How to Make a Thanksgiving Day Video in Wondershare DemoCreator

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

After all, that's all the holiday is all about. Forget about going out, the reunion dinner, or setting the work aside. You want to bring your family together, remind your loved ones of the good times, and show gratitude.

So one thing is for sure:

You'd want to keep your family's warm memories alive. And the best way to go about it is to create a Thanksgiving day video to establish a more personal feel and connect on an emotional level with your family. But this begs the question:

How do you make a Thanksgiving Day video funny enough and so intriguing to spark curiosity?


Thanksgiving Day Slideshow Making Guide

To make any Thanksgiving Day video, you'll first need a video maker with creative tools to polish and turn family photos into video magic. And one of the best shots you can ever take is Wondershare DemoCreator.

The tool is ridiculously simple to use – accessible from the first scene to the last. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating an emotion-appealing Thanksgiving Day Slide show:

Step 1: Choose a Thanksgiving Day Video or start with Wondershare DemoCreator

To use Wondershare Democreator, you first need to launch the software on your PC.

Then, choose an already-existing Thanksgiving Day video or start by uploading family photos to the software, adding motion, background soundtrack, and effect to give the slideshow a Thanksgiving theme.

Step 2: Upload and import your photos

After choosing the photos, you want to use in the slide show, head over to the Media tab in the top left of the Wondershare Democreator interface and click on it. A small drop-down menu will open. Select the Import Media Files option and navigate to the folder where your Thanksgiving Day video or family photos are.

Select all the photos you want and hit the OK button to import the media into your project.

Step 3: Add motion with animation.

Next, you'd want to add motion to the pictures you've selected to make the slideshow more appalling. But first, drag every photo you've uploaded to the software into the timeline to allow editing.

Note: When dragging your media file on your timeline, order them in the way you want it to appear in the slideshow.

And it doesn't matter if you want to create a funny Thanksgiving Day video or a scary one – Wondershare Democreator has hundreds of motion graphics templates that would rhyme any mood you wish to convey.

Head towards the left menu on the Wondeshare Democreator screen and select the Effects option from the list.


Several motion graphic templates will open. Select any that will give your slideshow the visual style you find appropriate for family and friends.

When satisfied, drag the motion graphics template to the timeline to continue with the editing.

Step 4: Add text and motion titles.

It is now time to establish a Thanksgiving Day theme, give tone, and add some eye-catching aspects to your already-moving slideshow with text and motion title.

And to be accurate on where on your slideshow to add the text overlay, zoom the timeline. For accuracy, zoom in the times to show a more precise video frame to add a text overlay.

Then click the Caption tab on the menu on your left. Several text and title captions with motion tiles will open.


Select the motion title you find impressive and drag it to the timeline for editing.

Next, head back to the timeline and place the Playhead to the video's position where you want to add text or motion title. Then drag and drop the title effect to the track above the video in the timeline to customize it as you desire.

In this case, we put the text with the motion title in the introduction.

The text should now be playing on your video. By default, the text overlay lasts for 5 seconds. If you want to customize the text's duration, drag the text module's edge in the timeline to customize the video's length to fit your need.

But up to now, the text playing on your video is the default text template that the software offers. To customize the text and enter your Thanksgiving Day message to the text overlay, change the text font, color, and size – double-click on the Title frame in the timeline to open a window that allows necessary edits.

customize size

This option offers multiple text effects style to choose from.

Enter your Thanksgiving Day text, and choose a preset and settings you find appropriate. After finishing text customization, double click on the style to apply it. Then click on the OK button and check the preview window for the changes.

But there is more text editing you can execute on this window.

For instance, you can customize Text Fill, Text Border, Shadow elements, and lots more. What's more, this text-edit-window allows you to add more text boxes to your slideshow, new text shapes, adjust the duration of each text element by dragging the edge of the text in the Text timeline.

Now that's more-than-you-need text editing for a Thanks Giving day video. But one crucial aspect of the slideshow is remaining:

Thanksgiving Day video music.

Let's see how to add background music to shape emotional responses.

Step 5: Set it all to music

It is easy to capture your family's emotions and inspire their holiday feeling with Thanksgiving Day video music in your slideshow's background.

To execute that on Wondershare Democreator, head over to the Media tab and click on it. A new small window will open and select the Import tab just below the menu bar. A drop-down menu will open. Choose the Import Media option to locates the background music you wish to import.

If you don't have the music of choice already, select one soundtrack from the music library that comes with the tool. To access the in-built music library, select the Music tab.

When you finish music importation, drag it to the timeline so that you can edit it to rhyme your Thanksgiving Day slideshow.

And there are plenty of edits you can make on the background music. From the timeline, you can make the audio to fade in, fade out, manage the volume, pitch, speed, and set the equalizer you desire.


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Step 6: Export and share

You're now set to export and use your Thanksgiving Day video. To wind up, hit the Export tab at the top right of the interface of the software. An Output window will pop up.

You can select the video format, resolution, edit audio format, or share your craft on a different online platform like YouTube, and plenty more from this window.

You can choose the .MP4 video format because it is compatible with multiple video players.

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If you were wondering how to make a funny Thanksgiving Day video, you should know how to proceed by now.

And there is no question that this Thanksgiving Day will feel different – because of the pandemic. Whether you wish to spend it with relatives or go it all alone, you'll undoubtedly put some routine on hold. However, a merry Thanksgiving Day video remains one of the best ways to show your family, friends, and community that you care about.