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Free Movie Cutter

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:44:07 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Nowadays, video editing has become a necessary need for the whole world. It's because social media websites and video-sharing applications are becoming very common nowadays. Video editing is not limited to professionals; numerous people edit their videos to share on social media platforms. Most ordinary people use free movie cutters because they want to share some part of the video with their friends or share it on Facebook or Instagram. 

If you are a content creator, you will need a movie cutter that will help you cut the favorite parts or any critical part of your video to upload to the highlights. A practical and straightforward video editor is a need of everyone. In this article, we will talk about many video editing websites that offer video cutting features. But, first, let's see how the movie cutter for pc is used in Mac and Windows. 

1. Free Movie Cutter for Mac

1. iMovie

iMovie has taken part in every household of Apple devices due to its rising demand and popularity of cut movie downloads. This app is a favorite video editing app for the MacBook and iPhone. The features of the iMovie make it easier for professionals to edit their clips and movies. Trimming the video is a straightforward process in iMovie. If you use MacBook and need a trimmer application, then iMovie can be the best option for cutting the movie.


Now, we can check out how the movie cutting is done. The iMovie will work on every iOS device and Mac. Here we will talk about the Mac version. iMovie is one of the best free movie cutters to use. Here are the steps to cut or slip the video in various parts. Follow these steps carefully. 

  • Step 1:- First, open up the iMovie app on Mac and then click on "Project" and select the option "Create New," and then a pop-up will appear. Next, click on the "Movie" option. 
  • Step 2: Now select the option "File" and then clock on "Import Media" to import the movie file you want to trim in iMovie. 
  • Step 3:- Drag and then drop the files into a timeline. Then use your mouse to select the position from where you want to edit your video. Then click on it.
  • Step 4: Click on the "Modify" and select the "Split Clip" in two parts. You can even use the "Command +B" option for dividing the clips quickly. After that, select the "Delete Button" for removing the unnecessary parts from your video. 

Now you are done with all the steps. Your video is now split and trimmed. You can now edit your video in iMovie according to your needs. 

2. VLC

Most of us know that the VLC is a free media player. It is a streamlined app that is easy to play and uses every sort of video. Do you want a movie scene cutter? VLC can do this job for you. That's why it is known as the most popular tool for everyone who watches movies and videos on their PC. This application is made for binging movies and videos, but you will be amazed to know that it also offers an editing feature. You can edit your movie or video in multiple ways. 


There is another feature of cutting clips from a large video or movie in the video editing feature. You might require paid video editing software to do this job, but with the VLC, you can do it free and quickly. The only limitation is that you cannot stop recording and start again in other spots without creating multiple files. However, you can skip around videos that you like during recordings. New files will be recording the skips perfectly. Let's see how you can cut videos with VLC on Mac. If you are thinking "How to cut a movie," then here are the steps:- 

  • Start the VLC and then open up the video which you wish to cut. Select the points from where you wish to cut out the clip. Then click on "Playback" and click on "Record."
  • Begin the video once more. Play the video you need to cut, and afterward, click on the "Record" in the menu bar. On the other hand, if you'd prefer to add other clips for a similar document, you can jump to the beginning of the clip and continue to record. 
  • When you tap on "Record" the subsequent time, the new video will get saved on your MacBook "Films." The file will get saved by the name "vlc-record," along with the video's original title, time, and date. 

3. QuickTime Player

If you are a user of MacBook, and any video editing apps, including iMovie, look confusing for you, there is an easier choice for editing software: QuickTime Player. Created by Apple and included each Mac PC. The QuickTime Player permits users to share, edit, record, and play pictures and cut movie downloads. That's why it is considered the best Movie cutter for pc. 


Managing a video on QuickTime Player is simple and permits you to trim the video length from start to finish. Moreover, you will not have to download the QuickTime Player since it is now pre-introduced on your Mac PC. Here's the way to trim a video utilizing QuickTime Player. If you are thinking "How to cut a movie," then here are the steps:- 

  • For trimming the video clips, you will have to open a video file in QuickTime player. 
  • Go to the trim/edit quick time player. 
  • Select the area which you wish to save by dragging those yellow lines. The part presented in between the yellow box will get saved. Other parts from those points will get deleted. 
  • To fine-tune the videos, you will have to use the arrow keys to nudge the heads right or left. Type the "I" button for moving the start point to the playing position. You can also type the "O" option for making the endpoint at the player head position. You can also select the yellow part and hold it to view the sound zoomed clips. Finally, you can do more detailed edits in the view. 
  • Save your edited file. 

2. Windows Movie Cutter Free

1. Moo0 

Moo0 Video Cutter is a freely accessible video editing software that permits the user to effectively cut and save the parts they like from recorded videos. The user interface of this app is straightforward, and the users can utilize them without any expertise. The subsequent video clips can be effortlessly saved without losing quality and in a quick way.


Users can likewise remove songs from the movie and erase the film from the computer if the space is your primary concern. It is intended to cut the video, so the highlights are essential. It has two sliders and a preview window while trimming the video. You will have to select the beginning and end times for cutting the big video. Moo is considered as one of the movie scene cutter applications for windows. 

  • Step 1:- Drag and then drop your video, which you will cut the video. Next, select the file and then "File" and then "Open." Only things that are needed to cut the videos and then go to "Standalone" clips will be created. 
  • Step 2:- The sliders are down, and the one is for the marker. The top one sets the marker, and the bottom one selects the end. You can also use the rewind button to jump the seconds backward or forward to select the correct part you wish to cut. 
  • Step 3:- When you have selected the marking points, click on the "Save" button, and the selected part will get trimmed off from the video. The trimmed clips are saved to the same folder where the original file is saved. You can change the output location by clicking the file and choosing another one. 

2. VSDC Video Editor

The VSDC editor is an application that is for easy editing. Flash-Integro, LLC created this application. This video editing software can deal with a high-quality film that incorporates VR 360, 4K UHD, and 3D recordings. The most amazing fact about this software is the after-creation effects which it permits and the shading adjustment, which should be possible live.

vsdc video editor

It has the capacity to catch recordings from the screen and record sounds. The made product can likewise be shared on stages like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and YouTube. This editing software upholds an assortment of sound and visual configurations. Let's see how the video is trimmed. 

Step 1:- Open the video editor software.

Step 2:- Click on "New project" and then choose the Project title and select the resolution. 

Step 3: Select the files you want to edit, trim, or cut from the folders. 

Step 4:- Select the part you want to cut from the original video and then click on the Save option. 

3. Free Video Cutter and Joiner

The Free Video Cutter Joiner is openly accessible and ordinarily utilized in joining and cutting recordings. The users can undoubtedly cut enormous video documents and eliminate unwanted parts like trailers and advertisements. It upholds various record formats like FLV, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, MP4, and AVI. The users also utilize the product to join different pieces of video documents.

video documents

Therefore, you can eliminate undesirable components rapidly. Click on the plus symbol present in the center to trim the video. Low framework necessity when cutting the video. Here is how you can cut and join the video files. 

  • Step 1:- Add the source file.
  • Step 2:- Select the start and endpoints.
  • Step 3: You can cut directly by choosing no.1, but if your video has a problem, you can choose no. 2 for an indirect cut. Select the indirect cut and click on "Start Cut."


In today's world, there is a massive demand for video editing software. Many normal users want to share their favorite parts of games, movies, and any other video to their friends or showcase on social media websites. You can easily cut the video clips with the help of the above-given software. You can follow the steps to trim the video properly.