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How to Compress QuickTime Video File on a PC or Smartphone?

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:39 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Are you having a hard time with your gadget processing speed because of large-size QuickTime video files?

And now you intend to delete those files, not caring about how important they are to you. Well, there's no need to do that since you've just made your way to the #1 tech website that shares how-to guides on video editing issues.

Here in this article, I will share a complete guide on how you can compress QuickTime video files with your PC and smartphones. All I want you to do right now is sit back and read on.

Part 1
For Windows or Mac PC or Online

As the heading implies, this section's how-to guide is written specifically for Windows and Mac devices. There are two methods introduced, so pick the one that suits you.

Method 1: Compress QuickTime MOV Video with Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1: Launch the Video Compressing Software

Once you've successfully downloaded and installed the Wondershare UniConverter on your macOS or Windows device, launch it. At the left corner of the program, locate the 'Video Compressor' tab, and click on it. A 'Document' icon will appear on your screen, tap on it to add your desired MOV file. You can add more than one files instantly.

Step 2: Select MOV as Output Format

Now that you've successfully uploaded the added MOV Video File, you must choose an output format to confirm how the MOV files should be saved on your system. By clicking on the drop-down menu button to open the format list, and then click on the 'Video' tab to find MOV and selecting it, you are done with this step.

Step 3: Compress the QuickTime MOV Video

On completing the degree above, click on the 'Compression' tab to resize your MOV file. Once you do that, a new page will pop up on your screen, requesting you to make some changes to the video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, quality, and file size. Preview the compressed file for about 15 sec and then click on the 'Ok' tab to save all the changes you've made.

Step 4: Start Compressing the MOV File

After customizing the MOV file, you will find the resized format, click on the 'Convert' table beside it to convert and save the compressed file.


Method 2: Compress QuickTime MOV Video with Wondershare Online UniConverter

Aside from using the Wondershare UniConverter, which compresses QuickTime MOV Video Files offline on installing the app, there is another way you can fulfill this task online by visiting the Wondershare Online UniConverter web page. Let's take a look at how to do this.

Step 1: Add the MOV File

After making your way to the Wondershare Online UniConverter website, add the MOV video file you want to compress from your PC.

Step 2: Compress Video Online

Select the 'Compress Settings' icon to reduce the video size and then click 'COMPRESS' to compress it.

Step 3: Download and Save the Compressed Video

You can either download the compressed file or save it in Dropbox.

Uniconverter online

Part 2
For Smartphone Users

Here, we will be discussing how you can compress QuickTime MOV files with your smartphone. Take the steps below to accomplish this.

Note: You must note that there are two methods given below.

Method 1: Resize the QuickTime MOV Video with iMovie

To compress MOV files with iMovie, follow the next complete guide:

Step 1: Launch the iMovie Program

After installing the iMovie video editing software, the first thing to do is to launch it and then import your desired video file.

Step 2: Export Movie to QuickTime Movie

Once you've completed the steps above, you need to go to the 'Share' option and click on the 'Export to QuickTime' option, and then select the 'Option' button.

Step 3: Select Video Size

Now, you need to select the video size from the Video section. By clicking on the 'Size' option and adjusting the video size, you have done this step.

Step 4: Customize Settings and Compress File

Underneath the dimension menu, select the 'Custom' menu to resize the video to your satisfaction. Once you have done with that, click on the 'Ok' tab to complete the process.

Going through the steps above on your smartphone (Android or iOS devices), you can resize your MOV Video file with iMovie video compression software.


If you want to resize QuickTime video, click here to learn more MOV video compression details.

Method 2: Resize the QuickTime MOV Video with Video Compressor App

Video Compressor App is a software designed to help you reduce the size of your video files. It does this by removing some details in the file. This software is designed primarily for Android or iOS device users.

(Before discussing the step by step guide involved while using the app, I must inform you that the continuous compression of a video clip often reduce its quality)

Step 1: Open the Video Compressor App

After downloading the software from the appropriate mobile store (Playstore or Apple Store), launch it to resize your desired MOV clip.

Step 2: Choose the MOV Video

The next thing to do is tap on the 'Select From Folder' tab to select the MOV file that needs to be compressed. A new page will pop up with a list of options and click on the 'Compress Video' icon to resize it.

Step 3: Select Compression Quality

On completing the steps above, a new page will appear with a list of compression quality. Select one out of the plan to proceed with the video compression. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete. Download the file and save it on your device.

That's all on how to compress MOV videos using a smartphone. I think I've done justice by sharing with you the complete guide on how to compress or reduce the size of QuickTime MOV files using PC or smartphones.

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Now you have the complete guide on compressing MOV video clips with PC or smartphones, and I'm confident you can do this without needing anyone's help. The steps given are simple, clear, and easy to understand. Apply any one of them with the appropriate gadget in your next MOV video compression process and see how productive you are.