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Top 10 Free Online Background Eraser Tools

Alma Elliott
Alma Elliott Originally published Jun 27, 22, updated Nov 20, 23

One of the most frequent editing chores is background removal. Although Photoshop is often used for this kind of work, there are alternative possibilities, including free software. These backdrop removal tools will be very helpful to digital artists and photographers in their work. By deleting the backdrop, including textures, and making other alterations, they may utilize them to produce absolutely amazing pieces of art. But we're looking out for regular folks like ourselves. The tool should be accessible and free. It should provide us the ability to add a nicer backdrop to the picture, have infinite uses, and enable us to download a full-sized image without a watermark. It should ideally also feature one-click backdrop removal.

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What is Background Eraser and Why You Will Need Background Eraser?

Tools for removing backgrounds are becoming more and more crucial for artists. The AI-based technologies may remove an image's backdrop, add textures, and produce absolutely outstanding artwork. These are very sophisticated algorithms that can maintain the fine details of the image. You have a wonderful snapshot from your wedding, prom, graduation, or vacation. However, the backdrop is not so nice. It would be your favorite shot if you could only get rid of the messy backdrop. Here are some of the finest free programs for removing backgrounds from images.

Top 10 Background Eraser Tools

1. Remove.Bg completely and automatically erases the background from any image: Simply choose your picture and save the outcome with the backdrop eliminated without having to manually choose the background/foreground layers to separate them! The fact that is an AI-based background removal tool on our list says a lot about how precise, quick, and effective it is. The utility may be used directly from a web browser online. Get the outcome by uploading your photograph. Real one-click operation

background eraser tool online free

You may utilize the many fascinating photos included in it to swap out unfavorable backdrops. You have the option of choosing from the list and downloading one background picture for free, or you may choose the subscription plan for unlimited access to the tool's enormous collection of background photos. Since it is AI-powered, the processed photographs won't lose quality, which is the fundamental disadvantage of other services of a similar kind. You only receive a background-free version of the exact same image.


  • High-quality picture masking without degradation;
  • Does not need editing knowledge;
  • Operates quickly and precisely;

2. Removal.Ai

One of the simple internet programs for removing background pictures from photographs is called An all-in-one picture editing tool called offers facial filters, text, drawings, stickers, and a lot more. The program is really simple to use, making it ideal for new users who are just learning picture editing.

background eraser tool online free hd

You may skip the time-consuming step of picking the ideal area of a picture to delete by using is ideal for novices who are just starting out with picture editing since it is so simple to use and navigate. When you want to eliminate any unwelcome background distractions from your shot, background removal is a fantastic technique to utilize. It may assist you in narrowing your attention and eliminating any distractions that could be getting in the way of your main point.


  • Can handle difficult BG removing;
  • Cost-effective tool;
  • Excellent templates and design resources

3. Adobe Express

As a background remover, Adobe Express is regarded as a fantastic tool. As desired, you may also add elements in various sizes and colors. This program may also be used to alter images for product photography, promotional flyers, and individual profile photos. To make a user more visually-oriented, a person may also have other properties including size, color, graphics, animations, and typefaces.

background eraser tool online free hd

The developers of the Photoshop image editor created the online utility known as Adobe Background Remover. It automatically recognizes and removes the picture backdrop and is accessible online. The output is of a high caliber, however, there is no option to change the choice. Use the built-in Adobe Spark webapp if you wish to do additional forms of editing.


  • Has a user-friendly UI and outstanding picture enhancement tool
  • Provides access to millions of pictures and
  • Also provides typefaces without a license.

4. Photoscissors.Com

The simplest approach to remove backgrounds from photographs online is using PhotoScissors. Simply submit a picture, and PhotoScissors will quickly and automatically remove the background. A translucent, solid color or another background picture will subsequently take its place.

The craft of picture manipulation has been mastered by PhotoScissors. Your photographs will always be clear, polished, and prepared for sharing thanks to their team of professionals' dedication to developing the greatest photo-editing software on the market. By uploading a picture and having PhotoScissors remove the backdrop for you automatically, you can quickly clip off backgrounds.


  • Excellent starting tool
  • User-friendly UI
  • Supports a variety of formats

5. Depositphotos

Depending on your needs, Depositphotos provides a variety of background removal options. Photos containing people, things, and graphic elements are an option. Although the outcome is quite precise, if required, the specified region may still be changed. You may move the choice around space and add a new scenario using the service as well.

The tool Depositphotos makes use of very accurate AI technology. This indicates that the service can precisely detect and eliminate the photo's backdrop. However, it does not provide any tools for modifying or adding to the specified area. It is focused particularly on backgrounds for pictures of individuals. The service provides the option of adding an outline to the chosen region in addition to deleting the backdrop. There are numerous colors and three thickness sizes available.


  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Available as an online application;
  • Allows for different brush sizes

6. Clipping Magic

The only tool that provides total automation is Clipping magic. The backdrop of the picture on it may be easily removed. The ability to crop, color, and alter further streamline the user interface to provide results that are of a high caliber. You may modify your photographs before posting them to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr using Clipping magic’s extensive selection of editing tools, which include cropping, rotating, resizing, and color tweaks.

background eraser tool online free hd

You may remove the background from a photograph using the web application This website is useful for those who wish to share images without backgrounds on blogs and social media platforms where they can be obstructed. With a current online browser, a desktop or laptop computer, as well as smartphones and tablets, may surf the website. It will automatically remove the backdrop for you in a matter of seconds when you upload the photo and choose the amount of clip you need for the image.


  • Automatic backdrop detection and removal,
  • Preview functionality,
  • Quick delivery,
  • Excellent low contrast edges.

7. FocoClipping Remove BG

FocoClipping is just what you need since it meets all of our requirements for background image removal. Without needing to do any manual editing, you can simply scale the backdrop, place the hiker on a beach, and download it as a full-size.png or.jpg file.

background eraser tool online free

Additionally, there is a bokeh setting that allows you to add a hazy backdrop to any picture. The software also has a unique camera feature that allows you to alter the picture before you snap it. As a result, you may frame your selfie for the camera, modify it, and then take the final picture.


  • Beautifully capture, edit, and combine photographs
  • Fun collages and stickers
  • Detailed background removal features


An online backdrop remover called Slazzer is compatible with pictures of people, objects, animals, etc., according to its developers. You may add blur, change the backdrop, or alter the chosen region on the website. The picture must be in JPG or PNG format and have a distinct foreground. 25-megapixel images with a maximum file size of 12 megabytes are required. It is simple to support JPG, PNG, and JPEG formats.

The tool Slazzer is reliable and has great functionality. The clever AI system separates background elements from inconsequential items like hair. For mass editing, utilize their desktop version. Using a free trial that offers unlimited background removal access for photographs up to 1080 x 1080 and 2 MB with the basic algorithm, it is an automated online tool for removing backgrounds from images. In addition, Slazzer includes plugins for Shopify, Photoshop, WooCommerce, and a few more really helpful apps.


  • Produce very precise results;
  • handle millions of photos each minute;
  • automatically update design templates


While the free trial also produces high-quality results quickly, the paying plans provide additional flexibility and a premium algorithm.

background eraser tool online free hd

When you submit a photo and use the Backdrop Remove feature, the background is quickly removed once the photo is analyzed. For the vast majority of the images, the outcomes are pleasing. For less appealing photos, you have access to tools that let you manually erase the backdrop or replace any elements that were unintentionally cropped out.


  • Reasonably affordable pricing schemes
  • Free up to 1080 x 1080 pixels and 2 MB in size;
  • Beautifully capture, edit, and combine photographs;
  • Fun collages and stickers;
  • Extensive background removal tools


PhotoKit utilizes AI to provide background removal from photographs that is seamless. When you post a photograph online, the topic will be instantly removed in a matter of seconds. Given that the product is still in beta, it is natural that there aren't many features included. The creator releases new upgrades often to make it better; among of the most anticipated ones recently released are the public API and the built-in editor to fine-tune the output.

background eraser tool online free hd


  • Simple user interface,
  • Cloud storage,
  • Text tools,
  • An integrated way to change the output to your preferences

How to Eraser Online Background with DemoCreator Video Editor?

The Wondershare DemoCreator is the greatest tool for changing the backdrop of a picture while maintaining the image's high quality. To remove the background from your recorded video, use the Video Editor from the Start menu. This interface makes it easy to upload captured videos. Use this high-resolution background remover by selecting Video Editor and then following the instructions below.

1. Using a Background Instead of a Photograph

Load your photographs with the undesirable backdrop and the desired backdrop into the library to change the background. Drag the picture from the library into the video editor after adding both files to the timeline. By clicking on the image from which you want to remove the background, you may choose it. Your image will be imported immediately. The background may then be removed by simply selecting it, as illustrated below:

background eraser tool online free hd

2. Utilize Face Recognition Software

As this tool allows you to immediately remove unwanted themes or objects from your photographs without harming the image quality. You can also remove Watermarks, scratches, and other imperfections using AI-powered facial recognition. To do that, head towards the Facial Recognition from the Effects menu on the left toolbar. After that, simply drag and drop the face recognition effect onto the appropriate video to remove the background. As you can see, the background of the face cam footage fades quickly.

background eraser tool online free hd

3. Change Edge Thickness and Edge Feathering

In the Facial Recognition option, you may quickly change the edge thickness of your picture. Using this tool, you may change the brightness or illumination of the photo's edges. Use the Edge Thickness slider to change the photo's edges, as seen in the example below:

background eraser tool online free

DemoCreator gives you the option of enhancing your image's edge feather in a similar manner to edge thickness. To soften the edges of your photo, utilize the Edge Feather, which is located just under the Edge Thickness slider. By altering the backdrop using the slider shown below, you may simplify and smooth out the borders of your shot.

4. Using a Pre-Made Background Instead of The Original

You may change any Background into a green screen or any other color by clicking on the picture in the timeline and using DemoCreator's compositing tool. The first step should include your fantastic backdrop image. This will become visible after the "green screen" from the previous video has been removed. Add your video underneath the main track as soon as possible. Double-tap the video clip from which you want to remove the event's backdrop to access the options menu.

background eraser tool online free

5. Use the "Green Screen" Method

DemoCreator is one of the simplest tools for adding a green screen effect to your movie's background. Simply submit the recorded green screen video together with the background screen you've chosen to the library as shown here:

background eraser tool online free hd

Now simply drag the green screen effect from DemoCreator's library section to the timeline after importing both files into the video editor. You can also use the properties box on the right side of your screen to apply the effect and tweak the video using the attributes like offset, tolerance, edge thickness, and edge feather as shown above.

6. Export to a Specific Format

Last but not least, you may choose your preferred video format in addition to other settings such as encoder, resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. After you've finished editing, it's time to change the file types so you can export your finished product. It allows you to keep your image's High-quality setting, as seen in the Export box below. You may also export your picture from DemoCreator in a variety of formats, including the ones listed below: WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, and many more.

background eraser tool online free hd


The bottom-line online photo background removers are useful tools that may simplify your tasks and enable you to produce outcomes that are certain to wow a large audience. Try the aforementioned programs and use their demo versions to learn more about their various features in order to discover the ideal background remover for you. You will undoubtedly benefit from the amazing tools while you create your content. Don't forget to test out the unique DemoCreator by Wondershare solution that was previously described.

Wondershare DemoCreator
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