How to Choose the Best Free Photo Video Editor for Mac or Windows PC?

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:34 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

There's no better way to tell that story than in videos. From weddings, birthday parties, business forums, and many other platforms, editing is the final point for all those craft dynamic visual stories.

And even though the skills and attributes of an editor will push their imagination to make the cut, many factors still depend on how to choose photo video editor, especially for Mac or Windows. You can do a lot from such big screens as compared to your Smartphone.

Remember that it all lies in the tool attributes. What you get purely depends on the technique of the photo-video editor. With so many options available, we have come up with detailed essentials that every editor should look out for before settling on one and probably spending some bucks.

Free Photo Video Editor for Mac or Windows PC

Part 1
7 Essential Features about a Good Photo Video Editor

There is a distinctive feature of every photo video editor. However, these essentials apply across the board whether it's a short clip you are creating for social media or a full feature film for some commercial use.

1. Clear user interface

Here is where the game begins. How you maneuver on a computer screen will either put you off or give you that propelling energy. A good photo video editing software should have all the templates neatly arranged, and other controls easy to reach out to.

2. Easy to use: friendly for beginners

Most of those who settle for free photo video editors are beginning who are trying to find their way into the editing field. So, ambiguity won't do them any good as a beginner.

3. Quick response speed

Hello! You don't have a whole day to work on a small piece. Check out at the speed limit of that photo editor software. Remember time is money! Don't waste it.

4. No Ads

Everyone knows the trouble of those pop-ups that come with free subscriptions. Although this is controlled on some tools, there is a high probability of you finding Ad-filled photo editor software. Settle for one with minimal Ads or none at all.

5. Photo retouching

Come on! You have to polish your photos before publishing. Even though some photo editor tools have such features on their free subscription, most push it to the 'Advanced Features' folder. It's good to know!

6. Editing features

Simple editing abilities like trim functions, cut, and paste should be a gateway to the best photo video editor. How will you spice up your story if you don't add some salt and pepper?

7. Advanced functions

These will enable you to do more than you can imagine. And if you are tech-savvy, of cause your photo video editor has to encompass advanced functions like Multicam editing of clips from multiple cameras, and so on.

Part 2
Top 3 Best Photo Video Editing Software

The proper photo editing technique starts with software features. If your tool has what it takes, then it can help you to showcase your video work from every angle. You only need a satisfying tool. Check out these three best photo video editing laptop options.

Wondershare DemoCreator

This is a one-in-two tool that serves as a screen recorder and video editing tool. Use it to edit recorded footage or better still, imported videos. Demo videos, tutorials, gaming vlogs, are some of its perfect use.

Wondershare DemoCreator

The good side that you can admire from Wondershare DemoCreatore is the exportation of its created videos as MOV, MP4, MP3, and share to YouTube, Facebook among other sites. So, if you love the quality, then spice up your video with this Windows photo video editor. Editing options include cutting, pasting, adjusting the border, changing volume, and adding colorful stickers for your point to reach home.

The major drawback is watermarking on your videos created on the free version. But you can escape the hook by paying for a subscription.

Price: $2.29 monthly cost billed at $29.99 annually. You can also choose to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription fee.

Adobe After Effects

If animation is your take then this 2.5 D tool is here to spice your videos like no other. It's superb for motion picture composition and other visual effects. Also, make use of its hundreds of effects as you gather together images and layers of your videos in a single scene.

Its benefits include creating animations such as Kinetic Typography and renowned 2D Vector. Likewise, use this tool to import 3D scene data and create outstanding videos like a pro. It's, however, a bit tough for newbies.

Price: It costs a $20.99 monthly fee and $239.88 annual subscription



Camtasia is in for some good reasons. You can do everything with this tool from creating, editing, and publishing to social media platforms or other streaming services.
Among its bright sides is the pre-built and custom video templates that carefully walk you through the editing process easy and faster. And if that's not enough, add a personal touch by capturing clear videos from your laptop or PC. Likewise, some good background music has a plus on your video and you can choose from its wide library of a collection of free sound effects and music.

So, for that superb video, add on some eye-catching titles and annotations as you add quizzes to encourage you along the process. Lacking fine manual editing tools is what may make you have a second thought for Camtasia.

Price: It has a free trial version with limited features. You can upgrade to the Premium version at a one-time fee of $249.00 or choose the Annual fee of $49.75.



You are not the unsung hero until you find the best photo video editor to help you capture your audiences' attention. All that matters are the essentials of a good video editor. And when it comes to the top 3 editors, Wondershare DemoCreator can help you kill two birds with one stone. It's both a screen recorder and video editing tool. Besides, you can easily export your videos in various formats.