges to the required degree, can be found just under the Edge thickness slider. Make your photo's borders smoother and plainer by using the slider as shown below, replacing the backdrop.

best background remover app for pc
Step5 Using the preset to replace the background

By clicking on the picture in the timeline and using DemoCreator's compositing tool, you may change any Background to a green screen or any other color. Add your ideal backdrop image to the primary course of action. After the "green screen" from the previous video has been erased, this will appear. As soon as you can, place your video below the main track. During the event, double-tap on the video clip from which you want to remove the backdrop to access the options menu.

best background remover app for pc
Step6 Use the "green screen" effect

DemoCreator offers one of the simplest options for incorporating a green screen effect into the background of your video. You only need to import the green screen video you recorded and the desired background screen into the library. After importing both files into the video editor, drag the green screen effect from DemoCreator's library section to the timeline.

best background remover app for pc
Step7 Export to Sought-After Format

Finally, you may choose your chosen video format as well as other settings like encoder, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. Once the editing is complete, it's time to convert the files into the appropriate format so that you may export your finished video. It enables you to keep your picture at the High-quality setting that is shown in the Export box below. Additionally, DemoCreator allows you to export your picture in a huge selection of formats, such as WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, and a huge number of others, as seen below.

best background remover app for pc

How to Record the Specific Screen

You've now looked at the best background removal solutions, which were chosen for you from among many other applications, plugins, and programs with varied prices and device targets. If you want to start working on your project right immediately, the majority of the tools on our list provide background replacement technology. Looking for intuitive software with a clever AI to erase the background from your PC images? DemoCreator is the most practical choice based on the cost and other features that are offered. The Internet connection is not necessary. The editor comes with a range of picture editing options, and you just need to pay a fair amount once. Use this photo editor to quickly remove the background from your pictures.

Step1 Start the Recorder

Make sure to get into the recorder as soon as you launch the software.

best background remover app for pc
Step2 Customize the AI Facial Recognition

Then hit the webcam customization and enable the AI facial recognition on-spot. This will detect the background and would make it easy to remove later on.

best background remover app for pc
Step3 Start/Stop Recording

Finally, hit the record button and make the specific screen recording with facial recognition hand in hand.

best background remover app for pc


You need a useful tool to crop off the background of your photographs whether you're a blogger who makes amazing photos to share on social media or manage an online store that makes gorgeous advertisements. Yes, you may hire an expert to do this task. But why spend so much money and effort hunting for someone to accomplish something you can easily do yourself? All you need is a background-erasing solution that fits both your demands and your budget. However, you don't need to do the research since we did it for you and are prepared to inform you about the top applications for removing backgrounds from photos.

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