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How to Make a Lecture Video in Minutes in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:43:06 • Filed to: Record Lectures

This era has made lecture videos develop significance, which came with the revolution in the educational sector. The sector has been influenced by the internet and the accessibility it provided them with, leading the system to propagate towards integrating computing systems within the dynamics of education. Lecture videos are one such application of this case in light, which thereby was presented with a lead. This lead influenced different platforms to develop third-party applications that would help teachers develop lecture videos with ease. This article presents a list of different lecture video maker that provides teachers with an opportunistic environment to create compelling material.

democreator lecture video maker

Part 1
How to Make a Lecture Video in Minutes?

Wondershare DemoCreator presents you with the best option in terms of a third-party platform that provides an impressive and user-friendly interface for developing lecture videos within minutes. For understanding the method on how to make a lecture video using Wondershare DemoCreator, you need to follow the steps provided as follows.

Step 1: Get your courseware ready

Before moving towards developing a video, it is important to understand preparing the content that your wish to showcase to your students. For this, you need to develop your courseware and ensure that everything is ready in your books for exclaiming it perfectly to your students. With the courseware ready, you can move forward to the video.

Step 2: Download and Install the Wondershare DemoCreator Program

Following this, you need to have Wondershare DemoCreator installed and running on your desktop. Download the setup from the official website of DemoCreator and have it installed by following all the on-screen instructions. You can now take the DemoCreator lecture video to the next level.

Step 3: Set up the Mic and Webcam

There are a few settings that are to be brushed before moving towards starting the recording of the lecture video. The recording needs to be customized to make it look perfectly fit for a lecture video. Since the mic is important for recording the video, you need to select the option of recording audio of the mic from the different options in the drop-down list. Following this, setting up the camera is the second important thing in this case. From the section of "Camera" in the side-panel, you can select the option of recording the video from your webcam.

Step 4: Start PPT Recording

While finalizing the series of different options for recording the video, this screen recorder requires a specific screen to record. For this, you need to set up the screen from the "Screen" tab by selecting the dimensions of the screen capture. Select the option of the specific target window to record the PowerPoint presentation. You need to select the frame rate for the recording screen.

Step 5: Edit the Recordings

After the video is recorded, the video needs to edit and shape before putting it on the watch. For this, you can have the video opened in the video editor of Wondershare DemoCreator. There are a series of different edits that can be made within the video. The most important edit that can occur in a major lecture is annotating different frames to make the video more interactive. You can add different annotations within your lecture videos and finalize a properly edited video with this lecture video maker.

Step 6: Export and Save

Wondershare DemoCreator lecture video feature provides teachers with a very definitive option in selecting the most appropriate features for designing an effective video. After you are done finalizing the video, you can export the video in any important video format. Following the important options of selecting the appropriate file location, you can also look over important video quality options such as its resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and other settings.

Part 2
How Can Lecture Videos Help Students and Teachers?

Lecture videos were developed with a motive to showcase the best of the educational sector by ousting a series of different limitations that existed within the existing system. The accessibility to these lecture videos catered to all the major constraints, such as access to information and problems due to financial pressure. Lecture videos brought more power within the system as compared to the existing platforms, which can be clarified from a series of different points, which are described as follows.

Independent Learning is Promoted

The integration of lecture videos has progressed to a greater dimension for independent learning. Students are focused on creating their own concepts over a certain topic and have it explained in their own way so they can get the best out of it for themselves.

Enhances their Future

The use of different lecture videos out of the classroom provides a progressive environment for students to enhance their minds and amplify their learning abilities.

Improved Class Engagement

The use of lecture videos for studying a specific topic provides them with the ability to cater to more questions in the class with the teacher. This is progressive for the teacher as well as the student since it enhances both the communication and the confidence of the people involved in the class. This gives rise to situations where students are more engaged rather than distracted in the class.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

There is a very impressive up-side to the use of lecture videos in this environment. Students are progressed into sharing more information with their peers and allow the use of group activities to get more substantial and knowledgeable. The overall environment of the class and the future of students start to get preserved.


Lecture videos are quite the type that promotes education to the next level. Teachers require a series of tools that help them develop the perfect video for their students. This article has focused on providing teachers with the best lecture video maker in the form of Wondershare DemoCreator along with a guide on how to make lecture videos using the tools in an appropriate fashion. You need to go through the article to get to know more about the procedure of creating the perfect lecture video for the students. This will help teachers move towards a more impressive environment of learning.