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How to Remove Black Bars from Video in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Oliva Eve
2023-04-20 19:42:45 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

Home theaters are quite the sparkle for the families in this century. Many people prefer staying in their home and watch movies of their choices. In most cases, they have to download movies from the Internet or have it played through a simple DVD player. However, the contemporary era has been bringing us various methods that present an application in playing movies on different home theaters. It is to be considered that the problems are not associated only with the screenplay. Many people complain about the black bars present in their movies while watching. These distracting bars tend to appear across the borders of the video in any direction. This clearly defines the presence of an unsuitable aspect ratio of the videos. This article provides a detailed explanation of how to remove black bars with an impeccable platform known as Wondershare DemoCreator.

Why do You want to Remove Video Black Bars?

There is not much to ponder upon when there is a discussion over video black bars. The primary and foremost reason that leads to such a situation is the inadequate aspect ratio. In the era in which we live, we find most of the videos shot and developed in High Definition (HD). These HD videos are shot in a default aspect ratio of 16:9, referred to as ''widescreen'' in video creation. This aspect ratio is generally utilized for the creation of 4K, 1080p, and 720p HD resolutions. What usually leads to the issue of video black bar is the difference created due to the High Definition and the Standard Definition standard. Standard Definition (SD) uses a 4:3 aspect ratio; it will indeed display black bars within the video if it is played with a media player having a setting of 16:9 aspect ratio. A mere difference of one pixel can also attenuate black bars within the video. This usually gets quite stressful and difficult to watch throughout, which leads to the need for a video black bar remover. This article presents a remedy in removing black bars from the videos with the help of an impeccable video editor known as the Wondershare DemoCreator.

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How to Remove Black Bar from Video with Wondershare DemoCreator?

Wondershare DemoCreator has resided in the market as a screen recorder as well as an explicit video editor. This platform is known for keeping a balance among the two different video creation sectors and provides you with impressive video recording and editing features that outcast many other platforms present within the market. For this article, Wondershare DemoCreator has been consumed to remove black bars from the video with a detailed guideline on efficiently utilizing its features to counter this simplistic issue of video black bars. You need to look ahead to get a clear understanding of the path you need to follow to remove black bars from a video.

Step 1: Download the DemoCreator Program

Initially, you need to download the DemoCreator program on your desktop. You need to access the download link on its original website to start the download. The downloaded ''.exe.'' file should be installed on the computer by following the simple on-screen guidelines. Wondershare DemoCreator presents its users with a variety of subscription packages. After trying out its free trial version, you have the autonomy to select any box out of the Free, Subscription package, or a Perpetual License. For people who are in search of free video recorders and editors, DemoCreator assures to provide all the significant features within its free version.

Step 2: Import Your Media Files

With the program launched and ready to remove black bars from video, it is significant to have the video files imported into the platform before getting to work. For this, you can follow two different directions, leading to the same destination. You can access the "Files" tab in the toolbar on the top following the option of "Import Media Files" or "Import a Media Folder" from the drop-down menu. Conversely, you can tap on the "Import" button on the Media Library panel, followed by similar options as with the one above for choosing a media file from the computer.

Step 3: Remove the Black Bars

With the video imported, and added on the Timeline of the platform. Since we consider this platform as DemoCreator black bars remover for this case, right-click on the imported video with the black bars. Select the option of "Crop" for accessing the crop window. The major concept involved is to "crop black bars" with the help of DemoCreator efficient toolset. You can set the frame size over the window or simply check the options of "16:9" or "4:3" aspect ratios. This action is performed manually or automatically across the platform. The ratio can be effectively synthesized with its real-time previewing window.

Step 4: Save and Export

With the video black bars removed, you can export the resultant file onto your local memory. For that, you need to save and export the file. An export window opens up, displaying different options. Initially, you need to set the output format followed by the file's name and location within the local memory. Following these options, you can preferably evaluate and settle different video and audio quality options, including video resolution, its frame rate, and bitrate. Similarly, you can settle the score by changing the number of channels, its bitrate, and sampling rate from the provided options.


This article has focused on providing an efficient solution to black video bar in the form of the Wondershare DemoCreator black bars remover that simplifies the removal process with the help of its state-of-the-art tools and feature sets. Suppose you are uncomfortable with a black bar in the videos. In that case, you can surely look up in consuming this application for removing the black bars and presenting a video across the media player that can be enjoyed with no such discrepancies. It would be best if you looked over the article to get a detailed knowledge of the complete procedure.