Free Video Resizers for Windows and Online

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You want to send a video to a friend over the internet. However, the video file is too large for sharing over chat apps, email, or other media? Or, sometimes, you have created a learning tutorial video and want to share it with eLearning sites for students or teacher's grading. Unfortunately, the sharing media may be limited on the maximum file size recommended for sharing online. Because of this, you need a video editing app to resize your video.

Today, there are many paid and free tools that you can use for editing videos. Nevertheless, many paid video resizers and edit tools offer a trial period, allowing you to edit video for a short time or specific size. Furthermore, some video resizers offer limited features during the trial period unless you pay and access all features for improved editing. Although, if you aim to access basic editing features like video resizing, you can use the many available free video resizer tools.

Read on and find out about video resizing tools.

Part 1: Free Windows Video Resizer Software

If you are working on Windows PC, you are in for luck. Below are some of the free Windows video resizer.

1. Wondershare DemoCreator - Most Recommended

Wondershare DemoCreator is the most recommended video editing tool if you use a Windows PC.  With DemoCreator, you can merge, alter video resolution, frame rate, split, add a marker to vital parts of your videos, and what you want you are looking for, resizing videos. Resizing videos is one feature that carries the day. However, you cannot download the app and go straight to resizing your videos. Therefore, a little learning of how the tool works is essential.

Using DemoCreator, you have three options you can use to resize your videos for sharing over the internet, uploading to YouTube, or on social media platforms. But first, let's drive into some of the critical features of this tool.

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Tons of editing features: captions, texts, symbols, etc.
  • Offers free trial, and for the paid version, it is cost-effective.
  • Supports fast-editing video.

Below are ways about how to resize video with DemoCreator.

First Method: Video Resizing by altering the scale

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare DemoCreator

Proceed to the official Wondershare DemoCreator website and download the app. Ensure that you click the 'Free Trial' to enjoy resizing your videos for free. After the download, click on the app file and follow the guidelines to install DemoCreator.

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Step 2: Import Video file to Wondershare DemoCreator

Immediately you the app, tap the 'Click Editor' tab; this will initiate a new project with the name 'Untitled Project' window. Proceed to hit the 'Add files' button from the left of the interface.

A new window pops up where you have your video files on your PC. But you can browse through your directories to search for the video for resizing. Select the videos and click the 'Open' tab to add videos.  from the interface, click and drag your videos to the DemoCreator timeline.

import vidoes

Step 3: Change the Video Scale

On the right side of DemoCreator's window, below the 'Transform’ window, here you can change the video’s scale. Here, select the scale percentage that is fit for your video to resize it. The smaller percentage, the smaller your video is, and vice versa.

change video scale

After selecting the correct percentage for your video, go ahead and import your resized video. Locate the ‘Export’ tab and click it. It will launch the Export window and go to the format interface. At the format window, select your desired file format from the list of options. Now, proceed to name your video and choose the ‘Save To’ to determine where to save your video.

You get to select the video resolution, Encoder, Frame rate, and Bitrate on the' Video' tab. Click on the drop-down menu and choose your choice. Now, click the ‘Export’ tab to export your resized video file.

Method Two: Video Resizing Through Cropping

Alternatively, you can resize your video by cropping it.

Step 1: Import Video files to DemoCreator

Launch the program and hit the ‘Video Editor’ tab to launch a new project. Then, click the ‘Import’ button to add the video for resizing. Next, select the video and click the ‘Open’ icon to import videos onto DemoCreator. Now, click and drag the video to the Timeline.

import video

Step 2: Crop Video to resize

On the Timeline, hit the ‘Crop’ button located on the bottom right side in your window. Now hover your cursor on the video to the points you wish to crop and resize your video.

crop video to resize

Method Three: Resizing Video by Altering the Aspect Ratio

 To resize your video, proceed to ‘Menu’ and hit on the ‘File’ option. Now scroll down to ‘Project Settings’ choices and enter a new ‘Aspect Ratio’ or select the previously available ratio.

To retain the previous aspect ratio, check the ‘Lock Aspect Ration’ box or create a new AR by adjusting the ‘Height’ and ‘Width’ px. Finally, hit the ‘OK’ tab and resize your video to the set AR. Proceed to export and save your video for sharing.

set aspect ratio

2. Windows Movie Maker

Well, there are other alternatives to Wondershare DemoCreator, and Windows Movie Maker is one. You can use this Movie Maker on your PC, and usually, it comes pre-installed with the Windows OS. Using Windows Movie Maker is super easy – a beginner can easily resize a video for sharing online. Also, you can download this excellent program and use it completely free. This video resizer for PC offers basic video editing features among resizing a video.

windows movie maker

To resize your video, always confirm the file’s size and format. Windows Movie Maker does not support every video like DemoCreator. If you find that your file is not supported, convert it before you can resize it. Again, it was discontinued in 2017, so you cannot find the app from the official Windows site but download it from alternative websites. The friendly version available is the Windows Movie Maker 2.6.

Notable features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • You get better results fast
  • Completely free to use
  • Supports earlier versions of Windows OS

3. VSDC Video Editor

The VSDC Video Editor is a free windows video resizer with plenty of features to choose from for video editing. The program lets you edit videos, add voiceovers, capture PC screens, improve video audio, and many other features. But the best features are the ability to resize your video for online sharing or remove unwanted parts from your video.

vsdc video editor

VSDC Video Editor is completely free for download on Windows PC users, and it lets you have endless usability with an easy-to-use interface. Almost all the resizing icons are present on the main screen. This program offers more than video cropping. You can ideally create as many videos as you wish on your family vacations or different videos that need more editing to look professional. If you are an experienced videographer, you can check out the VSDC Pro.

Notable features:

  • Supports all video formats
  • It needs low system specifications to run; it runs on older PC's
  • Has plenty of video editing features, including color correction
  • It has plenty of the latest video filters, effects, and transitions

4. DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a complete color correction and grading for motion picture and video editing. This incredible tool has features for color correction, video editing, and professional audio correction and production. With all these features, the program is suitable for those seeking to edit and resize their videos. You don’t want to worry about the final place for your video delivery, either YouTube or a movie theater.  If you are looking at resizing your video, this softwares ranks among the best video resizer available for free use on Windows PC.

davinci resolve

Davinci Resolve has four ways that you can use for resizing your videos. It all comes down to your tech-savviness in using the program and identifying the best way to work best for you. You don’t want to worry about the usability, it is simple to use, and the interface is easy to maneuver.

Notable Features:

  • It has professional editing tools
  • Supports higher video resolutions up to 4k
  • Supports multi-user for video editing
  • Color correction tools
  • Works on low specked PC

5. ShortCut

 ShortCut sole purpose is to help small businesses make high-quality visuals for marketing from the main website. This program is an offline video resizer; all you have to do is download the app, install and run to resize your videos. You can merge videos, add audio, and include editing effects to your recorded videos to improve video quality with this program. Moreover, you can crop out the video part from your film and have a small and clear video focusing on the primary contents.

shortcut video editor

This tool is an open-source program, hence free to download and use. However, if you want to access additional video editing features, you may be forced to go for the pro version. Furthermore, there is no trial version, so you can only get a free version for your PC. Lastly, the tool is a light program, and it does not consume much of your PC memory to run.

Notable Features:

  • You can add text overlay on videos
  • Supports HD quality
  • Straightforward interface with all tool available
  • Supports limited video formats for editing

Part 2: Free Video Resizer Online

You are on the move, or you don’t have time to get an offline video resizer; you don’t need to worry. You can create the most pleasing video watching experience using online video resizer websites and get the perfect aspect ratio and size. Read on and find the best free video resizer online today.

1. Kapwing Video Resizer

Kapwing video resizer lets you resize your videos and meet the desired size depending on where you want your videos. This online free video resizer allows resizing a vertical video into a landscape format. Also, you can add padding to a landscape video for it to have a better appearance in vertical form.

kapwing resize videos online

Suppose you want to resize your videos for the many social media platforms. In that case, all of them have different video specifications. Still, with Kapwing, you can crop your videos to feature only the required part, or you can resize it to meet the best specification for use in your desired platform. The best part is that you get to use these features for free without downloading a resizer app. You can resize your videos on the move.

Notable features:

  • Available common aspect ratios for different platforms
  • Free to use
  • Watermark free video editing
  • No ads when using the site
  • You can access your videos from any device with the same Kapwing account

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark lets one resize their videos for free online. This means you can use this platform from any device you use to resize your video for use online. This website is easy to use, and you get to access your video projects from any device using your account. You can swiftly resize your videos in a matter of seconds. There are readily available video preset sizes, but you can customize your sizes to alter your video’s length. It lets you change a video's original size to any size that meets the file’s destination.

adobe spark video editor

A video editing web platform lets you adjust the video’s frame rates after resizing the video. This is to get the best viewing experience from it. In addition, you can trim your videos to get essential film parts only for your target audience using the trimming tool.

Notable Features:

  • Easily trim and resize video in seconds
  • It leaves a watermark on videos
  • You can use the platform for shooting new videos
  • Latest trendy video filters and effects in editing
  • You need an account to edit videos

3. Clideo

Clideo consists of video editing tools, including video joiner, meme maker, video looper, and many more editing features. This web platform is among the easy-to-use web-based video editing platforms, and it has a powerful video resizer tool. It takes less than four simple steps to resize and download your video for sharing.

clideo video editor

Using this platform to resize videos has preset social media screen sizes that can select according to your sharing platform. You can also custom your video resizing by choosing your won with and height values regardless of the aspect ratio. Alternatively, it automatically sets the video height after entering the video width according to the aspect ratio. You don’t need a video resizer software download; with Clideo, you carry out all your activities online.

Notable Features:

  • Supports the many standard video formats
  • You can upload files from different sources, for example, Dropbox
  • The free version supports up to 500 MB of video size
  • Easy to use with a better interface

4. Ezgif

Ezgif is a free video resizer you can easily access from your computer’s browsers. This video resizer tool lets you resize videos easily, with almost every icon swiftly accessible on the main interface. Also, it supports plenty of the standard video formats, MP4. FLV, WebM, 3GP, and many more. When using the free version, you have access to 1000MB of file size editing, after which you have to pay to continue editing videos.

ezgif resize video online

When resizing your videos, you can either attach your video’s URL or upload the local file. You can resize your file using the available presets or custom make your own height and width sizes that fits your video on the interface. After resizing, you can download your file from the main interface.

Notable features:

  • Compatible with many web browsers
  • Easy to use and have a simple interface
  • Supports many of the available video formats
  • Limit file size per edit is 100mbs

5. Animaker

Animaker stands out as an online free video resizer platform. This video editor web platform has plenty of editing features, including templates to make your videos more professional. In addition, you get to access other royalty-free images, videos, and titles to use on your videos. This platform is easy to use; even a beginner will find it super easy to work on videos hence no need to learn tech video editing skills.

animaker resize vidoes

To resize your video, you will quickly note the readily available various social media platform portrait dimensions. You can select the correct measurement that suits your videos. If none fits for you, then you can resize your video manually. Enter the height and width values or select the available aspect ratio figures to resize your video. You can also trim your video to get the required content only.

Notable Features:

  • Resize your videos to Portrait, Square, or Landscape
  • Resize videos for Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more platforms
  • Support all video formats
  • Fast resize videos with an easy-to-use interface in three steps

Part 3. Free Video Resizer Apps on Android and iPhone

1. Video Compressor Panda: Resize & Compress Video – Android

Are you looking at making your video smaller and easier to share? Well, free video resizer Video Compressor Panda makes compressing videos look much easy and more fun. It lets you create a professional video from scratch. Using this app, you can compress your video and share it directly from the app via email. It is a simple developed app with a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the app. And the best thing about it, it is entirely free to download from the Google Play store.

video compressor

You can compress your video to save on data usages when sharing your videos. However, when editing or working on your videos, you have to stay on the app. Any moment you leave, you’ll have to initiate the process again.

Notable Features:

  • Supports high-quality videos up to 4k
  • Upload video directly to your platform
  • Use the cloud service to save space on your phone
  • Compress large video sizes

2. Resize Video - Android

Resize video tops in the list of android best video resizers. The app lets you change any screen size of your video.  It enables you to increase a video’s size or lower it like 2X, 3X, or 1/2X and many sizes. You can trim your videos to shorten them or remove the many unwanted film parts. As a video editor, you can add more videos to your trim to make it look much better in transition. There are many effects, overlay texts, and video transitions.

resize video android

To resize videos, you can do this in three significant steps that are easy to follow. Upload your video, select the size to resize, and download. Finally, you can manually adjust your video size instead of using the preset aspect ratios available.

Notable Features:

  • Cut out unwanted video parts
  • Add effects to your videos during merging
  • Easily resize videos with available presets
  • You need to transfer the video file to the apps folder

3. Video Crop – Resize Video – iPhone

Primarily developed to one crop and resize videos easily. With this app, you resize and crop your videos as many times as you, and it is free to download and use. This app leaves no watermark on videos edited, and the best part, you lose no video quality after cropping and resizing.

video crop iphone

You get to work on your videos effortlessly as this app is best at what it does. It does not take long to upload or download videos or saving. For longer videos, it takes approximately 4 minutes to save the complete file. The downside is that you can only use the available resizing dimensions. Also, you cannot manually drag your borderline to resize or trim your videos.

Notable Features:

  • The export option has three video qualities to choose from
  • Enables fast sharing of videos
  • Easy to use UI
  • Get to crop your videos
  • Works faster on MPEG-4 videos

4. Compress Videos & Resize Video – iPhone

Resizing your videos not only helps shorten or have the required primary part showing on the video, but it also helps save on storage. Compress Videos & Resize Video app is a free video resizer app designed to compress and resize videos. This app is completely free to use, but you will have to purchase the premium version to access premium editing features. The app is available for both iPad and iPhone users. Therefore, you can compress and resize your videos on any device with you.

compress video

The app supports up to 5 videos. So you can work on five videos simultaneously, and it is super easy to use the app. When you use it, all your videos are retained on your device and cannot be shared elsewhere. After resizing videos, they are stored in your chosen storage location or default to your videos folder.

Notable Features:

  • Video Quality is maintained
  • It lets you locate videos swiftly
  • Support only the standard video file formats
  • It helps save on storage space

5. iMovie - iPhone

Built with a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, this is by far the best video resizer software download you should have for an iPad or iPhone. This video editing app lets you create videos, edit, save and share high-quality videos. For videos, you can trim or resize your recorded videos. Also, after cutting the video files, you can add intro clips to make the video more fun and add transition effects that are super easy to add to videos.

crop video imovie

 iMovie has available presets for different media platforms, even if you want to make a video for learning. Sometimes, you can opt for the manual resizing way. Drag along video barriers to determine which points you need and click to save your video ready for sharing. If working with a 4k video, you will need to have an iPhone 7 or new versions.

Notable Features:

  • Share videos direct from the app
  • Save video files on iCloud instead of your phone’s storage
  • Support high video resolution
  • Can connect with airplay to stream videos on Apple TV

Related FAQs of Free Video Resizer

  1. How do I resize a video aspect ratio?

Resizing a video aspect ratio needs a free video resizer tool. Some of the best free video resizers to resize video aspect ratios have been listed above. Wondershare DemoCrater lets you specify your height and width or use the available aspect ratio presets if you are using a PC.

  1. How can I resize a video without losing quality?

Use Wondershare DemoCreator to resize the frame rate and high resolution, then proceed to export video without losing quality.

  1. How do I make the video smaller in size?

Use DemoCreator to crop or compress your video by trimming the unwanted parts. Then proceed to export the video without impacting the video quality.